Boil the perfect egg; brush your teeth for two minutes and not a second more; have an exact ten-minute run. Live your life with the precision of a samurai.


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Ovo timer alternatives

Visual Task Timer

Visual Task Timer - the countdown timer built for public speakers, teachers and students. Everything about Visual Task Timer is designed to make it easy to see at a glance exactly how much time is left so you can concentrate on finishing your task. I hope youll agree that Visual Task Timer lives up to Pterosaur Designs motto: do simple things well.

  • rating 4.48386
  • size 17.6 MB

Timy - timer with countdown, stopwatch and laps

Timy, a flexible, clean timer app, without a cluttered interface Some of the nice things: Free Screen doesnt dim Big bright readable screen Gesture driven interface Easily make multiple timers No cluttered screenBecause of the gesture driven interface, Timy works great in any situation, even if your are in the middle of something. Timy is free, but if you want some additional features, there is an in app purchase available. The premium features, lets you: Change timer colors Create unlimited pages Change countdown notification sound And off course you will be supporting future development of Timy

  • rating 3.6
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Stopwatch with Big Numbers

The best stopwatch, interval timer with big numbers for time counting and countdown. Big timer has multiple display mode such as seconds (time in seconds), minutes (time in minutes) and hours (full time). Thank You for You choose and feedback, we try it make better

  • rating 4.8
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Liten Countdown - Minimal Countdown Timer

Minimal, easytouse countdown timer. Probably the worlds simplest countdown timer for touch screen devices. Instructional icons by Isaac Grant.

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2 Minute Teeth Workout - Teeth Whitening & Cleaning

Get Whiter Teeth Fast Did you know, your actually meant to brush your teeth for TWO minutes?Most people dont come even close to that With Teeth Workout, you can get cleaner, whiter teeth & fresher breath in a matter of days Brush at least twice a day with Teeth Workout and mirror the on screen cleaning procedures for 2 minutes and see better results in a matter of days. Teeth Workout provides an onscreen countdown and teaches you to brush correctly, what teeth to brush, and for how long, giving your mouth the best cleansing. App is optimized for all iPhones including iPhone 6 & 6+

  • size 2.5 MB
  • version 1.0.1

Toothsavers Brushing Game

Save the fairy tale kingdom with your toothbrush An evil sorceress has cast a wicked spell, leaving everyones mouths to rot and be overrun by cavities. Now its up to you to help Toothy and the Toothsavers save everyones teeth Youll have two minutes to brush and scrub away the spell for each of the kingdoms quirky inhabitants. Visit for more information.

  • size 74.5 MB
  • version 1.3.7

Brushya Teeth

Hey kids Do you want to have nice, clean and healthy teeth? This app ensures that you brush your teeth for the recommended 120 seconds (2 minutes). *(FREE) for a limited timePlease rate and review my app*

  • size 22.9 MB
  • version 1.0.1

Halloween Dentist

Perform dentistry on Vampires, Zombies, Frankenstein and more These monsters have been eating way too much of their Halloween candy and need to have their teeth cleaned Use 6 different dentist tools to help these creatures get back their healthy smiles. Drill cavities, remove plaque, brush teeth and more Can you help all the monsters?FEATURES: Features 5 different Halloween monsters Drill cavities, remove plaque, brush teeth and more Keeps kids occupied for a long time The perfect app for this Halloween season

  • size 15.9 MB
  • version 1.0

Brush My Teeth

Brush my Teeth helps your kids get great teeth This is a little game for parents to help brush their kids teeth and get the kids to enjoy it You know, take the hard times out of brushing teeth. There are three toothbrush timers, which gives you a countdown of 1 or 2 minutes. It doesnt have to be a pain, its up to you to make it a fun time together

  • size 57.3 MB
  • version 27

My Teeth Diary

This App works with Bluetooth Smart enabled Tooth Brush Holder with built in Gyro and Accelerometer. When a Toothbrush is attached to this Holder, the Toothbrush will then be able to interact with this App not only for enjoyment, but also teach the kids with correct way to brush the teeth based on world renowned BASS BRUSHING TECHNIQUE.This interact toothbrush solution is an exciting way for kids to have fun and intuitively learn to brush teeth independently. Requires iOS 9.0+

  • size 53.6 MB
  • version 1.0.29

Mimizavr Brush Teeth Full

Family trainer for brush teeth. Now your children brush teeth much more fun No advertising and In-app purchases - 28 fun and surprise animations for every clean-up- for all ages from 2 and beyond- great achievements after each cleaning- rhythmic cheerful brushing music- 2 min and 1 min option- 2 weeks set for each childNo more I dont want, now your children break into a run for tooth brush every morning

  • size 70.8 MB
  • version 1.3

Argument Timer

Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect. Argument Timer features include- A countdown timer that can be set for as much as 90 minutes.- The ability to save multiple timers each with different settings, for different student competitors or attorneys.- The ability to save up to five customizable time remaining and stop warnings within each timer.- The ability to display the time remaining in either whole minutes at specified minute marks, or as a second-by-second countdown.- The ability to display time remaining warnings as colors (white, green, yellow, orange, red), with our without a numerical display.- The ability to have specific tones sound as interval warnings or a stop warning.- The ability to run on either iPhone and iPad.- An Apple Watch extension that allows remote time monitoring and control.- The ability to project the timer display from an iPad to a monitor using a hardwire connection.

  • size 13.8 MB
  • version 1.1.0

Toothbrush Timer

OVERVIEWThe exciting new twist on brushing your teeth We live in the 21st century, so lets brush our teeth like it No more caveman guessing how long to brush, Toothbrush Timer guides you the whole way through Imagine a world, where everyday you finish brushing your teeth to a roaring applause. Complete with cool blue graphics that are easy on the morning eyes and awesome tips that will surely help your dental game. Brushing your teeth will never be the same again

  • rating 4.25581
  • size 4.4 MB
  • version 1.2

Yoga 60

Yoga 60 is a ten minute Yoga routine for anyone proven to help you get into YogaYoga 60 is a ten minute Yoga routine for anyone proven to help you get into Yoga. Stick with Yoga 60 and you will see great results, more flexibility and Yoga clear mindfulnessYoga 60 is a Yoga series for the beginner to advanced Yogi Pick up and jump into any time of the day Features- Easy to follow 60 second poses - Convenient 10 minute Yoga routine- Improve flexibility - Develop your Yoga mindfulness - Share with your friends and family Begin your Yoga 60 journey now and improve your lifestyle easily just 10 minutes a day

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