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One Handed Controller for Jumping Sumo - iPad Edition alternatives

FreeFlight Jumping

The official app for Parrot Jumping Minidrones. PILOT YOUR DRONE VIA SMARTPHONE OR TABLETGet FreeFlight Jumping, the free app to pilot Parrot Jumping Night, Race, and Sumo. In addition, you get a free backup of all the data shared on Parrot Academy.

  • rating 3.01639
  • size 77.5 MB

MiP App

Meet MiP, your new robotic friend. MiP loves balancing, playing games and exploring Find out more at www.meetmip.comHave a MiP?Make the most out of your new friend Download the app for the following features:Explore Drive - Drive MiP around with either single or dual joystick control. Challenge your friend to see who can stack the most things on MiP tray and score the highest score Keep an eye out for fun new games in future updates Developer SDK coming soon at

  • rating 4.59999
  • size 96.2 MB

FreeFlight Pro.

PILOT YOUR DRONE VIA SMARTPHONE OR TABLET. Download FreeFlight Pro, the free app that allows you to access advanced flight settings and pilot your Parrot Bebop, Bebop 2, Bebop 2 Power and Disco drones. Hit take-off and watch your drone do the rest Capture incredible video footage with this intelligent flight modes, including Point of Interest (POI), which allows you to focus your flight session around one object.

  • size 266 MB

FreeFlight Mini

FREEFLIGHT MINIThe official dedicated app for Parrot Minidrones*.PILOT YOUR DRONE VIA YOUR SMARTPHONE OR TABLETDownload FreeFlight Mini free of charge in order to pilot Parrot Minidrones. INTUITIVE PILOTING FreeFlight Minis easy-to-use interface makes piloting simple, even for beginner pilots. *To pilot Parrot Minidrone Jumping Night, Race, or Sumo, you need to download the FreeFlight Jumping app.

  • rating 3.7931
  • size 176 MB