DescriptionThe OPPO MediaControl app turns your mobile device into a remote that provides complete control over your OPPO 4K UHD Blu-ray player. The app is able to browse media libraries, control playback of media files, and even turn the player on and off. If you run into any issues or observe any errors when using the MediaControl app, please contact OPPO Customer Service by emailing [email protected] .Supported Players:UDP-203, UDP-205Required Firmware Version:41-0317B or later.


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OPPO MediaControl for BDP-10x
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OPPO UDP-20X MediaControl alternatives

M8 Jukebox

M8 Jukebox is a sleek, intuitive app for iPad and iPhone to control your Mede8er X3D Series Multimedia Player. In collaboration with Mede8er we developed M8 Jukebox from scratch to take your user experience to the next level.- Easy selection of movies, music and TV series.- Full remote control functionality.- Keep track of what is playing. Support devices - MED1000X3D- MED800X3D- MED600x3D Best results with the latest firmware For older models search for M8 Remote

  • size 6.3 MB


SpeakerAngle is the first app that allows you to precisely measure and adjust speaker toe-in angles with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch in order to get the most out of your audio system. SpeakerAngle works with any speaker make or model, in stereo and surround sound systems. Available on the App Store now

  • size 3.7 MB

MonkeyMote for foobar2000

MonkeyMote for foobar2000 gives you a full-fledged wireless foobar2000 remote control for your iPhone or iPod touch. It connects to foobar2000 running on your Windows PC via your WiFi network and allows you to view information about currently playing tracks and control every important playback feature. Now also available as a dedicated iPad version - look for MonkeyMote HD in the app store

  • size 4.4 MB

DVDFab Remote

DVDFab Remote is a handy mobile app designed for DVDFab users to monitor on their smart phone screens what is happening in DVDFab client, when they are not sitting in front of their computer screens while DVDFab is doing its own jobs, no matter in what modules, Copy, Ripper, Converter or Creator. Users can check real-time task progress on their smart phone screens, like which task has completed successfully, which has failed, which is still waiting in the task queue, along with other detailed information like complete percentage, and estimated time remaining etc. At this point, users will have to go to their computers to perform certain actions accordingly.

  • rating 3.0
  • size 19.2 MB

More Information About alternatives

OPPO MediaControl HD for BDP-10x

The OPPO MediaControl HD app turns your iPad into a remote that provides complete control over your OPPO Blu-ray player. The app is able to browse media libraries, control playback of media files, and even turn the player on and off. Supported Players:BDP-103, BDP-105, BDP-103D, BDP-105DRequired Firmware Version:74th of BDP-10x or above.

  • size 24.0 MB
  • version 2.0.6

OPPO MediaControl for BDP-10x

The OPPO MediaControl app turns your iOS device into a remote that providescomplete control over your OPPO Blu-ray player. The app is able to browse medialibraries, control playback of media files, and even turn the player on and off. Supported Players:BDP-103, BDP-105, BDP-103D, BDP-105DRequired Firmware Version:79-0711B or above.

  • rating 2.82051
  • size 43.6 MB
  • version 4.0.1

OPPO Remote Control

The OPPO Remote Control app turns your iOS device into a remote that provides complete control over your OPPO Blu-ray player. It works with the OPPO BDP-93, BDP-95, BDP-103, BDP-105, BDP-103D, and BDP-105D. Supported Players:BDP-93, BDP-95, BDP-103, BDP-105, BDP-103D, BDP-105DUnsupported Players:BDP-80, BDP-83, and DVD PlayersRequired Firmware Version:BDP-93/95: BDP9x-80-0513 or laterBDP-103/105/103D/105D: BDP10x-75-0515 or later

  • rating 2.68182
  • size 25.0 MB
  • version 2.0.0

SHARP AQUOS Blu ray Control Application

This SHARP AQUOS Blu ray Control App will turn your iPad / iPhone or iPod touch into a Wi-Fi enabled remote control for the following SHARP Blu ray players: BD-HP35U and BD-HP75U.With this application you will have basic control over SHARP Blu ray player functions. Please note: this control application will allow basic control functions via three different control screen selections with remote control button layout or a finger gesture mode; user can select the interface control from three different selections.

  • rating 1.33333
  • size 1.6 MB
  • version 1.0.2

Flex Remote for Kodi

Flex Remote for Kodi is Remote Control and media player for Kodi Media Center ( Simple and easy to use: music/video file sources based interface Flexible remote control: build your custom remote using selectable buttons Gesture control: operate without looking and mistakes Downloader: download media files from the Kodi server for offline usage Sharing server: manage files on device via Web Browser or WebDAV client Built-in media player: play media files on your device online/offline Remote settings: quick access to remote settings of the Kodi Media Center Manage multiple Kodi instances: fast switch between Kodi hosts Automatic discovery of Kodi hosts: Zeroconf (Bonjour service) and much more Please noteSupport for version is 14 (Helix) and higher

  • size 81.1 MB
  • version 1.14

PowerDVD Remote FREE

Download and install this app if you have one of the following versions of PowerDVD: PowerDVD 16 Ultra/Pro/Standard, PowerDVD 15 Ultra/Pro/Standard, PowerDVD 14 Ultra/Pro/Standard, PowerDVD 13 Ultra/Pro/Deluxe, PowerDVD 12 Ultra, PowerDVD 11 Ultra/Deluxe. PowerDVD Remote turns your iPhone or iPad into a remote control for PowerDVD. FEATURES Turn your iOS device into a remote controller for PowerDVD Full navigation and playback control for Blu-ray Discs, DVD titles and videos Wirelessly play and save your mobile devices video and photos to your PC Turn your mobile device into a wireless keyboard and mouse pad for your PC Multi-touch control to remotely rotate and zoom-in photos

  • rating 2.6
  • size 14.9 MB
  • version 3.2.0

Media Remote Control

Now Arcoid Server (BETA) for Mac OS X is available Want to watch videos with your iPhone and remote control your media?Remote Media Control turns your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple Watch into a Wi-Fi remote control for your PC Media Players like VLC, Windows Media Player, KM Player, GOM Player, Media Player Classic/Home Cinema and more. Steps :1- Connect your device and your PC or MAC to a WiFi network.2- Install the server on your PC or MAC ( ).3- Enjoy the App. No manual connection is needed when using one server on your network, other wise just go Blue Button->Auto Discover then choose the correspondent IP Address from the list

  • size 14.9 MB
  • version 1.0


Minimalistic, lightweight mod, s3m and xm module player (.it not supported)(s3m with AdLib instruments not supported, neither is pre-1.04 xm format)The PureModPlayer is EXTREMELY CPU and storage FRIENDLY The app has very low power consumption (uses only native algorithms, no third-party routines or libraries ). All imported files are compressed into an internal database, thus saving space on your device. Main features include:- fast, high quality mixing (up to 32 channels)- realtime song seeking- UTI support - equal power panning for best stereo experience- device-independent volume control (amplification)- background audio playback support- responds to remote control events (e.g. headphone controls)- media player info integration- automatic pause on audio interruption (when another application plays sound, e.g. Siri)- seamless resume after quit- automatic song length and sub song detection (not perfect sometimes)- customize the song names yourself- disable BPM changes for some very old mod files manually to ensure proper playback- up to 5 custom playlists (global shuffle mode can be toggled manually)- pin current file for endless playback- upload modules via iTunes (compressed zip files also supported and recommended, but only deflate method will work properly)- automatic compression of files to save around 40% of storage space (this will take some time so patience is advised)- two vis modes: instrument/sample text and spectrum (swipe bottom component); note that spectrum analyser may consume additional CPU time- each module is identified using unique MD5 hash, so adding same files wont waste space on the device- tested with up to 2.5K files (local list takes some time to load for the first time)- no third party open source libraries usedWarning Successfully imported files will be deleted from local device storage to save space (they will still remain in the internal app data directory).

  • size 4.0 MB
  • version 1.48

Remote DJ

Remote DJ turns your iPhone into a remote control for Windows Media Player on your pc. Play all of your digital music, playlists or internet streams in your media player library on your pc, right from your iPhone This app does not play music on your phone, this app plays the music on your pcusing your iPhone as a Remote Control. Just download and install the free Remote DJ server on your pc located here: can also checkout the user guide at the same website address to see how easy Remote DJ is to set up.

  • size 11.8 MB
  • version 2.4

Acer Remote

Acer Remote lets you remotely control your PCs Mouse, keypad, Media Player, PowerPoint, Windows 8 UI via iPhone/iPad. A remote laser pointer is also supported. [Features]Touch Pad Control - Touch sensitivity adjustment - Touch Gesture: Zoom-in/out - Scroll bar ( Up/down) - Mouse click (Left/Right)Keypad control - Support user keypad - Texts key-in - Voice key-in - Hand writing - Upload texts - Document editing (Backspace/Enter)Windows 8 Metro UI Control - 5-Direction Key ( Up/Down/Right/Left/Enter) - Switch launched apps - Exit app - Charm bar - Up/Down menu bar - Back to Metro UI - Search for appPowerPoint Control - Playback/Pause slideshow - Next/Previous slide - Exit full-screen playback - Laser Pointer On/OFF - Go to slideLaser Pointer Control - Laser Pointer On/OFF - Press Laser pointer icon to enable G-sensor - Laser Pointer sensitivity adjustmentMedia control - Playback/Pause - Next/Previous - Fast forward/rewind - Stop - Random - Repeat - Full screen - Supported Players: Windows Media Player/Acer PowerDVD

  • rating 1.57143
  • size 23.0 MB
  • version 1.3.1