Overanalyze is a tool for Overwatch players. Currently, the app delivers all relevant data of your Overwatch profile, including professional evaluation of every single hero you use. Now you can show your friends your performance in the game anywhere, anytime.main features:- personal overall evaluation support- statistics of heroes support- Quick Match Statistics- Competitive Match Statistics- Statistics for the individual heroes- Achievement progress


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Mercy: Stats for Overwatch
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Overanalyze for Overwatch alternatives

iLoL - Friends and Stats for League of Legends

Get the ultimate League of Legends experience by using iLoLFeatures: Get your live summoner ranked wins/LP/team information Get the most up to date champion data Get the current ban rate, win rate, and pick rate of champions Watch up to date videos Check your ping for your region Search for other summoners and their rank/stats/match historyFeedbackWe would love to get your feedbacks Please give us a review [email protected] PolicyOur privacy policy is simple: We dont store your data, period. LegaliLoL isnt endorsed by Riot Games and doesnt reflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing League of Legends. League of Legends and Riot Games are trademarks or registered trademarks of Riot Games, Inc. League of Legends Riot Games, Inc.

  • rating 4.65385

OVERSUMO - Overwatch Companion

OVERSUMO is your personal Overwatch companion and provides you with the best hero tips, counter strategies and personal performance ratings for every hero. Get crucial insights every day based on your personal performance and find out where you shine and where you need to improve on. Dojo Madness is not associated with or endorsed by Blizzard Entertainment.

  • rating 4.41573
  • size 33.2 MB

Trackstone - Deck tracker for Hearthstone

A super simple and convenient tool for keeping track of heartstone matches results.- enter your match details from an handy today widget, without leaving the game- get a log of your matches on the road to Legend- view your deck stats in nice looking graphics and share themDisclaimer: This app is in no way associated with or endorsed by Blizzard Entertainment. 2014 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. Heroes of Warcraft is a trademark, and Hearthstone is a registered trademark of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

  • rating 4.85714
  • size 39.8 MB

Map & Planepath for PUBG

The best offline map for Player Unknowns Battlegrounds + High Resolution Map of Erangel+ Full offline availability+ Plane path feature for remembering how the plane went+ Parachute distance prediction+ Lootmap with positions for Garages, Cars, Boats and Bunkers+ Rangefinder+ Running-time calculatorNo need to open the in-game map and risk missing anything while you look at the map. Find a vehicle easily and learn the secret position of military bunkers that contain high value loot. PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS is a registered trademark, trademark or service mark of Bluehole, Inc. and its affiliatesThe map is a representation of the map used in Battlegrounds 2017 BLUEHOLE INC

  • rating 4.83333
  • size 72.9 MB

Nephalem - Diablo 3 Companion

Want to keep track of your and your friends Diablo 3 career profiles anywhere and anytime? Dont know which item to grind for?Nephalem is specifically designed for Diablo 3 fans. This app is in no way affiliated or endorsed by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

  • rating 4.35135
  • size 52.2 MB

More Information About alternatives

Mercy: Stats for Overwatch

Say hello to Mercy Mercy shows all your Overwatch statistics and with all we mean all You can not only check your wins and losses, you can also check your average damage, kills, healing and many many more stats. No internet? The main features are:+ PC, XBox Live and PSN Support+ Save different players+ Quick Match Statistics+ Competitive Match Statistics+ Statistics for the individual heroes+ Achievement progress+ Patch Notes+ Information about all heroes

  • rating 1
  • size 21.4 MB
  • version 4.3

Dota Live Analytics

Dota Live Analytics is your companion for watching live pro matches. Perfect for showing you all the important details at a glance, this app also brings you to the point analyses of how the current Dota match is going. Dota Live Analytics Presenting you all the information youd want while watching your favorite professional Dota 2 team fight it out, all live and concurrent with the action on the big screen Analysis Panels cover statistics like:- Item Builds on Dota Heroes- Performance evaluation of Carry Players- Live evaluation of Radiant vs Dire net worths, their composition and momentum- Detailed look at each teams score and individual KDA- Tracking of Experience and Gold- Calculations of Buy Back Status- Minimap showing top tier team movements in real time- Curated Twitch streamsTime to level up your viewing experience for the Dota 2 International

  • rating 5
  • size 154 MB
  • version 1.2

Upcomer eSports

Stay connected in real-time to your favorite eSports with our simple but powerful app Features- Follow your favorite teams and players to get notified when they play- Live scores, match schedules and information for all major and minor tournaments- Match details and statistics such as match data, performance and team rosters- Customize your newsfeed and choose from top news sources, blogs and YouTube channels to create the perfect newsfeed- Twitch and Twitter integration- Match prediction Vote on who you think will win the matchWe cover 12 of the worlds most popular eSports- Overwatch- League of Legends- Dota 2- CS:GO- Hearthstone- SMITE- Heroes of the Storm- Call of Duty- StarCraft 2- Super Smash Bros- Heroes of NewerthGot any feedback or do you wish to get in touch with us? Contact us at [email protected]

  • size 88.7 MB
  • version 2.0.1

Statistics for Dota 2

The most thoughtfully crafted Dota 2 match history and statistics app for iPhone. Search for your favorite players or matches and be always up to date Features: The latest Dota 2 matches in your hand Bookmark your favorite players View match details & statistics Convenient sort and filter options Gorgeous data visualization Elegant user interface Up-to-date Dota 2 database Performance evaluation over timeImportant:In order to find the match history of a certain Dota 2 player, the player has to enable the Share Match History inside the Dota 2 client settings first: Open the Dota 2 client Click the Settings icon Select Game and then General Toggle the Share Match History to ONThe passionate development team constantly seeks to improve the app and to implement more features We welcome any feedback and are looking forward to your message:[email protected]

  • size 14.3 MB
  • version 1.1.0


LoveCourts gives you a tennis experience like never before Play like the pros: endless lists of great tennis partners, play in tournaments, participate in year round ladders (just like the ATP/WTA), and access your playing statistics anytime. LoveCourts does all this and more by: Enabling incredibly simple match coordination Recording match play statistics Tracking all match results for every tennis facility in North America Running a year round tournament at every tennis facility Introducing players of equal caliber to each other Finding local tennis courts Incentivizing play via goals and achievement badges/prizesGo ahead a get your taste of the pro experience FEATURED in OnCourt.com (the voice of Canadian tennis) and TennisConnected.comComing soon: create and track personal goals achievement badges and many more top secret features

  • size 11.5 MB
  • version 2.2.2

WorldCup Cricket Fever

WorldCup Cricket Fever is back, bringing cricket on iPhone to a new era. Play and experience the ultimate cricket game on the app store with major game play improvements and the addition of responsive and intuitive touch controls. GAME MODES AND ADDED FEATURE Three different game modes include quick match, power play and World cup championship14 teams, 6 stadiums (including day/night)and 3 difficulty modes all customizable to your choiceComplete Scoreboard analysis displaying overall performance of each playersDynamic AI players adds to competitive GameplayTutorial section included teaching step by step controls of the game

  • rating 3.99139
  • size 64.0 MB
  • version 1.2

Tennboard - Keep Tennis Scores

Tennboard tennis app lets you easily share tennis scores with friends in your private club and compete for top places on local leaderboards Experience tennis in even more fun and engaging way CREATE OR JOIN A CLUB- Create a new club of 2 to 20 players- Invite friends join your club- Let the tennis season begin PLAY AND SHARE- Play with Club members in singles or doubles - Share your tennis scores with friends in your club- Receive notifications when new match is addedCOMPARE AND COMPETE- Compete for top places on clubs leaderboard which sorts players based on number of matches won- Tap on the individual members name on the leaderboard to see his/her detailed statistics against other members- Compare your statistics against other players in current and previous seasonsWhether youre an amateur, professional, competitive player or just want to track your match results get up, start playing and share tennis scores Download Tennboard tennis app now for free

  • size 19.2 MB
  • version 1.3

Tennis Player

Tennis Player is a professional tennis App designed to help players, coaches and fans keep track of personal matches, tournaments, rankings, statistics and performance. All inside a beautiful and simple user friendly interface. Add Tournaments and enter its details including:MAIN - photo, name, location, club, surfaceDATE - end & start of tournamentPLAYERS - choose from existing playersPRICE MONEY, RANKING POINTS & RESULTS - champion, runner up and third place Rankings of your players database Sharing - share your match results using Facebook/Twitter/Mail and more Optimized for iPhone 6 and 6 plus ATP and WTA Live - watch highlights, live scores, latest news and rankings.

  • size 16.3 MB
  • version 1.4


Qwikball is an addictive turn-based strategic soccer game It is like a combination between Air Hockey and Pool. Line up your shots carefully, and aim for the goal Challenge your friends Show them who is the Qwikball Master The single player campaign will test your skills to the max The opponents are tough, do you have what it takes to conquer all challenges?Features:- Unique strategic gameplay Choose each move wisely - Exciting single-player mode - Varying gameplay with each level - Fascinating multiplayer - Customize your team - Customize match rules, add time limit or extra modes of play - Unlock even more options after some progress in the single player ;)- After each match, delve into its detailed statistics and improve your game - Watch instant replays of the action and re-live your spectacular goals - Save replays to show off to your friends - Choose between flicking controls or aiming manually - Autosave function lets you resume your match later - GameCenter support (More to come in future updates )Have fun :D

  • rating 5
  • size 19.0 MB
  • version 1.0.5

Pocket Darts Scorer Free

Free version has the full functionality of the paid version but only allows you do scoring for 201 games. Pocket Darts Scorer is your database of darts tournaments, matches, players statistics, results and a scorer in your pocket. Main features: - 201 game (full version from 201-1001,including 170) - best of sets & legs - double out, straight out, looser throws first, world championships format - 2 players mode - team play (2,3,4 in team), individual statistics per player- play against Computer (12 levels)- checkout options- 12 function keys to speed up scoring (customizable) - single or 3 darts entry mode, full undo - statistics per tournament,match,set,leg,player (darts averages, double success, 60+,96+,100+,134+,140+,171+,180s,high/low/ton+ outs,best/worst dart,2-40,41-80,81-130,131+ finishes,legs against/with the throw,total darts/score) - result tables by statistics (per tournament, player) - players database, players recent form - match history (incl every throw, missed doubles and stats) - export match stats via email as PDF or CSV, share on Facebook (wall/page), twitter - games presets Visit our website for a demo video and to find out more about how it works.

  • size 16.1 MB
  • version 2.0.4