Odoo time clock gives the employees the possibility to sign-in/sign-out with a 2D barcode card on the entrance of your company where the iPad is mounted. Sign in/out with 2d barcodeAn employee can sign in/out with holding his 2d code card to the front cam. Tested with Odoo V7 & V8


Similar Apps

Odoo HR
Teamwork Time Card 4.5
Irving QuickScan
iTesserino - Tessera sanitaria
iAttend - Employee Time Track
TA Mobile Clock
Punch Clock - BuildDev
HealthSafe SecurePass
Terminal Astrow

Odoo time clock alternatives

DS router

You must own a Synology Router to use this app. DS router is designed as your Personal Network Control Center on your iOS device. From the initial setup of your Synology Router, to applying parental control settings to protect your children from inappropriate websites, or even fine-tuning your networks firewall settings, DS router makes network management truly easy, intuitive and mobile.

  • size 17.0 MB

Pilot: Home Automation Control

Take control of your smart home Pilot is able to connect to your Domoticz and Zibase home automation system. Simply enter your login credentials, and Pilot will figure out the rest. Want to know more about Pilot?The official website: http://pilot.patrickferreira.comEmail support: [email protected]

  • rating 4.75
  • size 67.6 MB


mFi is a Machine-to-Machine (Internet of Things) platform from Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. mFi hardware can be managed and monitored from the mFi Controller software and the mFi application. The mFi Controller software allows you to create rules that trigger actions based on data from your mFi sensors. The mFi hardware is compatible with third-party sensors and machines, making the options unlimited

  • rating 3.16667
  • size 14.4 MB

Barcode x The Real Inventory & Document Preparation Scanner

Barcode-x, the ultimate fast & easy barcodes reader for your distribution centre, warehouse, stock room or store Why spend your money on expensive PDA terminal barcode? Barcode-x is a free App for business that turns your iPhone into a mobile barcode scanner. ALTO-LABS || App for peopleAN EMAIL ACCOUNT MUST BE SET UP IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO SEND EMAIL

  • rating 3.54545
  • size 28.6 MB

More Information About alternatives

Odoo HR

Odoo HR let your employees execute the most important task mobile, like sign in/out, make leave requests and see a history of attendances. The employee can display an under- and overtime analysis for each timesheet. Tested with Odoo V7 & V8

  • size 5.8 MB
  • version 1.2

Teamwork Time Card 4.5

Teamwork Time Card is a secure, accurate iPad app for recording employee time and attendance across multiple locations. Record detailed attendance information on employees including clock-in, breaks, meals, clock-out and any employee notes or comments. Feature summary: - Record employee clock-in, clock-out, breaks and meals - Employee barcode tags for easy clock-in/out - Accurate and secure clock-in/out with employee pictures and time verification - Managers can manage time card entries at each location - Centralized web based portal for reporting, management and status updates - Detailed web based reporting options Administration: - Fast, simple installation and configuration - Roles-based security *Note: Once installed, Teamwork Time Card must be initialized via Teamwork Cloud Services.

  • size 14.8 MB
  • version 4.5.10

Irving QuickScan

Accelerate the intake of season employees by scanning the pdf417 code on drivers licenses. Automatically pull all information from the drivers license with the quick scan of the 2D bar code on the back of the new employees license. Save time and dramatically speed up the process, allowing thousands of contractors to acquire their employee badges quickly and efficiently.

  • size 13.3 MB
  • version 1.0.0313083

iTesserino - Tessera sanitaria

Features:- Automatic tax number generation (Italy and abroad)- front and back of health card- barcode and qr-code generation- share your tax number and cards- iCloud synchronisation- Print with AirPrint- multi-tasking on iPad

  • size 32.2 MB
  • version 1.2

iAttend - Employee Time Track

iAttend is the employee portal of the time and payment tracking system of AdminSys Inc. With this App, the employees could clock in or out by scanning the dynamic QR Code on the administrators phone or the printed QR code in the office; also, the employees could track the recent attendance report on the App and export the full attendance report to their emails.

  • size 3.8 MB
  • version 1.0

TA Mobile Clock

Time & Access Systems TA Mobile Clock can record employee times, track labour distribution, and allow entry of other source data in a multitude of industries including home health care, construction, delivery services, and many other businesses where employees are mobile. TA Mobile Clock functions as a simple to use data collection point for employee information, that can complement the management information systems you already have in place. TA Mobile Clock gives you the option of entering transactions as an employee or as a supervisor (i.e.: clocking in a group of employees).

  • size 15.4 MB
  • version 2.1

Punch Clock - BuildDev

Turn an iPad into a Punch Clock to keep track of all your employees time in one central location Put your iPad in a central location where all employees have access to it. Then have the employees clock in and out one by one as they arrive and leave the office each day. Features:- Add GPS Stamp to each Punch- Export Punch Data to PDF or CSV- Export Time Data to PDF or CSV- Take Photo of Employee with Punch for Bio-Metric Verification- Customize Accounting Code Names- Round Punches to Nearest 1 min, 3 min, 5 min, 6 min, 10 min, or 15 min- Allocate Punch Time to Various Accounting Codes- Require User PINs for Added Security- Capture Employee Signatures for Employee Approval- Customizable Export Format- Customizable Code Access for Each Employee- Employee Default Codes for Easy IntegrationAccounting Codes Supported:- Employees- Departments- General Ledger Accounts- Pay Type- Job- Cost Code- Category- Group- ShiftTurn off the punch sound in the settings if the app disrupts pandora or other audio.

  • size 18.8 MB
  • version 1.35

HealthSafe SecurePass

SecurePass is an application where company can manage information of Contractors who are accessing the companypremises. Contractors employees will be able to use the SecurePass iPhone application to sign up, sign in, measureheartbeat, track the location and reset lost pin code (this is the code used to sign into the system). Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

  • size 23.9 MB
  • version 3.0.0


*ONLY DOWNLOAD IF YOU ARE EITHER A GRAPHISOFT PARTNER OR GRAPHISOFT EMPLOYEE*The GRAPHISOFT Partner App for iOS gives GRAPHISOFT Partners and Employees easy access to internal company resources. Note: To use this application you must first have a GRAPHISOFT Partner or Employee account. Get started with these easy steps:1) Download the GRAPHISOFT Partner App from the App Store.2) Launch the application from your home screen.3) Sign in with your GRAPHISOFT Partner or GRAPHISOFT Employee credentials.

  • size 16.7 MB
  • version 1.0.8

Terminal Astrow

Terminal application integrates with Astrow and enables mobile phone or tablet users to use it as a mobile Time & Attendance terminal. Managers can use this application to record the bookings of their employees, using a PIN code, employee number or barcode/QR code card. The convenient Time Card interface is also available on the Terminal app Notes:- This application requires the use of AstrowCLOUD or AstrowWEB- This application requires a license key- This application requires an online connection during its use

  • size 5.8 MB
  • version 1.0.7