The Oral-B App is your personal brushing assistant to help you achieve great oral health The Oral-B app is designed to work with Oral-B Bluetooth - enabled electric toothbrushes, to help you perfect your teeth brushing, and achieve a beautiful smile. ORAL-B TECHNOLOGY- Position Detection Sophisticated sensors in the Oral-B Genius electric toothbrush together with the Oral-B app detect your brushing position and record the brushing time you spend in each zone of your mouth - Bluetooth Connectivity The Oral-B app connects to our Bluetooth Genius and Smart Series Power toothbrushes with Bluetooth 4.0 compatible devices.

Oral-B App alternatives

Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B

98% of kids brush longer with the Disney Magic Timer app by Oral-B Featured as Best new App for Kids # 1 Downloaded free app for kids Ages 6 to 8 on iPhone in the US and 40 other countries # 2 Downloaded free app in Health & Fitness on iPad in the USBring more fun to your daily brushing routine with Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B Now featuring twenty-three of your favorite Disney, Marvel and Star Wars characters, use this app to seamlessly encourage your kids to brush longer. Collect a new digital sticker after each successful two minutes of brushing; track progress with stars and milestone badges on the Brushing Calendar. Privacy Policy of Use

  • size 168 MB

Runtastic Running Tracker PRO

Runtastic PROGPSRuntastic.comApple WatchApple Watch OS 4iPhonekmiPhoneRuntastic PRO

  • rating 2.49254