OverTrack allows you to quickly and easily setup a place for you to track your Overwatch team stats. While other apps show you the breakdown of your own individual stats, OverTrack takes user input and show it back in a way thats easy to understand. Start tracking today


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AdGuard - adblock and privacy protection

Finally, the most effective ad blocker is available Remove everything that annoys you, accelerate the web and secure your privacy. Adguard supports more than 50 filter subscriptions optimized for Safari. For more than 6 years Adguard help its users enjoy the Internet the way it should be - safe and clean.

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PokGear - Creator for Pokemon

Support Pokemon Sun, Moon, XY, ORAS Create your own Pokemon and get them instantly with our Pokemon Receiver You dont need to scan Pokemon QR code any more. Support all new or old 2/3 DS of any System update You can also get your Pokemon by our trade service. No copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

  • rating 3.16667
  • size 12.9 MB


Im LOLSUMO. I calculate the best item build for your current League of Legends match based on the current meta and tons of data. For more legal information please check out Terms and Conditions (http://lolsumo.com/terms-and-conditions.html), Payment Policy (http://lolsumo.com/payment-policy.html) and Privacy Policy (http://lolsumo.com/privacy-policy.html)Benefits of the LOLSUMO Pro subscriptions:- Grants access to time frame based Match Analysis- Grants access to our Lane Pressure Map- Grants access to the full SPI (Sumo Performance Index) functionality, which means a performance trend evaluation for all 4 lanes in the game, early / mid / late game and on a champion level - Removes all ads (in-house ads excluded)

  • rating 4.63368
  • size 102 MB

iLoL - Friends and Stats for League of Legends

Get the ultimate League of Legends experience by using iLoLFeatures: Get your live summoner ranked wins/LP/team information Get the most up to date champion data Get the current ban rate, win rate, and pick rate of champions Watch up to date videos Check your ping for your region Search for other summoners and their rank/stats/match historyFeedbackWe would love to get your feedbacks Please give us a review [email protected] PolicyOur privacy policy is simple: We dont store your data, period. LegaliLoL isnt endorsed by Riot Games and doesnt reflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing League of Legends. League of Legends and Riot Games are trademarks or registered trademarks of Riot Games, Inc. League of Legends Riot Games, Inc.

  • rating 4.65385

Survive ARK Companion for ARK: Survival Evolved

SA Companion is the only companion app for ARK: Survival Evolved youll ever need. It contains everything for your survival on the island; from a taming-, resource- or raid calculator to creature comparisons, explorer notes and even admin commands (a must have for Xbox One and PS4 players) Help translate the app to your language: http://survive-ark.com/translate Current features:Taming calculator, including:- Custom levels up to 9999, including custom multipliers (can be found under settings)- How much time and food you need to tame the creature- Torpor calculations- Knockout calculations, including all items and torpor inducing dinosaurs (even the Arthropluera and Compound Bow) + now including kill chance - Kibble and saddle overviews for the creature- Starve & Narcotic timer- Breeding information, including multipliers- Creature stats calculator- Additional creature information, including a link to the corresponding wiki page.- Kibble flowchartBreeding calculator:- Find out how much time and food youll need to raise your precious babyAdmin commands, must have for PS4 and Xbox One:- Overview and generator of item commands (both id and blueprint)- Overview and generator of dino spawn commands (both summon and spawnDino)- Overview and generator of dino color commands (including regions per creature)- Primitive Plus / Primitive + Commands - other commands will be added in the upcoming version(s)Resource calculator and crafting calculator:- Search for any item you want and see what resources you will need- Includes a breakdown option to only show raw resourcesCreature stats:- Calculate the stat distribution of your tame- See stat values of a specified creature, including speed values and experience- Compare stats of multiple different creatures in an easy overviewRaid calculator: - Find out how many C4, grenades or RPGs you need to take down your enemyExplorer Notes:- Full list of coordinates for each of the Explorer Notes that you can collect on the Island and in Scorched EarthAchievements:- An overview of all achievements that are currently available for the game, including those for PS4 / Xbox OneDiseases & Cures:- Find out all about the new disease and cure system in ARK: Survival EvolvedFlyer Pickups:- A useful overview of the different creatures that can be picked up by which of the flying dinosaursRecipes:- Overviews of all the dishes, kibble recipes and dyes that are availableWhistles:- Forgot which key will set your tamed dino to neutral? Images used are copyright Studio Wildcard and used with permission.

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Omnic: Overwatch Stats

Omnic: Overwatch Stats allows you to follow and track Overwatch players on all platforms: PC, Playstation, and Xbox. Set your own default profile and follow all of your friends. Quickly fact check them when they say their competitive rating is over 9000 Features:- Search player stats for all platforms- Follow and track up to 10 of your favorite players- View leaderboards for Global, US, KR, and EU regions- View patch notes for all platforms in US, KR, and EU regions- View Overwatch related news

  • rating 4.25
  • size 20.8 MB
  • version 1.1.0

Football Stats Tracker Touch

Track your football stats by game, season or career. Any league (pop warner/peewee - college ball)Used worldwide to track offense, defense, special teams and kicking stats (over 90 stats)Great for training and tracking progression with the ability to save and EMAIL out stats to anyone Awards and RecognitionThe #1 personal Football stat tracking app. Features Include-The ability to track your stats using the NFLs and NCAAs official stats.-Over 90 stat categories -Includes offensive, defensive and special teams stats.-Track an unlimited number of players by careers, seasons and games, over any number of teams.-Great training tool - track your progression-Real-time updating stats-Past and current stats-Email your stats to family, friends and coaches-Simple, clean and easy-to-use interface-Great for any athlete, young or old-Quick Support - In app email support.-Personal/Individual Stats - Team use is possible but not optimal This App is brought to you by *TouchMint*, an Innovative leader in iPhone Sport Tracking Apps.

  • rating 3.66667
  • size 4.6 MB
  • version 1.5

Soccer Stats Tracker Touch

TRACK OVER 75 STATSOFFENSE, DEFENSE AND GOALIEUNLIMITED USERS, SEASONS, GAMESSHARE AND EMAIL STATSTRAINING AND PROGRESSION TOOLAwards and RecognitionThe #1 personal Soccer stat tracking app. Track over 75 stats most in the app storeDo you want to keep your own or your childs soccer stats?Soccer Stats is the app for you UNLIMITED USERS AND TRACKING Created by a soccer player for the player Soccer Stats Tracker Touch is far and away the best application of its kind that allows you to keep track of your stats for soccer on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This App is brought to you by TouchMint, an Innovative leader in iPhone Sport Tracking Apps.

  • rating 3.5
  • size 5.9 MB
  • version 1.3

Score It Pro

Score It Pro allows you to quickly and easily keep score for virtual any game. Its a digital scorecard thats always in your pocket. Players can be added or removed on the fly- Start a new game with the same players or quick start with 4 players already added - Quickly identify overall leader and winner of each roundUSES INCLUDE:- Trick-taking card games (Euchre, Spades, Hearts, Pitch)- Team sports scorekeeping (Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey)- Individual sports (Bowling, Tennis, Badminton, Squash) - Backyard games (Horse Shoes, Washers, Bocce Ball)- Bar games (Darts, Pool, Foosball, Air Hockey) - Board games

  • size 18.1 MB
  • version

TrackIt - Keep track of what you're doing

TrackIt is a new time management app, that allows you to time specific activities like sleep, tv, walking, etc. TrackIt takes all your saved times and compiles them into the graph of your choice. Key Features-Track specific activities like walking, cooking, cleaning, etc-Save all your times to the app-Check out your stats and what youve done -Change settings like sound and data-Choose multiple graphs to display stats-Choose specific dates and time frames to view stats-Share stats to anyone and everyoneGive TrackIt a download today and start tracking what you are doing with ease 863a943f90

  • size 6.2 MB
  • version 1.0

UnFollowers Bundle For Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr

Who UnFollowed You on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr?These three apps keep track of all of your followers. It can show you who UnFollowed you, allowing you to quickly unfollow them back Features: - Track New UnFollowers - Track New Followers - Track Followers you dont Follow Back - Track Users you Follow that Dont Follow You - Follow and UnFollow anyone quickly with a single touch

  • size 61.3 MB

AutoLogger: log your car journeys, fuel purchases and fuel consumption

AutoLogger is the quick and easy way to track your car journeys, fuel purchases and fuel consumption. With one click you can start tracking any journey. Key Features: One click start and one click stop Auto-start and auto-stop function Time, distance, speed and fuel cost displayed in realtime Journeys summarise by day Key trip statistics are display for individual trips Urban and Extra urban consumption breakdown Start and end point labelling Record fuel purchases, including fuel type, cost per unit and total paid Both metric and imperial measures are support Share routes with friendsNote: This app uses location services which may reduce battery life.

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The Augmented Reality (AR) technology fascinates and this app (ARStudio) provides a platform to create your own individual setup based on marker tracking. First you have to print the markers on paper. Features:- Show objects on up to 10 markers- Project foto images from your album on the markers- Place 3D letters- Show 3D objects from the local database- Change objects, fotos or letters size, position and rotation- Build a paper dice and project different objects or images on each siteThis app is powered by the Vuforia SDK.

  • size 32.3 MB
  • version 1.0

Xactly Incent

Track your commissions, bonuses, performance to goals and more, while on-the-go, with Xactly Incent for iOS If your company uses Xactly Incent, this free app can help you monitor your performance. With the Incent iPad app, you can:- Track individual and team performance to quotas- View charts for tracking annual and quarterly performance- Review incentive details, including credits, commissions, bonuses and paymentsAs a native iPad app, Incent for iOS takes full advantage of all that the iPad has to offer. Using Xactly Incent, you can:- Deliver real-time visibility across your organization- Calculate compensation quickly and accurately- Reduce costs associated with sales compensation- Provide audit trails for transactionsLanguages Supported:- English- French- German- Spanish- Norwegian- Dutch- Swedish

  • size 29.4 MB
  • version 3.6

Stats for Instagram - Followers Management Tool

Stats for Instagram - Followers Management Tool helps you track your lost/gained followers on Instagram social media. You can track who unfollowed you, new followers, new following, who arent following you back, who you arent following back, and more Download now to track all information of your followers and followings, its fast easily and totally free Awesome Features:- Find out who have blocked you- See who are your secret admires- Catch out those ghost followers- Track new and lost followers - Discover who havent followed you back- Catch the list of your recent favorite friends- Determine your friends who posting near and far from you- Track most likes and comments given to you- Find out your most popular and liked media- Catch the most commented media- Show your current media post- Fully featured user profile- And much moreNote:You need an Instagram account to use this app. This app is not affiliated with Instagram.

  • rating 2
  • size 4.3 MB
  • version 2.0