GuardDog is a companion app to our web based interface and REQUIRES AN EXISTING GUARDDOG ACCOUNT.The app allows access to equipment status from any one of OmniSites alarm monitors. Using this app in combination with the GuardDog web interface makes it possible to monitor your equipment any day, any time, from any computer, and now even from your pocket. The following information is available for the previous 7 days: - Device Status - Pump Calculations - Influent Reports - Analog Readings - Rainfall Reports - Counter Values - Device ActivityTo demo this App without an existing GuardDog account, you may use our Demo Credentials: UserName: Spike Password: password


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OmniSite GuardDog alternatives


TractorHouse is the leading resource for buyers and sellers of farm equipment. Now available on your iPhone Featuring thousands of listings from hundreds of dealers through North America, TractorHouse for the iPhone lets you drill down instantly to the category, make, and model you need. Features:- Select category- Select manufacturer scroll or search- Select model or model group scroll or search- Browse photo listings and tap for details- Listings closest to you appear first- Tap to phone or email the seller- Map directions to items location- Tap to view any listing on with Safari

  • size 9.9 MB

Goulds Water Technology Catalog

The Goulds Water Technology mobile catalog brings the most current product information, documentation and images for the full Goulds Water Technology product line to your iPhone and iPad with quick search by product or document name, easy view by product categories and one touch access to related Brochures, Submittals, Specifications, Performance Curves, Drawings, Part Lists, and Installation & Operation Manuals. Open to view and email documents inside the Mobile catalog app or choose your PDF reader of choice. Includes easy search for your local dealer and instantly updates whenever you are online and open the app.

  • size 5.6 MB

Wonderware SmartGlance

Wonderware SmartGlance brings real-time data and KPIs to your mobile devices - anywhere, anytime for better, faster decisions. Use SmartGlance to get notified proactively with configurable and personalized alerts related to your manufacturing and industrial facilities, processes, and equipment. Try it now:

  • size 79.4 MB

McCalc Fusion Pressure Calculator

The McCalc Fusion Pressure Calculator is designed to help you quickly find the correct fusion pressure for your job. To properly heat-fuse polyethylene pipe, the fusion pressure must be adjusted so the pipe manufacturers recommended interfacial pressure is achieved. McCalc offers the following features:- Easy selection of any of McElroys hydraulic fusion machines.- Selection from nine different international standards for HDPE and Polypropylene pipe fusion.- Pipe size entry in IPS, DIPS, O.D., or JIS units.- Wall thickness entry using the pipes dimensional ratio or actual wall thickness.- Interfacial pressure and drag pressure entry in units of psi, bar, kg/cm, or MPa.- Multiple-language support including English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

  • size 1.3 MB

More Information About alternatives

Temp Stick

This app gives you access to all the features available for your Temp Stick sensor. Login from your mobile device to view sensor readings and history. If you would like to just try the app, login with username demo and password demo.

  • rating 4.14286
  • size 20.5 MB
  • version 1.0

A1 Complaints

Apoyar A1 Complaints is a Solution app for FMCG organisations to quickly follow up on customer complaints. A dispatcher qualifies and assigns the complaint to the relevant Regional, Area or Store Manager who uses this app to track the satisifactory outcome with the customer. Existing Customers please use your own credentials or try our demo system credentials (Username: Expert, Password: Expert, Company URL:

  • size 2.3 MB
  • version 2.2.1


The App is for control GreenVision IPPower device. GreenVision IPPower is a network power controlThe App can switch outlet power on and off if password and account correct. Default username is admin, password is 12345678There is a demo device you can search from internet, search name can use keyword demo Account:admin / Password is 48471648 enjoy youself

  • size 2.6 MB
  • version 1.1

My Cinemas

The Kinoton Online Monitoring App My Cinemas gives you a precise overview of the status of your projection room equipment, anytime and from anywhere. It monitors all critical parameters of the most important devices in each projection room in realtime. Just use the same login credentials as for MyKinoton:

  • size 4.3 MB
  • version 1.2.2

Almond Logic Mobile

Almond Logic Mobile brings the Almond Logic Gower Portal to your fingertips using an iOS device. Any user with an existing Almond Logic Grower Portal username and password can use this application to view reports, browse their data, and more for multiple crop years and hullers. Features: View Deliveries and scanned field tickets View Runs, details, turnout, and more View Reports View Statistics Receive Notifications

  • size 31.8 MB
  • version 21.21


This is a tool for monitoring and controlling Huawei pocketwifi device. Features - You dont have to open your web browser, type in your username & password anymore - Just open the app and see the status. Supported Device- Huawei E585This software is not involved in any parts of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

  • size 0.6 MB
  • version 1.0.3

RAKBANK Digital Banking

Welcome to a whole new Digital Banking Experience RAKBANK Digital Banking App offers convenience and security to individuals and business banking users. The app offers a fresh & intuitive user experience along with many new features making it one of the best ways to bank in the UAE.Whats NewSome of the key features offered by RAKBANK Digital Banking app are: Unified login credentials - Single user name and password for any device Please note: Existing users of RAKBANK Digital Channels (Mobile or Online) need to use their existing user name and mobile banking password to log in and follow simple on screen instructions to set up their single username and password that can be used on any device. Kindly note, this app will not work on jail broken devices.

  • rating 4.54545
  • size 26.2 MB
  • version 5.8

Smart Orders

SmartOrder App, gives current SmartOrders users the ability to create, send and receive inventory in a simple, intuitive app. Use your existing username and password to access your package directly from your device. Users also have the ability to complete stocktakes of their business with their mobile device through the app.

  • size 32.7 MB
  • version 1.0

Asurion Passwords

Let Asurion Passwords simplify and streamline your digital life. You can store your login credentials (usernames and passwords) for all your online accounts in one secure vault. MILITARY GRADE SECURITY - AES-256 bit encryption keeps your passwords safe- Asurion never stores your keyphrase on the device or on any server - only you have your keyphrasePASSWORDS ON EVERY DEVICE- Save a password on one phone and have it available on any other device instantly - FREE SYNCING- Enter your Asurion Passwords account and keyphrase information and setup any new phone quickly with access to all your online accountsAUTOMATICALLY FILL YOUR LOGIN CREDENTIALS- Your login username and password is immediately filled on any app or browser page- Your required keyphrase still secures the use of any password from your vault Try it today

  • size 46.9 MB
  • version 1.3

HPM Web Track

Web Track gives you access to the popular BisTrack system from Epicor Software Corporation. Any customer or employee of HPM can simply download this app, and enter a username and password provided to them to access the system.

  • size 9.7 MB
  • version 4.0.9