Orion is a complete solution to effectively manage a diverse portfolio of power plants to improve efficiency and increase production. This platform has been built on a scalable and secure cloud based infrastructure bringing data science to the field of renewable energy in a transparent and user friendly manner. The Orion solutions:Pulse: A real time monitoring capability for users who need to know-on-the-go and react quickly to performance improvement opportunitiesCognito: Big data analytics and advanced computing transforms data into actionable intelligence through accurate exceptions to help manage operations proactively.


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Orion - Bringing Intelligence to Energy alternatives


Yammer Yammer Yammer for iOS- : Yammer - : Yammer - : Yammer for iOS- : - : iOS - : Yammer for iOS 25

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Approach is a pocket personality profiler designed to give you an edge in all kinds of sales or negotiation situations. Just answer a few quick questions about a person, and Approach will not only identify their personality type, but also give you a host of suggestions and guidelines to help you create a personalised sales strategy. Find out more about our products and services athttp://www.axiomsoftware.com/

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The ultimate companion app for Podio enabling you to run your projects and collaborate with your team from anywhere. Take your content and conversations with you, no matter where your workday takes you. The Podio Privacy Policy can be found here https://company.podio.com/privacy

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RedminePM - Redmine Client App

The Best Redmine Client for iPhone. English, Japanese, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Italian, Turkish and Korean languages support. * FeaturesSome of the main features of Redmine are: Multiple projects support Flexible role based access control Flexible issue tracking system Gantt chart and calendar News, documents & files management Feeds & email notifications Per project wiki Per project forums Time tracking Custom fields for issues, time-entries, projects and users SCM integration (SVN, CVS, Git, GitHub, Mercurial, Bazaar and Darcs) Issue creation via email Multiple LDAP authentication support User self-registration support Multilanguage support Multiple databases support http://www.redmine.org/

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SMART kapp

The free SMART kapp app connects your mobile device to kapp digital whiteboards, SMART kapp iQ interactive displays and SMART kapp iQ Pro interactive displays. One app lets you share whatever you write, erase and scribble on your kapp, kapp iQ and kapp iQ Pro in real time with anyone, anywhere in the world. To learn more, visit smartkapp.comYou can read our Privacy Policy (https://kappboard.com/privacy) and Terms of Use (http://smartkapp.com/en/legal/eula) online.

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Infusion Europe 2015

Infusion is a global manufacturing intelligence conference. As an attendee, you will learn to give metrics meaning, identify areas for quality and process improvement and turn manufacturing data into actionable intelligence.

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NumerifyMobile is the mobile app for Numerify360 for IT an innovative solution that transforms the way IT uses analytics to drive transparency, accountability, and efficiency by providing visibility and intelligence across the full spectrum of IT service operations. Delivering previously complex and costly enterprise capabilities in a pre-built, turnkey application, Numerify360 for IT provides powerful operational and financial insights for organizations of all sizes to optimize their IT service investments. System-of-record analytics delivered through Numerifys cloud-native platform allow organizations to effectively manage their business with numbers they can trust.

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Agyle Clipboard

Agyle Intelligence automates data capture and reporting, to help operations better manage and visualize meaningful intelligence from throughout their plants and supply chain. Agyles solution is easily scalable to as many users or devices as needed, and can be deployed within minutes for an instant ROI. From production to forecasting to downtime to supplier compliance, you can find that root cause if your operations are Agyle.

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Energy IoT Platform TM by Reengen is cloud based energy intelligence solution for buildings and Utilities. Energy consumers around the world save millions with data driven energy & operational efficiency, high visibility on their costs, right energy procurement strategy, and equipment health check Reengen leads mobile energy managemet in buildings with this new application for iOS React more quickly to abnormal energy consumptions and critical asset health situations, manage energy performance on the go, monitor energy usage trends, benchmark among your building portfolio, get daily and weekly executive reports, identify opportunities for greater efficiency, all in secure, intuitive, mobile-optimized application.

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FLIP Freight Shipper

FLIP Freight is a modern, streamlined logistics platform using the latest technology with existing infrastructure to effectively connect shippers and carriers. The platform provides simple, effective, data driven systems that work for you. FLIP Freight Shipper App gives you: Real time item level tracking Status updates from real time tracking data Cost savings by utilising data to optimise carrier selection Increased accountability through partner performance ratings Dynamic service options Risk management Efficiency through the intelligent use of technologyFLIP Freight is a platform that will increase your transportation footprint, provide visibility to freight, minimise your risk of service disruption and deliver relevant business intelligence on your logistics operation.

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RateLinx already provides advanced analytics and leverages big data to provide actionable Integrated Shipping Intelligence. Now you can leverage it on your mobile devices This application allows you to log in and manage your Shipment Requests through all of your devices. You can manage the entire lifecycle of a Shipment Request from the initial created request, down to when and where to pickup the shipment, all in real time Optional notifications will also be sent directly to your device regarding any new updates on any of your active shipment requests, so you can easily manage them on the go without having to worry about missing anything.

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EMC M&R is the mobile component for EMC ViPR SRM, EMC ViPR M&R, EMC VNX M&R and EMC Service Assurance Suite software solutions. EMC M&R transforms data into actionable information to help you deliver business services at promised service levels, improve operational efficiency, and optimize your IT resources on a single mobile device. Assure the right people have access to the right information at the right time with the versatility of a mobile console.

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  • version 1.1

OGF 2017

In todays digital age, technologies like cloud computing, wireless and communication network, Internet of Things and robotics and automation are pushing geospatial embedment across the technology continuum. Powered by internationally accepted standards and well-grounded ICT infrastructure, big data analytics and trend towards open and linked data, geospatial information has integrated itself across processes like business intelligence, system integration, digital engineering and the like and are being delivered on a variety of platforms like enterprise, social media, mobile and web portals. Collectively, these solutions and domains are driving todays economies at individual to enterprise to government levels thereby furthering the value chain of geospatial information.

  • size 96.6 MB
  • version 1.4

Elecnor NE

With nearly 60 years of continuous growth and a presence in more than 40 countries, Elecnor has become one of the most outstanding Spanish business groups and a benchmark in the infrastructure, renewable energy and technology sectors. Business diversification has been one of its strategic aims throughout its history, enabling its involvement in a number of industries which range from electricity, gas, industrial plants, railways, telecommunications, water, control systems, construction, the environment and installation maintenance to aerospace engineering. A Group, in short, whose technical and financial solvency enable it to promote, develop and construct all manner of infrastructures on all five continents.

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My Asthma Pal

Childrens Health My Asthma Pal provides children with asthma and their parents with a unique set of resources and tools to effectively and proactively manage their asthma. Childrens Health is focused on educating families on understanding asthma and empowering them to take charge of their childs asthma management. Benefits: Provides quick access to valuable asthma education and management tools Helps users track their asthma medication use and set reminders Allows users to share their Asthma Action Plan and Asthma Control Test (ACT) scores Encourages users to self-manage their asthma symptoms over time and track improvement Now includes account creation capabilities that enable you to track your data with across multiple devices

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