Orca Sales!

DISCLAIMER: This app is to be used by invitation only. The Orca Sales app is a free sales enablement tool that allows users to collect customer information and demonstrate the capabilities of Orca Health software.

Orca Sales alternatives

Paylocity Mobile

Empower your modern workforce with access to payroll and HR data, where and when they need it. Our mission is to elevate the profession of payroll and human resources across the backroom and into the boardroom where it belongs. What can employees do in the app?- Edit your personal info, search the company Directory, or view current and historical Pay info on-the-go- Punch in and out from anywhere in the field or from designated areas with geo-fencing support and historical map views- Access Company Links and acknowledge documents- Stay current on Company News and announcements- Recognize employee achievements with Impressions- Review Schedules and Timesheets- Receive push notifications when Time Off requests have been approved or checks are available to view- Plus, first-time users see a series of welcome screens to highlight key featuresWhat can managers do in the app?- Review Schedule changes- Approve Timesheets Time Off requests instantly- Submit, view, and approve Time Off requests with real-time push notifications- View and approve Impressions badges for direct reports- Review and approve Time CardsSecurity features:- All activities performed will be encrypted and routed safely to secure Paylocity servers.- Sessions will time out if inactive to prevent unauthorized access- Excessive failed login attempts will lock a user account- Paylocity Mobile will not use or transmit any sensitive personal data

  • rating 3.82278
  • size 12.5 MB
Paylocity Mobile alternatives


FLUIX COLLABORATIVE DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT: Fluix goes beyond general document management. By empowering and automating collaboration, Fluix bridges the gap between the mobile workforce and the office, accelerating the document lifecycle to improve efficiency and drive revenue growth. Please contact your Fluix administrator for access to the application.

  • size 95.6 MB
Fluix alternatives

Base CRM and Sales Tracking

Base is a sales productivity platform that blends usability and intelligence to give you a cutting edge mobile sales experience. Base not only provides everything that you and your sales team would ever need from a CRM, but also goes above and beyond by adding mobile sales productivity features like communication tracking, email templates with view notifications, geolocation and mobile reporting. Download the Base CRM app now for a powerful and intelligent mobile sales experience.

  • rating 4.4
  • size 116 MB
Base CRM and Sales Tracking alternatives

Abacus - Expense Management

Abacus is the easiest way for you to reimburse your team, reconcile corporate credit cards, and implement your expense policy. Access your Abacus to track expenses from anywhere CAPTURE ACCURATE EXPENSE DATA FROM EMPLOYEESAbacus drafts expenses using reliable data sources such as receipts, card transactions, past behavior, CRM fields, and geolocation to ensure records are complete and accurate. Expenses are then automatically and logically organized into Live Reports as they enter the system according to their business purpose.

  • size 30.7 MB
Abacus - Expense Management alternatives

My Academy App

Plan, navigate, and enjoy total control of your Academy meeting. Your registered sessions are automatically saved. You may also log in using your AAOS user name and password.

  • size 49.0 MB
My Academy App alternatives

More alternatives

Orca Care Plan

DISCLAIMER: This app is only for patients who have been invited by their Healthcare Provider. At this time, it is not available for use without an invitation. Thanks,The Orca Team

  • size 322 MB
  • version 2.1.1
Orca Care Plan alternatives

Veritas Sales Enablement

Welcome to the Veritas Sales Enablement app This app will be used for all Veritas Sales Conferences and subsequent enablement events and activities. Please note that you MUST be per-authorized to gain access to this applications content. If you are not, there is no value in downloading it.

  • size 78.5 MB
  • version 1.2
Veritas Sales Enablement alternatives

App Data Room Sales Enablement

App Data Room is the mobile sales enablement tool used to present content, videos, sell-sheets and more. It ensures that your sales reps always have the right information in their hands. Were here to help, please email us at [email protected]

  • size 268 MB
  • version 3.2.3
App Data Room Sales Enablement alternatives

UAB Sales App

UAB Sales App by United Arab Bank is the suite for UAB Sales agent to be able to increase customer acquisition by demonstrating the capabilities of UAB Rewards program. It facilitates to calculate points that a customer can earn through different relationship with bank and provide variety of redemption options including free air ticket by redeeming the points.

  • size 3.8 MB
  • version 1.0
UAB Sales App alternatives

Sonitrol ABEL Sales Tool

An exclusive sales tool app for Sonitrol sales team members that allows them to demonstrate Sonitrol impact activated audio concept to prospective customers and explain the power behind audio verification. With this new, powerful app, Sonitrol Sales team members have the capability to demonstrate Sonitrol audio to their prospects by demonstrating impact and live audio from the ABEL unit into the app. For more information about Sonitrol, please visit our website www.sonitrol.com.

  • size 8.6 MB
  • version 1.0.3
Sonitrol ABEL Sales Tool alternatives

Keystone Dental

The Keystone marketing library is a resource that provides multimedia product information to sales representatives and healthcare professionals. Video, animation, photos, are used to demonstrate specific product capabilities and use cases.

  • size 32.9 MB
  • version 9.16
Keystone Dental alternatives

IAS SmartPad for Dealers

SmartPad shortens the F&I process and creates sales opportunities by utilizing the hottest technology available today, the electronic tablet, to gather and present a customizable array of information while the customer is preparing to be transitioned from sales to F&I. SmartPad goes beyond the typical survey and interview by using dynamic video and exciting multimedia presentations to engage the customer in additional sales opportunities once they are turned over to F&I.At its core, SmartPad can be used to provide the simple CSI survey style of old, but has the capabilities of presenting and gathering information in an engaging way that has never before been done in F&I.

  • size 49.2 MB
  • version 1.6.0
IAS SmartPad for Dealers alternatives

LEADR - Data Capture

LEADR - Data Capture allows you to collect the information to generate sales leads anytime, anywhere. Used by companies of all sizes, LEADR transforms your smartphone or tablet into a powerful business tool. *price excluding taxLearn more at: https://www.mediabasedirect.com/datacapture

  • size 36.0 MB
  • version 1.8
LEADR - Data Capture alternatives

T5 Sales Force Team - Player for Sales Documents

Please note:This App may be used exclusively in connection with the Tower 5 Sales Force TeamManager App. It will be activated only following an invitation by a user of the Tower 5 Sales Force TeamManager App. T5-Aussendienst.de to discover all the things you can do with the T5 Sales Force App

  • size 11.2 MB
  • version 2.3
T5 Sales Force Team - Player for Sales Documents alternatives

Bea Mobile CRM

Mobile app that is an Add On to the ERP software BEA Gold. This app can be used by management, sales reps and normal employees. It contains 3 main modules:- Management (Different management dashboards)- HR (Manage their absences/vacations)- Sales (Sales representative dashboard and customer/prospect dashboard)

  • size 25.8 MB
  • version 5.3
Bea Mobile CRM alternatives

Prospecteer Sales Enablement

The easiest way to ensure that your sales representatives have the information they need when meeting with prospects or customers. Prospecteer - Sales Enablement is an iOS presentation and sales enablement app. Prospecteer provides teams with new and powerful ways to interact with prospects and clients through shared sales and marketing content.

  • size 5.4 MB
  • version 3.0.1
Prospecteer Sales Enablement alternatives


The HVAC Pro2Go APP is the first and only comprehensive kitchen table sales tool that exceeds needs and easily allows for distributor integration and customer management. Get ready for an easy-to-use and sophisticated business generation tool at your fingertips. Report sales patterns and opportunities Pricing can be preloaded Promotions can be created and pushed through the app Upload/add supplies & accessories to accompany the sale Measure and track sales in real-time for forecasting and product restock planning

  • size 35.5 MB
  • version 1.9.6
HVACPRO2GO alternatives

Toro Commercial Lead Capture Application

The Lead Capture Application is a productivity tool that allows Toro & Distributor Sales Teams to take a simple picture of a business card and have OCR software read the image and populate a contact record for sharing Sales Information with Toro Customers. End users can also add contacts manually. Users must have login credentials for the Toro Sales Tool to successfully log in and use this Application.

  • size 63.4 MB
  • version 2.0.0
Toro Commercial Lead Capture Application alternatives


Experience comprehensive sales enablement with EYExcel. Featuring a wide range of capabilities, EYExcel is a powerful platform that offers a truly enhanced sales experience. With key features such as content management, survey capabilities, data capture, detailed analytics, and more, EYExcel creates a customized sales experience for your team, giving them the tools they need to excel.

  • size 178 MB
  • version 9.00
EYExcel alternatives

RetailEdge Dashboard

RetailEdge Dashboard is an easy to use app that allows you to quickly see your stores sales totals, tax collected, gross profit, number of sales and more. You can use it to collect sales data transmitted from RetailEdge point of sale software. You must be on a RetailEdge Silver Software Maintenance Plan in order for data to be transmitted from RetailEdge to the dashboard.

  • size 82.1 MB
  • version 2.0
RetailEdge Dashboard alternatives