Ordyx Mobile is the innovative handheld side of Ordyx POS (www.ordyx.com).Ordyx Mobile allows wait staff and cashiers at restaurants and bars to take orders from customers right at the table or anywhere within the establishment. By taking orders at the table waiters are able to maximize the time wait staff spends talking to customers which, in turn, increases overall revenue possibilities. Features of the system include: + SMS alerts for Voids/high comps + Remote authorizations for manager functionality (comp an item from anywhere in the world) + Full reporting + Time & Attendance + Detailed Inventory Tracking + QB Export for Sales information + Loyalty Program + Delivery Functionality + Enterprise Ready + Automatic upgrades every 2 monthsStart benefiting from Ordyx and Ordyx Mobile today (Ordyx POS account required to use Ordyx Mobile)


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Ordyx Mobile alternatives

Waiterio POS Restaurant and Bar

Waiterio is the fastest way to handle restaurants orders. Waiterio makes the life of waiters and cooks easier. Discover which dishes are doing great and which ones should be removed from the menu.

  • size 14.1 MB

SoftTouch iPOS

SoftTouch iPOS(tm) Handheld Ordering for SoftTouch POS is the perfect solution for restaurants and eateries looking to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and increase operational efficiency: * Security Logon * Order Entry (take orders from customers) * Payment Processing (swipe customer credit cards - requires external card reader not included) * Works with Infinite Peripherals Linea-Pro and IDTech UniMag Credit Card Readers* Remote Check Printing * View Active Checks * Much more, coming soonThis product is ideal for servers, cocktail wait-staff, host staff, management and anyone else that needs mobility when taking customer orders or accepting customer payment. Its also an excellent line-busting solution for QSR operators. IMPORTANT: All updates require to have the latest version of SoftTouch POS system when not running in demonstration mode.

  • size 4.1 MB

Restaurant Owner

The Restaurant Owner App is designed to help companies organize food and supplies, while simplifying the ordering process. This app is designed for real-time order processing, in an easy-to-use, quick and efficient interface. Comments, feedback and ratings are always welcome

  • size 27.1 MB

Digital Dining Go Mobile

Digital Dining is one of the Worlds premier Point of Sale apps for restaurants. Over 50,000 Restaurants have used Digital Dining to run and manage their operations over the last 30 years. Digital Dining Web Site (http://www.digitaldining.com/dd-on-ipad-and-ipod/)*On Line Brochure*http://digitaldining.com/online-premier-brochure/See Digital Dining customer testimonialshttp://youtube.com/user/DigitalDining

  • size 19.2 MB

NCR Aloha Mobile

Welcome to the next generation hospitality handheld device, NCR Aloha Mobile is an extension of our Aloha Table Service and Quick Service point-of-sale software. Aloha Mobile allows restaurants to easily and securely deploy mobile POS software technology for table server and quick server ordering and payment. Orders are more easily communicated from the guest to the kitchen or bar in a single step.

  • size 41.9 MB

More Information About alternatives

Ordyx Remote

Ordyx Remote allows Ordyx POS customers to view status of their stores as well as approve voids, comps, etc, remotely. Ordyx POS allows you to manage your establishment from anywhere, anytime. Features of the system include: + SMS alerts for Voids/high comps + Remote authorizations for manager functionality (comp an item from anywhere in the world)+ Full reporting + Time & Attendance + Detailed Inventory Tracking + QB Export for Sales information + Loyalty Program + Delivery Functionality + Property Management System integration+ Enterprise Ready + Automatic upgrades every 2 months Start benefiting from Ordyx and Ordyx Mobile today (Ordyx POS account required to use Ordyx Remote)

  • size 1.0 MB
  • version 1.01

Ecash Mobile

Ecash mobile is a handheld solution for the Ecash POS system. Waiters can take the order directly on a table and send it to the POS system.

  • size 4.5 MB
  • version 1.2.6

Horizon Remote

Horizon POS Remote connects to our great value Horizon POS app. This free app allows your staff to take customers orders remotely at the table. Download now and get up and running today.

  • size 4.7 MB
  • version 1.3.8


A*POS is Order Point POS application which can connect to the Display/Server using TCP/IP network. This app is used at restaurant, coffee shops, bars and food trucks. The following features include :-Download Menu and Master data from Server-Waiters as well as Cashiers can send order menus by using OP POS -Send orders directly to kitchen if display IP Address already set up at setting-Send orders directly to customer if display IP Address already set up at setting -Can pay with different payment types-Optional Modifiers to customised further-Add notes to items for specific details-Generate customised reports-Print receipts-Inventory

  • size 9.4 MB
  • version 1.6.15

SmartTab Point of Sale App

SmartTab POS & ADMISSION app is both a restaurant/bar/nightclub point-of-sale (POS) app and an age-verification/admission app for bouncers and doormen. The SmartTab POS app is optimized for tablet POS (iPad) and handheld table-side service POS (iPod) and gives you everything you need to place orders and accept payments from a mobile device. SECURE MOBILE CREDIT CARD READERCredit card information is encrypted from start to finish.

  • size 17.4 MB
  • version 2.2.3

Olive POS

Olive mobile POS solutions ,designed for iOS devices, is an extension of O-live restaurant management software which allows your staff to submit orders at the table, and provide managers with mobile access to manager functions for more efficiency, with fast and complete POS Functionality. With O-live, you can now use traditional POS and IOS POS at the same location. O-live mobile POS is a revolutionary way to shorten the time of your service, to reduce error and serve an optimal number of guests at the same time.

  • size 5.9 MB
  • version 1.0.8

SilverWare Mobile Ordering

Serve your guests quicker than ever with SilverWares Mobile Ordering. Seamlessly integrated with the SilverWare Avrio POS system, staff can place orders from a Tablet or Smartphone. Features:- Place orders directly at the table.- Items print to the kitchen or bar printers appropriately.- Print the customers check directly from the device.- Order through a Graphical Floor Plan on Tablets.- Use Panel Mode for Tablets and List Mode for Smartphones.- Orders populate on the POS in real time.- Items and pricing mirror those of the POS and all changes will update in real time.

  • size 17.3 MB
  • version 1.6


TableSwipes is a Restaurant POS designed with input from the people who understand the restaurant business best - restaurant owners, chefs, waiters and customers TableSwipes Waiters App is revolutionary in its custom & easy-to-use flow; empowering waiters to place orders with ease. With this app they have all the details of the menu at their fingertips. The Host/Hostess and Kitchen/Plating apps are in the works scheduled to be released summer 2016.Some of the key features that are available in the Waiters App are: - EMV certified table-side payments - Reduced wait time with improvements like streamlined operations, notifications result in reduced table turn-around time - Customized analytics and efficiency recommendations to increase your revenue - Order taking using mobile devices - no more hand written notes - Kitchen Order Tokens printed wirelessly in the respective Kitchen Stations - Hold & Fire, cancel items/orders, split payments, and Prep Sequencing - Cash out reports, realtime restaurant activity information available everywhere in the globe - monitor your restaurant even when you are on vacation - Unique intuitive design - we guarantee it will take you 3-5 minutes to master and that you will love its ease of use

  • size 15.4 MB
  • version 1.0.13

Lightspeed - Self-Order Menu

Lightspeed Self-Order Menu is an app that allows customers to order food and drinks from your cafe, bar or restaurant all on their own. With the Lightspeed Self-Order Menu, you can reduce customer wait times, process orders faster, free up waiters to interact with customers, and ultimately increase sales. Visit www.lightspeedhq.com/pos/restaurant/pricing OR contact your Lightspeed Account Manager for details on pricing

  • size 61.2 MB
  • version 2.4

Zash POS

Zash POS - is a Tablet and Cloud based point of sale system. The app helps merchants, receive orders from customers using the Zash App, or simply use Zash POS as a standalone POS system for their operations. To find out how Zash can help your business increase your revenue through curated marketing to Zash users, dont hesitate to get in touch.

  • size 24.8 MB
  • version 1.0.22