The world could always use more heroes Overpendium - An Overwatch companion app befitting of a hero. Grab Overpendium, an iOS exclusive app geared to give you the fastest possible at a glance look at your Overwatch career. This application falls under Blizzards Fair Usage policy, for more information please visit the official site:


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OverPendium - An Overwatch Companion App alternatives

FancyKey - Keyboard Themes

Searching for a fully customizable keyboard? But missing out other important features like powerful auto-correct, emoji, emoji art, designer fonts and the most important thing - dont want to allow access to your private chats?Also love the SWIPE feature ?So here you have found the solution: FANCYKEY A keyboard that suits each and every users personality. We hope our keyboard changes your life from boring to interesting If any compliments or complaints regarding the app, just drop a mail on this mail address- [email protected]

  • rating 4.77778

PokGear - Creator for Pokemon

Support Pokemon Sun, Moon, XY, ORAS Create your own Pokemon and get them instantly with our Pokemon Receiver You dont need to scan Pokemon QR code any more. Support all new or old 2/3 DS of any System update You can also get your Pokemon by our trade service. No copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

  • rating 3.16667
  • size 12.9 MB


Authy brings the future of two-factor authentication to the convenience of your iPhone or iPad. The Authy app generates secure 2 step verification tokens on your device. Two-factor authentication is one of the best things you can do to make sure your accounts dont get hacked - LifeHacker you a fan of Authy?- Follow us on twitter: Like us on facebook:

  • rating 4.71429

Survive ARK Companion for ARK: Survival Evolved

SA Companion is the only companion app for ARK: Survival Evolved youll ever need. It contains everything for your survival on the island; from a taming-, resource- or raid calculator to creature comparisons, explorer notes and even admin commands (a must have for Xbox One and PS4 players) Help translate the app to your language: Current features:Taming calculator, including:- Custom levels up to 9999, including custom multipliers (can be found under settings)- How much time and food you need to tame the creature- Torpor calculations- Knockout calculations, including all items and torpor inducing dinosaurs (even the Arthropluera and Compound Bow) + now including kill chance - Kibble and saddle overviews for the creature- Starve & Narcotic timer- Breeding information, including multipliers- Creature stats calculator- Additional creature information, including a link to the corresponding wiki page.- Kibble flowchartBreeding calculator:- Find out how much time and food youll need to raise your precious babyAdmin commands, must have for PS4 and Xbox One:- Overview and generator of item commands (both id and blueprint)- Overview and generator of dino spawn commands (both summon and spawnDino)- Overview and generator of dino color commands (including regions per creature)- Primitive Plus / Primitive + Commands - other commands will be added in the upcoming version(s)Resource calculator and crafting calculator:- Search for any item you want and see what resources you will need- Includes a breakdown option to only show raw resourcesCreature stats:- Calculate the stat distribution of your tame- See stat values of a specified creature, including speed values and experience- Compare stats of multiple different creatures in an easy overviewRaid calculator: - Find out how many C4, grenades or RPGs you need to take down your enemyExplorer Notes:- Full list of coordinates for each of the Explorer Notes that you can collect on the Island and in Scorched EarthAchievements:- An overview of all achievements that are currently available for the game, including those for PS4 / Xbox OneDiseases & Cures:- Find out all about the new disease and cure system in ARK: Survival EvolvedFlyer Pickups:- A useful overview of the different creatures that can be picked up by which of the flying dinosaursRecipes:- Overviews of all the dishes, kibble recipes and dyes that are availableWhistles:- Forgot which key will set your tamed dino to neutral? Images used are copyright Studio Wildcard and used with permission.

  • rating 4.77228
  • size 36.6 MB

Pokedex Pro

Support Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon and more National Pokdex with MoveDex, AbilityDex, ItemDex, TypeDex, EggGroupDex and CryDex Also support Pokemon X/Y, Black 2/White 2, Black/White, HeartGold/SoulSilver, Platinum, Diamond/Pearl, Emerald/FireRed, LeafGreen, Sapphire/Ruby. Start with the basics, such as what the Pokmon looks like, its type, height, weight, and evolutions, and go from there to explore a rich trove of Pokmon details. No copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

  • rating 4.30769
  • size 14.8 MB

More Information About alternatives

Modchat Community For Overwatch

Modchat community for Overwatch integrates different kinds of game mods and fantastic ow gamers. Modchat redefines how you connect to other Overwatch gamers, provides you with stats, rank tracker, news, memes/fan art and more. All of the in-game imagery, hero icons, item icons, hero names, game names are copyright and/or registered trademarks of Blizzard, and usage for this app falls under fair use guidelines.

Community for Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Community for Ghost Recon: Wildlands is an UNOFFICIAL free app for GR: Wildlands gamers. It redefines how you connect to other gamers, provides you with the latest game news, LFG, gamers chatroom, memes/ fanart and more. All of the in-game imagery, hero icons, item icons, hero names, game names are copyright and/or registered trademarks of UBI soft, and usage for this app falls under fair use guidelines.

  • size 51.4 MB
  • version 2.3.0

HeroTalkies-Watch Tamil Movies

High Quality Live TV, Movies, TV Shows, Radio and more - Only on Hero TalkiesHeroTalkies offers the best Movies and Live TV app available, and whats moreits legal streaming. Subscribe using your email, Facebook or Google+ account to enjoy all the following Live streaming for 850+ Tamil MoviesLive Tamil Tv channels with more than 40 Channels Short content - Playlists, comedy clips and Video SongsFree Radio ChannelShort films - More than 100 Short Films Kids content - Hours of Kids content to keep your kids engagedWith latest movie releases, fresh from the theaters, HeroTalkies is your one-stop destination to binge on the latest Tamil releases and blockbusters. Please check out our terms and privacy policy under which your payment and usage of herotalkies is governed. any questions or concerns, you can reach out to us at [email protected] or +91 73731 23456

  • size 56.0 MB
  • version 4.3

LinkMoji - The ultimate Link Shortener

LinkMoji, the coolest link shortener on earth (and takes less than 5 mb) Tired of those boring short urls to websites?With LinkMoji you can shorten your really long URL to a tiny, short link made up of emojis Isnt that great?Look at the screenshots for link examples If you need short, cool links to your post, website, article, video, song, then this is what you are seeking for Use this app and spread the word Learn more about our company DSDeveloping and be sure to check out our other apps This app uses the website linkmoji but wasnt made by the same developers, nevertheless this app still works as great as the site and does exactly the same as the site does. We made an app that uses this site so we could bring this awesome experience to your iPhone or iPad too

  • size 11.0 MB
  • version 1.1

SoulKing Global

-Soul King official OpeningLog in every day for 7 daysand get the best characters and equipment the game has to offer Various items given out daily -Game IntroIntroducing a new RPG to revolutionize all RPGs in 2016 Anybody can play,but not everyone can master its strategy Use perfect timing to intercept, dominate, and obliterate the enemy Over 370 characters full of personality Various game modes including Adventure, Pillage, Raid, and Multiplayer Modes Experience strategy and action like no other The game isnt over until the fat lady sings A strategic game with the most epic comebacks Soul King, the unpredictable RPG,with no room for carelessness -Game CharacteristicsEasy Fun This is a true RPG Simple controls make strategic gameplay possible Use Hero Skills and Leader Effects to create the best team. Use Skill combos to attack the enemy Quick Growth with Charismatic Heroes370 Charismatic Heroes with 5 Element Affiliations Strengthen your Heroes by upgrading them from 1 to 6 grade Upgrade Heroes with various powers to create your unique team Always tons to do Simple but numerous content Game Modes ranging from Adventure, Story, Exploration, Daily Dungeons, PvP, Pillage, Infinite Tower, and Raid Strategic fights and action-packed gameplasy The exciting journey starts now Enjoy an abundance of content using various strategies Everybody can be a VIP You dont need to pay Just play the game Everybody is a Soul King VIP Theres no pressure Enjoy your VIP status This app offer in-app purchases. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play.-Terms of Service: Policy:

  • size 224 MB
  • version 2.0.5

Mahjong Treasure Quest

Classic mahjong + inventive extra challenges + dramatic storyline = Mahjong Treasure Quest Join the enchanting journey of Sophie and her companion, Oliver the cat, across the picturesque fantasy lands and dungeons Thats what you are about to discover in Mahjong Treasure Quest: - Solve captivating brain teasers;- Collect treasures in your quest to stop wicked witch Eris;- Investigate the mysterious disappearance of Sophies parents;- And help the loving family reunite More features youll treasure:- Develop your own strategy with the tools available to you.- Complete hundreds of levels, each with a unique layout and feel - Play bonus levels such as timed quests and exclusive puzzles to spice things up.- Receive regular game updates with new characters, levels, and quests.- Be social Get help from your Facebook friends and compete with them - Even when offline, keep right on playing full version of the game without losing your progress. Mahjong Treasure Quest is always there for you no matter where you are, whether at home, on the road, in a plane, or on a subway.Mahjong Treasure Quest offers you a paid subscription that guarantees unique gifts:- An exclusive tile set with pictures of cute pets - A unique sticker pack featuring your favorite games heroine - Your lives in the game will restore 2 times faster You can try it all for free Subscribe now with a trial period. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

  • size 121 MB
  • version 2.14.4

5 Minute Clinical Consult 5MCC

Download the FREE app and view selected topics (Approximately 10% of the content is viewable in the free app and tapping on the locked topic will launch the in-app purchase screen).ABOUT 5-Minute Clinical Consult (2018):A best seller for over 25 years, delivers fast up-to-date guidance on 900+ medical conditions on your mobile device. Exclusive bonus features include 200 pediatric topics, images, 42 built-in calculators and 200+ interactive flowchartsBased on: 26th EditionAuthor: Mark B Stephens MD, MS, FAAFP;Frank J Domino MD; Robert A Baldor MD, FAAFP; Jeremy Golding MD, FAAFPPublisher: Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & WilkinsISBN-13: 9781496374622SPECIAL FEATURES:Locate a disease, symptom or medication in the fastest possible manner:- Use Spotlight Search from Home screen- Tap and Hold launch icon to open Last Topic, History, Favorites - Navigate using multiple indices- History to open frequently visited pages- Bookmarks NEVER FORGET ANYTHING:Mark topics with relevant information:- Rich-text notes - Voice memos- Annotations with scribble, doodle or textYou choose the method to note this regardless of the context you are in to ensure that the important facts are available whenever you access the topic, whether it is tomorrow or six months from now. Find the answers you need quickly thanks to an intuitive, at-a-glance format, with concise, bulleted text; hundreds of diagnostic and therapeutic algorithms; ICD-10 codes, DSM-5 criteria; and much more.- Make confident decisions aided by current evidence-based designations in each topic.- Written by esteemed internal medicine and family medicine practitioners and published by the leading publisher in medical content - Includes bonus content from, but you can access this valuable, evidence-based content using mobile workflow tool easily integrated at the point of care.- Differential diagnosis support from an expanded collection of algorithms.- Current evidence-based designations highlighted in each topic- Thousands of images to help support visual diagnosis of all conditions- Guidance on laboratory test interpretation from Wallachs Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests

  • size 40.3 MB
  • version 1.8.181


Love the idea of scrapbooking but just dont have the time?Create collages, photo books and slideshows in minutes with PhotoPager The fastest and easiest to use scrapbooking app for the iPad - iOS Developers Meetup of Orange County* Create pages of photo collages with personalized photo arrangement to share with family and friends. The user interface is simple, attractive, fun and easy to use.Features>>> General: Import your pictures from Facebook or Saved Photos on your iPad Share & print your creations via Email, Facebook, Twitter, and Printzel Build unlimited number of pages and photo books High quality retina graphics Over 40 FAQs answered in the app to help you use the app App comes with a demo book and over 40 photos for you to start playing with right away>>> Time-Saving Book Organizer View: Each book project has an organizer view where you can see and arrange photos and pages at a glance Drag and drop photos on to pages in organizer view it couldnt be any easier Reorder pages easily in organizer view via drag-n-drop>>> Fast and Easy Page Editing: Over 80 built-in layouts and over 60 themes to use for your photo pages most are free, others are available for in-app purchase Select themes support using your own photos as full-page background Move, rotate, and zoom/crop pictures on each page to look just the way you want them to look Swap photos on same page super fast with drag and drop in edit-page view>>> Share your photo creations to showcase treasured memories: Print a high quality photo book (preview and order in app) with companion online-album to allow friends & family to view and order their own copy Export a page to Saved Photos (view in iPad Photos app) Send a page to anyone via email Post a single page to Facebook feed or export entire photo book to new or existing Facebook album Post a single page to Twitter feed Play a photo book as a slideshow at family gatherings or partiesFeedback & SupportWe focused on making PhotoPager v1.0 easy to use, but we have lots of ideas for additional features we could add to future versions. Well incorporate the best ideas into future updates of PhotoPager.

  • size 83.1 MB
  • version 1.0


WindAlert is your #1 most trusted weather source.-FREE Weather Stations: Real-time wind reports from over 50,000 stations Worldwide.-PRO Weather Stations: These are the ultimate Game-Changers Since 1987, we deliver the finest Real-time wind reports from hundreds of exclusive WindAlert PRO Weather Stations: Built ultra heavy duty and maintained by our own engineers, and meteorologist-sited for the highest possible quality of wind reports.-FREE Forecasts: For anywhere on Earth. We deliver all of the leading global Forecast models to your fingertips.-PLUS Forecasts: But when it comes to Forecast Models, ours is the master class edition: WindAlerts own WF-WRF proprietary Forecast Model cannot be beat.-PRO Forecasts: These are simply the finest Wind forecasts available anywhere Since 1987, our staff of Meteorologists provide highly-accurate, in-depth PRO Forecast Discussions drawing upon our extensive local forecasting experience, which allows us to pinpoint in detailed text exactly what to expect at your spot.-Wind List is your ultimate quick-load wind reference tool, telling you the top-ranked weather stations in the area for any search you do anywhere in the world.-Exclusive Nowcast Wind Reports for thousands of top locations worldwide.-Plug in to our legendary Wind Alerts: to always know when the wind hits your chosen thresholds.-Create your own Favorites list: to keep a constant eye on your go-to spots.-Onsite Reports from weather fans worldwide-Tide Reports-Radar / Precip Map-Satellite / Clouds Map-Sea Surface Temperatures Map-Forecast Map-Nautical Charts-Full Website: You also have access to WindAlert.comThe term of subscription is 12 months and your subscription starts immediately. To find out more please see our privacy policy.By purchasing a subscription or downloading an app you agree that you have read and accept our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

  • size 60.0 MB
  • version 2.9