Swiss SafeLab OTP Authenticator is a free strong one-time password app fully compliant to the mOTP specification ( mOTP is based on time synchronized one-time-passwords. Swiss SafeLab OTP Authenticator Features: - MUI Support (English, German, Swiss German, French, Italian, Spanish)- multiple accounts with individual mOTP Secret and bookmark- supports bookmarks- define mOTP Secret by - manual mOTP Secret input - shaking the device - random seed input- supports 4 digit PIN (as by specification)- supports alphanumeric PIN- permanently hide mOTP Secret after profile creation- displays current epoch time, local time and local time zone- copy-to-clipboard support- option to generate new mOTPs without the requirement of entering PIN againSwiss SafeLab OTP Authenticator is supported by our pure software-based two factor authentication solution Swiss SafeLab M.ID Suite (


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OTP Authenticator alternatives

Sophos Mobile Security

Sophos Mobile Security helps you to work safely on your iPhone or iPad. It informs you when a new iOS version is available, and it lets you view the content of iOS updates. NOTE: If you have any problems with Sophos Mobile Security, please check our monitored support forum for help before leaving a 1-star review:

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IBM Verify

IBM Verify brings a new layer of strong verification to your online services. With multi-factor authentication, you can protect your accounts from the bad guys even if they have your password. Features: - Works even without a data connection - Works with services that require a password for login - TouchID fingerprint identification - Yes/No authentication - Supports multiple devices - Supports multiple services

  • size 25.2 MB

Star Citizen Authenticator

Once 2-factor authentication is setup, your account will be better protected against unauthorized access, keeping your account safe. After enabling the 2-factor authentication on your account at, this app with provide you with one-time-use codes to help you gain secure access to your account, in addition to your existing password. Secure your account today at - Supports multiple accounts

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Authenticator Plus

Authenticator Plus generates 2 step verification codes to protect your online accounts with your password and phone. Backup / restore - Accounts can be backed through iTunes file sharing and can restored in your iPad or iPhone Additional protection - App can be protected using Touch ID or PIN lock Customisation - Rearrange the frequently used accounts for easy access Easy search - Search your accounts right from spotlightUNLOCK THE FULL POTENTIAL OF AUTHENTICATOR PLUS THROUGH AUTHENTICATOR PLUS PROUpgrade to Authenticator Plus Pro and add many great additional features: Authenticator Plus for Apple Watch : Now with Authenticator Plus for Apple Watch accounts can be viewed from your wrist Automatic sync - Accounts are synced across iPhone, iPad Automatic backup / restore - Accounts are automatically backed up to cloud (iCloud or Dropbox) and can be restored easily in your iPhone / iPad / other smartphones Organise - Group accounts with categories Sync across your smartphones - Automatic sync between iOS devices and other smartphones (using Dropbox)

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SecSign ID - 2 factor authentication (2fa)

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OTP is an easy to use generator for One Time Passwords and supports RFC2289, RFC4226 (HOTP) and RFC6238 (TOTP) based one time passwords. OTP is compatible with Authenticator which is being adopted by many popular sites around the internet. Implementing such a system can provide an additional level of security, particularly where logging into servers across the public internet.

  • size 2.6 MB
  • version 1.3.1

mOTP - mobile OneTimePasswords

This application lets you generate One Time Passwords that are used for a more secure authentication (two-factor) - instead of having to enter a static password the iPhone plays the role as a security token that generates passwords that are valid only one time. The authentication mechanism is based on two factors: - the token device (i.e. mOTP-Application) and- a PIN Since the generated passwords are only valid for a very short time - it is of no use for a possible attacker. Note:- the server you want to log onto also needs to implement the OTP-algorithm, you need to configure your shared secret/PIN there- the secret key is generated using random by shaking your iPhone :)- the algorithm uses MD5-hashing- compare this solution with Mobile-OTP Midlet solution on also free server components to be used e.g. as PAM can be found there.- the clocks of your iPhone and your Server have to be in sync- the algorithm can also be used for implementing a challenge-response authentication i.e. the PIN is not fixed but a random number is provided to you by the server at the login prompt.

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  • version 1.3


AirOTP is a mobile application that generates the OTP (One Time Password) in 2-Factor Authentication solution V-FRONT AirCUVE company .VPN, Web Service, VDI, network equipment (Telnet login ), etc. You can do more with enhanced authentication as a secondary authentication in the user authentication , enter an OTP generated by the AirOTP when requesting an OTP.AirOTP can protect your private information using secure from leakage of personal information .For more information, please visit .Function:* Conveniently the device registered with the QR code* Registration allows multiple clients* PIN Code Setting* Support for Multiple Languages

  • size 8.2 MB
  • version 2.0.2


Use SESAMI Mobile One Time Password to access Web sites and networks or to digitally sign transactions in a highly secure and user-friendly way. CIDWAY SESAMI Mobile One-Time-Password (OTP) mobile application provides a time based 2-factor authentication solution for any remote access, protecting from hacking and theft. FEATURES:Two-factor strong authentication, time basedTime based Transaction Digital Signature (TDS)CIDWAYs PIN protection mechanism for mobile, preventing unauthorized usage in case of loss or theftSecrets generated securely in the iPhoneSecure registration and activationTime based one time password:Automatic time synchronization between iPhone and server, even when travelling around the worldProtection against wide range of attacks including:PhishingMan in the middleBrute Force attack on PINPIN or secrets attack by application reverse engineering or memory analysisPIN prediction by Differential Power AnalysisMemory cloningOne iPhone application for all authentication needsIntuitive interfaceTransparent to time zone and local time changesAvailable in various languagesNote: CIDWAY SESAMI Mobile is available for almost all mobile devices.

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  • version 3.3


Authenticator is a simple, free, and open source two-factor authentication app. It helps keep your online accounts secure by generating unique one-time passwords, which you use in combination with your other passwords to log into supporting websites. Easy: Simple setup via QR code, otpauth:// URL, or manual entry Secure: All data is stored in encrypted form on the iOS keychain Compatible: Full support for time-based and counter-based one-time passwords as standardized in RFC 4226 and 6238 Off the Grid: The app never connects to the internet, and your secret keys never leave your device.

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  • version 2.0.0


iStorage is an application software for iStorage device. ThemaininterfacedisplaysDLNAMediathumbnails:video,photo,musicanddocuments Support search function based on DLNA media Supports list / thumbnail view, support sharing operation for photos, music and documents; Support copy/cut/delete/create/rename operation and support local/iStorage data transmission in /between Support to play the photos by slideshow mode Support music artwork shows, repeat mode setting, time line drag operation Document: Support formats of, .doc/docxpdftxtppt/pptx

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  • version 2.0.020

M&G storage

iStorage is an application software for iStorage device. ThemaininterfacedisplaysDLNAMediathumbnails:video,photo,musicanddocuments Support search function based on DLNA media Supports list / thumbnail view, support sharing operation for photos, music and documents; Support copy/cut/delete/create/rename operation and support local/iStorage data transmission in /between Support to play the photos by slideshow mode Support music artwork shows, repeat mode setting, time line drag operation Document: Support formats of, .doc/docxpdftxtppt/pptx

  • size 77.4 MB
  • version 1.0.30

Measures - Unit Converter

Quickly convert between hundred of units and world currencies Conversion are done much faster and easier with Measures. We paid major attention to the usability of the program and hope that youll find it helpful in your daily work, travel and leisure. HIGHLIGHTS:- Huge database with over 1000 units in 40 categories- User friendly all-in-one screen interface with the scroll wheels- Four quickly re-programmable favorite buttons- Search through all categories and units inspired by spotlight- Daily updated currency exchange rates for 170 countries- Units / categories which are rarely used can be deactivated- Sorting of units: alphabetical, based on usage frequency etc.- Built in calculator eliminating the need to switch to the calculator app- Decimal precision can be controlled with a rounding slider- Swapping the units or clearing the input through shaking- Clearing the input through swipe gesture- Switchable UI themes varying the appearance- Copy and paste support- Landscape mode showing list of all conversion in chosen categorySUPPORTED CATEGORIES:Length * Area * Weight * Volume * Temperature * Time * Fuel Consumption * Data Storage * Data Storage IEEE1541-2002 * Speed * Currency Exchange Rates (170 countries) * Precious Metals FX Rates * Acceleration * Pressure * Energy * Power * Force * Torque * Angle * Charge * Density * Luminance * SI Prefixes * Flow * Radioactivity * Magnetic Flux * Magnetic Flux Density * Clothes and Shoes * Blood Sugar * Radiation equivalent dose * Sound * Viscosity (dynamic and kinematic) * Radio frequency * American Wire Gauge * TypographyTwitter:

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  • version 2.4.1

Wansview FC

With Wansview FC you can control your IP cameras on the iPhone & iPad or make settings. Take access to your cameras over your home network or over the internet. Features (please note: not all functions are supported for each camera) iPad & iPhone version Real-time video stream Access over local network (LAN, WLAN) or over internet / DDNS (mobile data 3G, 4G) http or secure https connection to your camera (if supported by your camera) Control your cameras over 8 axes Presets, camera positions, load and save up to 16 presets Setting the speed for manual or automatic control (Pan-Tilt Speed) Auto patrol settings (horizontal, vertical, horizontal + vertival), setup the interval and rounds of each interval Manual patrol Pause, pausing the current video image Setup motion detection (internal, external): automatic email delivery, email management, setting the internal motion sensitivity, optical and acoustic alarm, activate FTP upload with setting the upload interval Option for automatic driving to a preset on alarm (only for standard MJPEG IP cameras) Option for automatic saving of images on alarm (only for standard MJPEG IP cameras) Schedule can be set (for standard MJPEG IP cameras) Optical zoom (only for compatible cameras), digital zoom (pinch to zoom) also for cameras without a optical zoom function Turn the iPhone for fullscreen mode, with fully control ability OSD menu turn on or off control also in fullscreen mode (landscape) Save, send and share snapshots Setup resolution, frames per second (fps), brightness and contrast Mirror videoimage horizontally or vertically, for cameras hang headover MultiView, watch 4 or 8 cameras simultaneously (4 = landscape, 8 = portrait), by scrolling you can see up to 96 cameras, tab on the camera to switch to control mode Sort the camera list and multiview Enable / disable cameras in multiview Alarm on motion detection in MultiView Switch on and off the LEDs for network activity or IR LEDs (if supported) Access or system logs data usage for each camera, traffic overall and last session, display data rate per second PIN code (password) Import/Export, backup over iTunes File Sharing Multilanguage, currently english, spanish and german, further languages coming soonMany ip camera models from the following manufacturers or brands are supported:K1, NC530, NC533, NC533B, NC541W, NCB540W, NCB541W, NCB543W, NCB545W, NCB546W, NCB547W, NCH530W, NCH531MW, NCH532MJW, NCH532, NCH533, NCH535, NCH536, NCH537, NCL616W, NCM620W, NCM621, NCM622, NCM623, NCM624, NCM625, NCM626W, NCM627, NCM751GA, NCZ550, NCZ551, NCZ552, NCZ553, NCZ554, NCZ555, Q1, Q2, W1, W2Please visit our homepage, to check if your camera model supported by the app. you have questions or trouble with the app, please write an email to our support: [email protected]

  • size 48.5 MB
  • version 1.02

Office Productivity - for Microsoft Office 365 Mobile Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Quickoffice edition

Meet the new and improved Office Assistant with more powerful document editing features, Microsoft Office compatibility, and a faster document loading speed. Introduction to Office Assistant With powerful document editing features and excellent Microsoft Office compatibility, OfficeSuite Go is the best mobile office solution for iPhone and iPad. WORD PROCESSOR Create, edit and save Word DOC & DOCX files Character formatting, including: - Text and fill color - Bold, Italic, Underline - Font face & Size Paragraph formatting including alignment, line spacing, margins, indenting, bullets and numbering Support for tables, including table creation Support for floating and inline images (inserting from camera roll or pasting from other programs) Support for shapes and floating text boxes Support for textual tracked changes Footnotes, endnotes and comments Multi-column formatting Supports section breaks, page breaks and column breaks View headers and footers Ruler bar with ability to set paragraph margins and tab stops Searching of text within documents Undo and redo, up to 100 undo levels Auto-correction and auto-completion are supported Spell check Copy & Paste, even text and images from other applications SPREADSHEET Create, edit and save Excel XLS & XLSX files 146 different functions Handle multiple worksheets with unlimited rows and columns Search and sort cells Cell formatting: (bold, italic, borders, text and cell color, alignment, text wrapping) Cell types: General, Number, Currency, Percentage, Date, Time, and Text Merge cells feature Pane freezing Tap and drag to change row heights and column widths Intelligent auto range selection for range based functions Tap cells to compose formula Insert, copy, paste or cut cell ranges, rows or columns Date formats, date separators and numeric separators are all handled correctly according to the current locale, with manual overridePRESENTATION Create, edit and save PowerPoint PPT & PPTX files Insert images and countless common shapes Comprehensive text and paragraph formatting: (font size and face, text color and highlight, paragraph alignment, line spacing) Rotation of text and shapes Slide ordering Slide show mode with simulated laser pointer Slide show presentation on external monitor Supported Devices and Requirements Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch / iOS 7 and above Supported Formats Edit (doc/docx, xls/xlsx, ppt/pptx, txt) / View (pdf, hwp) Supported Languages Supported UI languages (Korean, English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, French, Spanish, and Hebrew) / Input languages (Most languages supported by iOS)

  • rating 1.0
  • size 66.6 MB
  • version 1.0.3