OPC XML DA Explorer!

With the dOPC Mobile Explorer you can connect to any OPC XML DA server. This OPC Browser is an easy to use OPC diagnostic and network communication tool. You will find futher information about the toolkit at:http://www.kassl.de/opc/delphi.shtml

OPC XML DA Explorer alternatives


Simple, clean, modern HTML/Source Viewer. Allows you to open HTML files and view their source from other applications such as Mail, Dropbox etc.

  • size 4.4 MB

Blynk - IoT for Arduino, RPi, Particle, ESP8266

Control Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, ESP32, Particle Photon and Electron, and many other microcomputers with an iPhone? Building a smart home or robot? Happy Blynking

  • size 31.8 MB

More alternatives

Fast Trace

Want to know how your device connect to an internet server?Fast traceroute, the must-have network diagnostic tool with an easy to use UI and more. * Its fast, tracing multiple hops simultaneously. * Its handy, records and manages history for repeat testing.

  • size 11.7 MB
  • version 1.1


Quareo Mobile is the professional physical network management tool for use with an active Quareo system. Quareo Mobile links with your Quareo server to coordinate diagnostic queries, planned work orders and provide direct technician messaging and responses. Events and alarms.

  • size 5.9 MB
  • version 1.2

IP Camera - Cam Viewer for iPhone

iPCamera lets you use your iOS device as a wireless network camera You can use every web browser as live monitor With iPCamera you can use any iOS device as ip network camera. The app creates a web server which you can connect to with every web browser on a computer on the same local network as the iOS device. After you connected to the web server you see in your web browser a live view of the camera and a control interface to alter camera parameters, i.e. torch-control, resolution, frame-rate, quality, camera-selection, orientation, mirroring, etc.

  • size 48.6 MB
  • version 1.1

WiFi USB Drive & File Quick Viewer

My WiFi USB drive Free PDF, Comic, Video, Image, Documents QuickViewer - Files can be uploaded with any browser. - Start the WiFi Drive web server from application and connect to it using any browser. - Use your iPhone as a normal shared network drive Comic viewer supported formats* CBZ(zip)* CBR(RAR)* PDF

  • size 7.5 MB
  • version 1.2

EZ Server - File Transfer

EZ Server - File TransferNow you can transfer Files between multiple different Devices. EZ Server runs on your device, and you can connect to it from any web browser on any device to share files - upload and download, a true anything to anywhere solution. Via Wi-Fi for convenience (local only)Fast and efficient up/down file transfersMultiple connections are supported, connect and exchange files with all your devices at the same timeDevice File StorageEZ Server can access & transfer all media assetsView photos & play videosSave to localPublish & ShareGrid viewAn easy to use Premium server service with advanced features - all included for the easiest and most simple way of transferring files between devices.

  • size 8.9 MB
  • version 2.0

IPS Tools

This is a discovery and configuration tool for Internet Personal Server (IPS) computer manufactured by UniSVR Global Information Technology Co. At start up, the APP will try to find all the IPS in the local area network and display them in a list. This tool can then configure any selected IPS product.

  • size 21.0 MB
  • version 4.0.00

IP To Country

This app will help you find an IP address that belongs to a country ,state, Provence or a city of your choice. Also, you can find more useful information about a specific IP address. This app provides a Ping Tool and it will check the desired IP address and get more network information about it.

  • size 0.5 MB
  • version 1.0

WiFi Drive + CR - PDF & Comic Viewer

External WiFi hard drive PDF, Comic Viewer WiFi Drive - Files can be uploaded with any browser. - Start the WiFi Drive web server from application and connect to it using any browser. - Use your iPhone as a normal shared network drive Comic viewer supported formats* CBZ(zip)* CBR(RAR)* PDF

  • size 2.9 MB
  • version 1.1

Sealevel MOD+ Connect

The Sealevel Mod+ Connect 2.0 app is an easy-to-use diagnostic utility that allows you to monitor, test and troubleshoot Sealevel I/O devices using your iPhone or iPad. Mod+ Connect 2.0 is compatible with iPhone 6 or greater devices running iOS 8 or later, with an active Wi-Fi connection. With Sealevel Mod+ Connect 2.0, you can:- Monitor Sealevel I/O devices on a Local Area Network (LAN)- Directly interact with the I/O on Sealevel I/O devices- Troubleshoot network and communication problems- Perform equipment demonstrationsMod+ Connect 2.0 is compatible with Sealevel eI/O and SeaI/O data acquisition modules.

  • size 4.8 MB
  • version 2.0

Closing Market Mobile

Closing Market Mobile is RamQuests mobile communication tool that that enables on-the-go access to key information related to your real estate closing transactions. With Closing Market Mobile, you can view information and collaborate with any other company on RamQuests Closing Market network. For more information about RamQuest, visit www.ramquest.com.

  • size 1.2 MB
  • version 2.1.1

ActiveSync Tester

The ActiveSync Tester is a simple free-to-use tool for assisting in the diagnosis of Microsoft Exchange (ActiveSync) mail issues. The tool simulates an ActiveSync client and provides detailed diagnostic information on problems encountered. The Tester provides diagnostics on:- DNS resolution- Exchange host connectivity- Exchange server configuration- User credentials and configuration- SSL connectivityFeatures:- Works over Cellular and WiFi connections- Test connectivity with or without SSL enabled- Results link to detailed diagnostic pages

  • size 0.6 MB
  • version 2.0

Sensors Test Box

Sensors Test Box is the absolute all-in-one diagnostic tool that lets you know virtually everything about your mobile device status. Get full information about all sensors supported by your tablet, smartphone or wearable device. If you have any problems with this app or ideas to develop, please send us message to [email protected] a fun at work with this ultimate tool

  • size 9.8 MB
  • version 1.0


Diagnostic and commissioning tool for Vacon 100 Variable Speed Drives. Uses ModbusTCP protocol (built into every Vacon 100) to connect to the Drive using the Wifi network. It displays status, speed, ready, direction, fault and alarm information from the drive.

  • size 6.3 MB
  • version 1.3

Property Toolkit: Inspection and Inventory

Property Toolkit provides a powerful, innovative, and easy to use inspection and inventory tool. The intuitive iPhone app allows easy access to the Property Toolkit from your phone. You will need a Property Toolkit account for this app.

  • size 1.0 MB
  • version 1.3

Flame - Bonjour services browser

Flame is a browser for Bonjour (also known as ZeroConf) network services. It lists the services advertised on your wireless network and you can browse them by server. If an application on your iPhone or iPod touch can handle any of the advertised services, a command to open it right away is provided.

  • rating 2.625
  • size 15.7 MB
  • version 2.1.1

OlyVIA mobile

The Olympus Viewer for Imaging Applications, OlyVIA mobile, is an image viewer for whole slide microscopic images which are located on a Olympus Net Image Server, NISSQL . OlyVIA mobile allows fast and easy to use remote viewing anywhere at any time. OlyVIA mobile is an application for Education and Research Use Only and not for use in diagnostic purpose

  • size 32.2 MB
  • version 2.2


Tweez is an online platform to connect Lebanese professionals to their corresponding audiences. Our aim is to provide easy communication and scheduling between service providers and customers through our mobile application. From there on, you can use our application to search for any service you can think of - For service providers: Register using the service providers registration page,there you will have to enter your name, contact information, location, the services you can offer;and Tweez will ask for some additional information to ensure you are qualified to provide the services you advertise for.

  • size 7.6 MB
  • version 1.01