NOMTASTIC Cute stickers with Om Nom from Cut the Rope are now available for iMessages Place them on bubbles, images, and even other stickers to let your buddies know how sweet you feel

Om Nom Stickers alternatives

Angry Birds Stickers

Stick a bit of Angry Birds attitude onto your iMessages. Get in touch with your angry side with a pack of stickers featuring the characters of The Angry Birds Movie. Spread the fun to your friends

  • rating 3.62963

My Little Mood

My Little Paris lance sa toute premire collection de stickers : My Little Mood. Lillustratrice de My Little Paris, Kanako Kuno, a cr des personnages qui vont chambouler vos messages. Fun et style, cette srie exclusive de dessins nest que le dbut dune longue srie

  • rating 4.25

Aardman Face Bomb

Celebrate 40 years of animation history with this sticker pack of Aardman faces Stick them to your photos to give them a claymation makeover, or send them to your friends Simply drag and drop a face over the top of any photo in your conversation. Use two fingers while dragging to resize or rotate the sticker.To use an iMessage app, go to Messages and tap on the App Store icon next to the compose field. In Manage, you can individually select Face Bomb to add it to your iMessage app drawer, or you can choose Automatically Add Apps to automatically add any apps on your device that work with iMessage to your app drawer.

  • rating 3.5

KleptoCats Stickers

KleptoCats stickers are here Need a way to say amazing but with way more cat? Us too. OMG so cute

  • rating 3.30769