The Ontario Colleges Math Test (OCMT) is aimed at addressing the numeracy gap by increasing student engagement and achievement in mathematics before students begin their college program. The OCMT has a comprehensive diagnostic assessment that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of learners and connects them with focused, individualized remediation supports using mastery-based modules available on the web. This edition has been customized for use in Ontario high-schools as an informal assessment to prepare students for math success.


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MathArrow is a K-8 math tool that helps all students succeed in math. It quickly identifies gaps in understanding and helps students decide what to work on next. The MathArrow app:- Provides grade-specific and standard-specific practice questions- Allows for self-diagnostic quizzes- Tracks and visualizes student progress toward individual topic mastery and grade-level mastery- Shows how concepts in math build upon each other (similar to tech trees in strategy games)- Helps students learn about learning and take charge of their own learningFor teacher accounts (contact developer for help setting up ):- Easily administer Common Core-aligned mini quizzes in class- Easily assign individualized homework for students to work on foundational skills- See student quiz performance in real time with the teacher dashboard- Monitor student activity and progress over time- No paperwork or grading Grades and Domains Covered in This Version:- Grades 3, 4, & 5 : Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Numbers and Operations in Base Ten, Numbers and Operations - Fractions- Grades 6 & 7 : Ratios and Proportional Relationships, Number System, Expressions and Equations More questions and functionalities will be added soon, so please stay tuned

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