OmniBPM (Omni Business Process Management) is an enterprise BPM software that streamlines workflow standardization, online form filling, document signing, and document management. Documents, forms, workflows, and reports are fully customizable with web GUI.Mobile Clients are best for sending and receiving documents.


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PolicyTech Mobile
ELO 9 for Mobile Devices
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Perceptive Mobile
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SBM Client

OmniBPM alternatives

Office Lens

Office Lens trims, enhances and makes pictures of whiteboards and documents readable. Office Lens can convert images to editable Word and PowerPoint files too. Support for more languages is coming soon.- Choose to convert images to Word (.docx), PowerPoint (.pptx) or PDF (.pdf) files that are automatically saved to OneDrive.

  • rating 4.82759
  • size 43.4 MB

Microsoft Teams

Office 365 IT Microsoft Teams Office 365 - - - - - - - - - - - - Office 365 -

  • rating 2.83333

QR Code Reader - QuickMark Barcode Scanner

QR Code * QuickMark Google QR Code Googles Favorite Places QuickMark- : QR CodeData MatrixQuick Code- : EAN8/13 ()Code 39 ()Code 128 () QR Code - - - Email- - - - Structured Append * * Wi-Fi LAN Mac* Dropbox (.csv)* (In-App Purchase)QR Code DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED

  • rating 4.25806

More Information About alternatives


COLLAVATE - Enterprise Social Networking over Document Approval WorkflowEnterprise Social Networking platform with a workflow approval solution that redefines your team workplace for real-time workflow collaboration. Collavate is notable for being a unique cloud-based Enterprise Social Networking app combined with an Approval Workflow Management process loaded with features to increase team communication and business productivity. Collavate is fully integrated with Google Drive, allowing organizations to streamline approval workflows and effectively carry out operations with data security.

PolicyTech Mobile

PolicyTech policy management software from NAVEX Global simplifies the process of approving and distributing documents and capturing attestation. Policy management software uses rules-based workflows and alerts to streamline policy lifecycle process, alerting compliance managers about unread policies, and reminding document owners when to update or retire policies. Having a robust policy management software in place helps drive your entire policy lifecycle management, from creating business policies that are clear and look consistent, to tracking employee attestations, identifying correlations between incidents and policies as well as regularly reviewing and updating policies.

  • size 37.2 MB
  • version 1.2.090


WorkfloPlus, a human process improvement platform that solves problems for business, no matter what the industry. Translate existing processes into fully functional digital workflows using a web-based workflow creation tool, thats easy to use and deploy. Go digital: - Replace your PDFs, spreadsheets, forms and paper documents with fully functional - digital workflows - Capture legacy knowledge from your existing and retiring workforce - Build a data collection channel for continual process improvementMake it easy: - Deploy your digital workflows to your entire workforce at any location on any device - Provide instructional assets such as audio, video, documents and diagrams - Offer remote assistance directly from WorkfloPlus at any point in the job procedureIts all about the data: - Customisable data visualisation - Full digital audit trails - Integrates with any data capture and analysis systemFeatures: - Drag-and-drop workflow creation - Individual and group job scheduling - Analysis and reporting - Built in approvals - Device agnostic instructions - Works offline - Real-time data collection - Open APIs for third party integration

  • size 81.2 MB
  • version 2.5.2

ELO 9 for Mobile Devices

ELO 9 for Mobile Devices The app is available with its full range of functions for the iOS platform. The app is based on the ELO Web Client - newly developed for the ELO ECM Suite 9 - and forms the interface to the ELO archive. The app offers the following possibilities:-Archive navigation-Display of keywording and margin notes-Document display (via external apps)-Image preview for images, PDF and TIFF documents-E-mail display (including opening attachments via external apps)-Creating new folders-Inserting documents-Searching archives (short name, additional text, keywording, full text)-Displaying tasks (workflows, reminders)-Forwarding workflows-Delegating workflows-Starting workflow templates-Display and functionality of the form-based workflow-Offline filing of individual documents and entire structures including image and e-mail preview -GoTo function for the Archive from the work areas: Tasks, Search and Offline-Opening ELO ECD files/ELO links-Search filters-Search favorites-Offline forms

  • size 30.0 MB
  • version 9.03.010

TabletForms App

One app for all your forms Save time and money by upgrading your business forms with Tablet Forms. The look and feel of your forms remain intact for easy user adoption and are enhanced with powerful workflows to fit the unique processes of your organization. - Block further input after customers signature- Display extra forms areas based on conditional logic- Add photos direct in the form and annotate them- Alerts notify mandatory fields- Calculations and if-then-else formulas- GPS data and time stamps- Conditional option list fields Workflow featuresSmart workflows make sure that the form follows the unique process of your organization so that all information is available for the right people at the right time and place.- Distribute form output to multiple recipients simultaneously- Multiple workflow routes based on conditional logic of entered form data- Add approval process before output distribution- Send the form to another user for further completion- Generate new forms pre-filled with data from already submitted forms- Merge form output based on work order or project numbers- Generate invoices based on form dataOutput featuresForm output is tailored to the requested file format for easy processing and integration in your business process.- Standard output formats PDF, images, and XML- Create custom output formats- Deliver form output by email, ftp, web services, and third-party applications like dropbox, onedrive, google drive,etc- Merge form output with extra data- Generate custom reports- Audit trail, user, time, location and value for each field

  • size 14.5 MB
  • version 1.4.1

UniSA Forms

Put your business process in the palm of your hand. UniSA Forms for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad empowers business users to monitor, collaborate and take action on-the-go, enabling your mobile workforce to stay connected to key business processes. Appian is the global innovator in enterprise and cloud-based business process management (BPM) software, with over 3 million users around the globe.

  • size 80.1 MB
  • version 16.2

Perceptive Mobile

Process and content management products from Perceptive Software enable workgroups to collaborate on and distribute relevant data effortlessly creating, capturing, reviewing, and sharing documents on demand, or through the structure of a defined workflow. Perceptive Mobile takes convenience and efficiency to the next level, allowing users to participate in document review, workflow processes and invoice approval, regardless of location. Mobile users can instantly access the information they need to expedite document reviews and approvals, at any time and from any location, resulting in accelerated workflow and fueling efficiencies across the enterprise.

  • size 11.3 MB
  • version 1.2.722

ERA Inspection

Introducing the Inspection app from ERA Environmental free for use to all of our existing clients: Browse and complete any Inspection Processes you have set up in your ERA-EMS platform right on your mobile device whether its an audit Inspection, safety inspection, or any other type of Inspection process youve created. Inspection Processes are based on BPM and a fully customizable Dynamic Forms (Questions, answers workflow) for capturing step-specific information. If you require assistance finding your ERA user credentials please contact ERA at [email protected].

  • size 19.7 MB
  • version 1.0

SBM Client

Solutions Business Manager (SBM), formerly known as Serena Business Manager, is the leading process management and workflow automation platform for IT and DevOps. It is designed to orchestrate and automate processes and provide transparency across an organization including software development life cycle (SDLC), IT operations, and the business. Mobile client enables customers to perform major operations with SBM from their mobile devices:- Choose a Process App to work with- Operate using customized Mobile Dashboard- Show graphical and listing reports on the mobile device- Receive the notifications- Submit new items - Choose full form or simple form format to manipulate with form data in the way suitable for mobile device - Execute transitions on the items and move them through the workflow- Search for the item- Search for the report- Input data from bar-codes and QR codes- Work with items and forms off-line

  • size 14.1 MB
  • version 11.3


This app enables existing customers to use KiSSFLOW on iPhone and iPad. KiSSFLOW is the #1 SaaS based business process management (bpm) and workflow product and the favorite tool for department heads of IT, Operations, Finance & HR. Using this app you can:* Create new items* Perform approvals and rejections* Track progress of your items* Ask clarifications to other users* Attach pictures and documents to your items

  • size 21.7 MB
  • version 2.2.8