Lose Yourself Without Getting Lost. This handy application presents you several self-guided walks featuring the best of the city, from world famous attractions to hidden gems. This app gives you the option to turn off the GPS tracking in the background to prolong the battery life.

Ottawa Map and Walks alternatives

MetroMap Montreal - Subway map

The simplest metro map to use on your iPhone / iPad with over 200,000 users Instant loading of maps, offline navigation and station research. Already available in numerous large cities around the world, for bus, tram, metro and train networks. http://montreal.metromap-app.com

  • size 22.7 MB

1000 Islands

Tourism directory for the 1000 Islands Region of Northern New York and Eastern Ontario. Includes communities on the St. Lawrence River and Eastern Lake Ontario shores. Geo-locating ability maps location of businesses and attractions and provides user with whats nearby information.

  • size 20.1 MB