Ohms Law describes one possible relationship between voltage and current. This Ohms law formula calculator will allows you to calculate strength of electric current. Ohms law formula and way result,Designed for An elementary school and high schoolSteps For Use:Enter 2 values to get the other values and press the Calculate button.

Ohm's law formula calculator alternatives

Mars Globe

Take a tour of the mysterious Red Planet. This virtual globe combines a high-resolution satellite map with laser altimeter data and advanced topographic lighting to present the planet Mars as it appears from above. Mars Globe is a must-have app for anyone interested in our solar system.

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Electronic Lab Free

Electronic Lab App DescriptionElectronic Lab is a great phone application for people working in the field of electrical and computer engineering. Hobbyist, DIYers, Students, Technicians with specific needs, Engineers can all benefit from this app. FeaturesElectronic Color codeColor pickerAlpha-Numeric Code IdentificationSample circuitsComponent librariesCalculatorsComponent DatasheetFormulaCalculatorsUnit ConversionArduino Code editorCircuit design and simulationPCB designChip SimulationWaveform audio visualizerSignal to AudioPage Bookmarking The following features require the Bluetooth moduleVoltmeterAmmeterOscilloscopeVoltage generatorFrequency generatorChip programming (Arduino) ContributionShare SimulationsShares circuitsShare codeAdd formulaAdd Sample circuitAdd PCB design

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Electrical Code-A-Day

Can you beat the Master? See how many of the 366 questions you can answer correctly Electrical Code-A-Day has an electrical code question for each day in the year. This app follows the electrical code in the United States.

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HVAC practice test

HVAC practice test is a great way to help you prepare for HVAC exam. We offer studying tools for any subjects, purpose learning materials for everyone from everywhere. Privacy Policy: https://koolsoft68.appspot.com/privacyTerms of Use: https://koolsoft68.appspot.com/terms

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Learn Electrical Engineering

Learn Electrical Engineering from AI driven coach and satisfy your thirst for knowledge. App offers bite sized videos, quizzes and AI driven coach to help you become smarter and become great. Entrepreneurship MBA Accounting Marketing Sales Leadership Public Relations Interview Introduction to PMP Learn Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Investment Principles of Management Business Math Finance Management Information System Human Resource Management Project Management Communication SkillsPlease email us at [email protected] for any questions or feedback.

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