Due to the current and projected burden of illness related to musculoskeletal conditions, all graduates from medical schools, first year residents and physiotherapists should demonstrate basic competency in musculoskeletal in musculoskeletal diagnosis and management(1).To objectively quantify this competency, Freedman and Bernstein developed a standardized examination for assessing graduating medical students with regard to their knowledge of the musculoskeletal system(2), witch is the only validated examination in USA and it has been widely accepted as a cognitive measure of students knowledge by several reference medical schools, like University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Medical School. Based in this validated examination, we created OrthoBC (Basic Competency) app, aiming to aid medical school students, residents and physiotherapists to self evaluate their basic competency in musculoskeletal field. 1998;80(10):14217.

OrthoBC! Orthopedic Basic Competency alternatives

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AnkiMobile is a mobile companion to Anki, a powerful, intelligent flashcard program that is free, multi-platform, and open-source. Sales of this app support the development of both the computer and mobile version, which is why the app is priced as a computer application. For information on bulk discounts for educational institutions, please see http://www.apple.com/itunes/education/For more information on AnkiMobile, including a link to the online manual, please have a look at the support page: http://ankisrs.net/docs/AnkiMobile.htmlIf you have any questions or want to report an issue, please let us know on our support site and well get back to you as soon as possible.

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