This App is for UK arable farmers and professional agronomists advising on the oilseed rape crop. It allows the user to determine the Green Area Index of the crop from a photograph. The online version, with a more complete set of reference photos can be found at


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OSR GAI alternatives

Measure Map - By Global DPI

Measure Map lets you quickly and easily measure distances, perimeters and areas with laser sharp precision It even takes into account the curvature of the earths surface. Use it for small areas or large, then share your findings via iTunes or email. Download Measure Map now but be warned measuring may become an obsession.

  • size 49.2 MB


The DuPont TankMix Calculator Application allows you to easily calculate the amount of product you will need to treat a specific field area, the amount of product you need to apply to a specific tank size, the amount of water youll need to treat a specific field area or the amount of product you need to get the desired Volume to Volume ratio. It offers a wide selection of Units of Measure to make it useful anywhere in the world and it gives you the flexibility to enter information using both decimal or fractions. Company: DuPont Crop

  • rating 4.4
  • size 3.9 MB

Area - Calculate my Area

Measuring area on the map, made easy with this app. Usage: Press + button or press and hold screen to drop a pin. (For simple shape, just drop the pins at the corners)For multi-pin distance measurement, please use DistancePinner App.

  • rating 4.28571
  • size 8.2 MB

Mix Tank - Agriculture Tank Mixing Order

Mix Tank, from Precision Laboratories, is designed to assist agricultural applicators with the proper tank mixing sequence of crop protection products. Mix Tank also captures product use rates and application information with Mix Sheets and conveniently maintains accurate Spray Logs for easy record keeping. *Mixing precautions and crop protection products will be added at the discretion of Precision Laboratories, LLC

  • size 18.2 MB

Tank Mix Calculator

Tank Mix Calculator is an easy to use farm app from TapLogic. TapLogic develops the powerful FarmLogic decision making tool for the farm. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

  • size 56.7 MB

More Information About alternatives


The BASF CAT is a revolutionary tool to help Farmers and Crop Advisors protect the yield of winter cereals by assessing crop nitrogen content and crop lodging risk. Assessing a crops canopy Green Area Index (GAI) precisely can be tricky but its an important indicator for accurate fertiliser and agrochemical application timings. * Wheat growth stage identification guide for 30 and 31 to help you use the tool at the right crop growth stage for assessment of lodging risk* Automatic recording of upload location by GPS for GAI map * Reference photos available and guidelines on taking photographs* Simple and fast interface

  • size 4.2 MB
  • version 1.4

LEMKEN Crop Protection

LEMKEN, The Agrovision Company, the specialist for professional arable farming. Information regarding the meaning of crop protection and LEMKEN field sprayers, covered in the following chapters: - Fundamentals of crop protection- Functional principal of field sprayers- Baseline analysis of target area- Attaching of field sprayers- Filling/input/mixing- Application of plant protection product- CleaningAn interactive animation enables the user to try out fundamental functions of the Sirius field sprayer like filling, mixing, spraying and rinsing in various scenarios.

  • size 731 MB
  • version 1.0

NSTS eCertification

NSTS is the National Sprayer Testing Scheme for the UK. The NSTS was devised by the UK sprayer industry with input from farmers and grower representatives, the chemical industry, contractors as well as crop assurance and super markets. Launched initially as the AEA sprayer testing scheme it became NSTS in 2003 as an important part of the VI.This application allows users to electronically complete sprayer tests and submit these to NSTS similar to the current paper based system.

  • size 9.2 MB
  • version 4.27


Imagine a world where an agronomist can visit a client, complete an inspection report, hold the sale of products then move to the next client knowing that all paperwork is done and sent by the time they drive out the gate. Agro App allows agronomists to:Store client details, chemical requirements, crops and pests Create and email professional paddock/field inspection reports tailored to each clientSimultaneously email local suppliers to prepare and hold chemicals requiredEliminate the need to travel back to the office to produce reportsSave up to 15 hours per week as proven by current corporate usersCreate and customise the app for your needsAgro App is functional yet user friendly and has been tried and tested by agronomists, large corporations and is widely accepted by farmers. Mountain GT

  • size 59.4 MB
  • version 2.7.7

Grain Storage Manager

The Grain Storage Manager App (GSM) is a free tool developed for grain farmers that allows them to manage the storage of their crops from the field to the bin and then to delivery or sale. The GSM App lets the user easily create virtual bins, set their capacity, location and crop and then track the crop loaded in or loaded out of that bin throughout the year. Accounts can be shared by family farm operations by using the unique user name feature which creates each transaction using that users name.

  • size 18.6 MB
  • version 3.0

FOODSHOT - 1 touch filters for food picture

One of the most powerful all-in-one photo app for food picture You can easily take a beautiful food photograph in just a few taps. No matter you are a professional or a novice, you can easily create delicious looking pictures using amazing set of editing tools. Features:-> Easy-to-use single tap camera effects-> Professionally designed camera filters-> Photo filter suitable for food pictures-> Adjust brightness and contrast-> Blur and focus-> Rotate, crop and resizing photos-> Frames-> Fun and creative stickers-> Add text-> Share photos-> Save photos to Photo Library-> Print photos

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  • version 1.0


AreaMap-Lite allows you to measure the perimeter and the area of anything is visible on Googl. Maps. Characteristic parameters:* iOS 5 Ready* Languages: ITALIAN, ENGLISH, FRENCH* Table: add, edit, delete items* Map Display: Standard, Satellite, Hybrid* PIN: add, delete, move, rename* Position: Latitude and Longitude of each pin* Length: meters, kilometers, yards, nautical miles* Area: square meters, hectares, square kilometers, acres* Line Colors: red, blue, green, yellow, magenta, black* Area Colors: red, blue, green, yellow, magenta, black* Viewfinder: On / Off* Area: On / Off* Pin: On / Off* Top panel: shifts automatically, depending on the viewfinder* Table items measured: No limit (Pro version only) Pin Number: No Limit (Pro version only) In the Lite version:* Maximum 5 (five) Pin to delimit an area* Maximum 3 (three) elements in the table* Banner AdvertisingAreaMap-Pro is available on the App Store

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  • version 1.0.1

NMMC e-Connect

NMMC official mobile application for online service delivery to the citizens of Navi Mumbai. With an effort to bring in more transparency and better accountability, NMMC has launched this mobile application as a part of its envisioned E-Governance roadmap. SLA based resolution and auto escalation mechanismWhats new:-Complete overhaul of the User InterfacePerformance improvementCaptures image through inbuilt camera for uploading photograph

  • size 51.3 MB
  • version 1.4

Mass Flow Converter

This app allows the user to quickly convert a value from one type of flow measurement unit to another. For example, you may need to determine how many SLM (Standard Liters per Minute) are in a given number of SCFH (Standard Cubic Feet per Minute).The user of this app can easily change the Reference Conditions (STP Standard Temperature and Pressure). Our application engineers can help you review your system requirements and work with you to provide a solution.

  • size 1.8 MB
  • version 1.03

Pic Splitter

Use Pic Splitter to split your photos into grids for Instagram. This is an essential photo app for your collection and will give your Instagram profile a professional look This pro version has no ads whatsoever, so you can create your photos uninterrupted. Purpose of the app:- Create photos that span your whole Instagram profile feed (up to 3x3 size)- Tile photos together to create a larger photo in your profile gridFeatures include: - Choose any grid pattern by selecting and deselecting tiles- Pinch and zoom to scale and crop your photos- Drag to position photo in the desired area of the grid

  • size 87.9 MB
  • version 2.0.1