The first type of Cambodian chess game is known to the Cambodians as Ouk Chatrang. The name Ouk was believed to come from imitating the sound made between the chessman and the chessboard while checking. The second type of Cambodian chess game is Rek, please see the Rek game also.

Ouk Chatrang alternatives

Construction Simulator 2017 game

Construction Simulator 2017 gameA Big construction vehicle, a real beauty of the machine awaits you in this 3D construction vehicle game. This construction simulator is a game for all ages, with the easy controls this can be a super fun excavator simulator game for children and grown ups as well. Key Features : => Realistic physics handling with simple touch controls=> High-quality 3D graphics => Real Experience of City Construction=> Construction worker animations

  • rating 3.8
  • size 160 MB

Khmer Quiz Game

Fun, Challenging, Educational and Entertaining is what this app all about. Mainly focus on Khmer topics for Khmer People. If you have any topics to suggest, feel free to contact us.

  • rating 4.0
  • size 18.9 MB


This game requires knowledge of the khmer language to be played If you can read khmer and you like word games, you will enjoy Prasna Find the longest word, use the multipliers to increase your score and challenge your friends. * 500 grids to play* 16383 khmer words to find* daily top scores

  • rating 5.0
  • size 28.8 MB

Khmer Song Quiz

WHAT IS THE TITLE OF THIS SONG We like Khmer songs, how about you? Game features:-Nice interface-Relax background music-Funny sound effects-Romantic + popular Khmer song-Score comparison with your Facebook friends-Score comparison with your Game Center friends Ok, Good luck, I hope you are the top of your friends

  • size 62.5 MB

Khmer Millionaire 2017

- This game requires knowledge of the khmer language to be played.- Khmer Millionaire is application that help you to test your knowledge. It improves your thinking skill, make you smarter and think faster. Good luck

  • rating 4.57143
  • size 19.3 MB