Onetouch Move is your smart companion for the ALCATEL ONETOUCH Watch. The award-winning ALCATEL ONETOUCH Watch is a slim, stylish, affordably priced smart watch for everyone. HEALTH TRACKER: Steps, Calories, Sleep and Heart RatePHONE CONTROL: Notifications, Music, Camera, and Phone FinderRUGGED & DURABLE: Water & Dust Resistant DesignSMART DESIGN: Long Battery Life with Built-in USB Charger Connect to the Onetouch Move online community at


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PebbleStudio for Pebble Smartwatch

PebbleStudio has been created for you to design a personalized watch face for your Pebble watch. PebbleStudio comes with 6 default projects for you to view, change and export to your watch. When designing your watch face, you have access the following controls: - Date and time- Bluetooth, battery text and icon- Watch hands- Lines, dot or numbers dials- Circle, square or triangle shapes- Text or imagesEach control can be customized in various ways including:- Customize the font, size and alignment- Date and time formats- Text, image and many more depending on the control The designer has the following features:- Control layers to assist with order, selection and visual aid- Watch face background color selection- Zoom functionality to assist with control placement on the screen - View designs in 7 different watch skins

  • rating 2.92308
  • size 10.9 MB

Gdziekolwiek bdziesz aplikacja OTOMOTO umoliwia szybki dostp przez telefon do ofert motoryzacyjnych z bazy - lidera w brany internetowych ogosze kupna i sprzeday samochodw na polskim rynku. A kilkaset tysicy atrakcyjnych ofert bdzie w Twoim zasigu Korzystaj z moliwoci, jakie daje Ci smartfon. Teraz jeszcze szybciej znajdziesz lub sprzedasz dowolny pojazd

  • size 66.3 MB

WatchMaker - 30000 Watch Faces

WatchMaker the #1 watch face platform in the world is finally available on iPhone and iPad Please note WatchMaker does not support Apple Watch. One purchase One low price and over 30,000 watchfaces Enjoy 30,000+ watches with WatchMaker: the largest watchface collection and community in the world Collect, design and share watchfaces using WatchMaker Features exclusive to WatchMaker : Collect 1000s of watchfaces or share with your friends Design or customize existing watchfaces Battery Protector - Automatically limit watches with high brightness to protect battery Animations - Create bright / dim / tap animations with 45 tweening functions Countdowns - Days until your birthday, Christmas, etc Cool Text Effects - Add glow, outline, even flat shadow 1-Click Widgets - Including battery (watch/phone) + WiFi widgets OpengGL Shaders - Powerful rendering for watch segments, radars Stopwatch - Why design a watch when you can build a stopwatch? Multiple Time Zone - Set up to 3 custom time zones Programmable Watches - use our inbuilt LUA engine to make calculator, stopwatches, countdowns, anything your like

  • rating 4.25243
  • size 30.4 MB

TTMM for Pebble

TTMM is a awarded collection of watchface apps for Pebble Watch and Pebble 2 smartwatches. You will find here 140+ models of original and aesthetic watch faces. Moosenyc+ + + + +Must-have app for any pebblerJoe Dix

  • rating 4.69231
  • size 63.1 MB

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Featured in Apples TV ad Amazing Apps Your fitness dashboard for Apple Health app FitPort reads your health and fitness data from the Health app (HealthKit), and shows them in a beautiful and useful way * iPhone 5s or above RecommendedHEALTH APP INTEGRATION:FitPort shows you the following data from the Health app (HealthKit).You can input your data manually, and the data is stored securely in the Health app.iPhone App:- Steps- Walking + Running Distance- Flights Climbed (Floors)- Cycling Distance- Workouts (Read only)- Exercise Minutes (Read only)- Active Energy- Exercise Minutes (Read only)- Stand Hours (Read only) - Wheelchair Distance- Wheelchair Pushes- Swimming Distance- Swimming Strokes- Resting Calories (BMR)- NikeFuel (Read only)- Dietary Calories- Water- Weight- Body Mass Index (BMI)- Body Fat Percentage- Lean Body Mass (LBM)- Heart Rate (Read only)- Blood Pressure- Sleep Analysis- Mindful Minutes- Waist Circumference (iOS 11)- VO2 max (iOS 11)Apple Watch App:- Steps- Walking + Running Distance- Active EnergyFEATURES:iPhone App:- Displays your fitness data from Apples Health app- Hourly/daily/weekly graph- Shows previous data- Shows your stats- Sets goals and monitor your progress- Change layouts (Auto / Grid / List)- Change units- Shows Steps and Walking + Running Distance automatically (iPhone 5s and above)- Shows Flights Climbed automatically (iPhone 6 and above)Apple Watch App:- Shows Steps, Distance, and Active Energy- You can see the last 7 days of data in a graph by turning the Digital Crown.- Complications (Steps only)NOTE:FitPort does not create any data. It simply reads data from the Health app. See full privacy policy for more details.

  • size 29.8 MB
  • version 2.1.0

SPC Smartee Pulse

SPC Smartee is an exclusive app for the latest models of SPC Smartwatches and Smartbands that allows you direct contact with the brands support. Simply download SPC Smartee and receive notifications about all received calls, message or emails on your wrist - you wont miss out on a single thing You can also make and receive calls on your watch or tracker, or remotely activate the camera or music files on your smartphone full control from your wrist You will be able to control your activity in up to 24 different sports, measure your physical activity, monitor your sleep pattern, track your progress, view your heart rate, calories burned, steps covered, and so on. Enjoy working out and seeing your progress each day And if you want to get a better control and measure of your physical activity, SPC Smartee uses HealthKit to sync your fitness data with the Apple Health app.

  • size 28.3 MB
  • version 2.2.10


Feeling like a couch potato annoys you? Youre interested in your well-being and want to feel fit and good, but you only have limited time due to kids, your job or any other reason? Activity Tracking- Tracks your steps- Shows the distance you covered- Calculates the calories you burnedSleep Tracking- Tracks your sleep patterns- Distinguishes between deep sleep, shallow sleep and time awake- Alarm setting possibleUnderstand and control your weight- Tracks your weight- Shows your different weight-components: fat percentage, muscle share, bone mass and water percentage- Calculates your BMIKeep an eye on your heart- Tracks your blood pressure- Sets off alarm in case of critical results- Tracks your pulsePresentation & Evaluation of your stats- Clear and detailed graphs, diagrams and tables- Logs your developments / history- Shows norm-values so you can check if your results are in the normal range of your reference groupVIGO a digital lifeform emotionally visualizing your data- VIGO is alive and will change form and colors according to your individual condition- Check your overall body status with only one glimpse- Motivation to take care of VIGO and therefore of yourselfAdvanced Habit-System- Suggests habits and lifestyle-tips from the categories fitness, nutrition and general well-being- Habits can be tracked via connected devices or checked off manually if mastered- Provides information about the background and use/purpose of every habit/tipConnectivity- Can be connected to FITvigo smart products via Bluetooth: activity trackers, body analysis scales, blood pressure monitors- Data import from Apple Health possible- Integration of Apple watch possibleData Protection extra save- Your data will be stored on German servers only- Complies with data protection according to strict German & EU laws

  • size 94.6 MB
  • version 1.1.3

iTrackBites Plus - Smart Weight Loss Tracker & Points Calculator for Diet Nutrition Watchers

iTrackBites is compatible with your current food score based weight loss system and even counts calories The ONLY app to offer new Smart System support The ONLY app to offer Free Online Community The ONLY app to offer Weight Loss Milestone Awards The ONLY app to offer Pocket and USDA guides including Restaurants The ONLY app to offer Premium Restaurant, Snack, & Beer Guides (In App Purchase) The ONLY app to offer Premium Online Database (In App Purchase) The ONLY app to offer Premium Recipe Builder (In App Purchase) The ONLY app that has supported YOU for 7 yearsThis app has been the leading food score tracking app for 7 years Over 2000+ 5-Star Reviews and Ratings Trusted by hundreds of thousands of app users losing weight right now So Youve got a few pounds to losebut you actually already KNOW how to lose fat:Eat more fruits, veggies less fast food & sugar. But tracking your food score values is the BIG issue You have your phone with you 95% of the time (except the shower). Get it now and start tracking your food score values so you can enjoy a long, healthy, and fulfilling life like hundreds of thousands of other iTrackBites users are already doing iOS 8 HealthKit Integration Sync securely to multiple devices and easily backup/restore Use our FREE online community feature Best weight tracker with Milestone achievement motivations for each goal Offers Online food & restaurant database with millions of up to date foods and restaurant items (in app purchase) Offers Recipe Builder or Meal Maker feature add-on (in app purchase) Choose food items from pocket guide database Choose food items from USDA database including Restaurants Offers Premium Restaurant, Beer, and Snack guides for in app purchase Scan barcodes for over 1,000,000+ UPCs Maintain list of favorite foods & activities Works for All Food Score based systems or use Calories Check out the screen shots & see for yourself Visit our website for more Contact us for help at [email protected] forget to check out and our other great apps - Love it and have lost 20lbs already - Easy to track bites and stay on track - If you already know the program, this is a great companion to go along with the weight loss program at only $5.99 - Great app love it Use it constantly

  • rating 4.35354
  • size 67.9 MB
  • version 5.5