Neuro Shuffle Finally a music player with a brain Neuro Shuffle brings you shuffle with a pinch of salt: Play all your songs in a random but smart fashion based on your very own musical taste. With its simple and intuitive touch controls, Neuro Shuffle allows you to change the likelihood of songs to be played next. Clean Intuitive Interface:- Large song artwork- Flat design with large buttons- All controls available with either touch or swipe gesture- Smart learning engine understands your music taste- Upcoming song displayed and can be changed with one touchWith a simple touch: - Move to next / previous songs - Adjust songs preference (like, dislike, dont want to hear again) - Remove any song from playlist instantly- Repeat currently playing song - Lock shuffle on currently playing artist- Change upcoming songUse simple touch gestures to control your music player - Tap to pause / play song - Swipe to the right to move to the next song - Swipe to the left to move to the previous song - Double finger double tap to play same song one more timeTake control of your shuffle experience: - Adjust Neuro Shuffle behaviour to favour high-rating songs - Adjust Neuro Shuffle behaviour to favour older or newer songs - Enable Quick Tune and play songs for 20sec to speed-up learning of your musical taste - Adjust recurrence of songs - Adjust sensitivity and how much Neuro Shuffle focuses on your preferred songs and artists Interact with your music database: - See the preference order of your music library - Click-to-play songs in your music library Other features: - Multi-tasking enabled: you can listen to myShuffle and use your other apps - All iPhone, iPad and iPod screen sizes supported

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MyMP3 - Convert videos to mp3 and best music player


MedlyMedly812816Medly112SoundCloud*MIDIMedlyAudiobusInter-App AudioMedlyAbleton Link & *iPhoneiPadiPad ProMedlyMedlyAPPLE WATCHMEDLYMedlyInter-App AudioAudiobus3D3DiPhonePeek & [email protected] iPad iPhone* iPhone 4SiPod Touch 5iPad Mini 1iPad 2iPad 3 iPhone 6S6S Plus77 Plus

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Equalizer+ Audio player and Sound Booster

DOWNLOAD NOW The BEST Equalizer + app BOOST YOUR IPHONE volume and customize the SOUND One of the MOST POPULAR music apps on the AppStore Is a new generation app that will extend your players capabilities and will drastically improve the sound quality Specifically designed for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod, Equalizer app will allow you to get the most out of your players features and get maximum enjoyment from your music CUSTOMIZE THE SOUND WITH NEW GENERATION EQUALIZERCustomize the sound quality for music tracks from your:- iPhone / iPad / iPod touch music library, - SoundCloud account - Spotify accountUSE AWESOME SOUND EFFECTS FOR THE BEST RESULT23 manually generated professional sound effects - Bass BOOSTER ( )- Vocal BOOSTER ( )- Treble BOOSTER ( )- Bass REDUCER- Treble REDUCER- Small Speakers - Spoken World- Acoustic- Classical- Dance- Deep- Electronic- Hip-Hop- Jazz- Latin- Loudness- Lounge- Piano- Pop- R&B- RockGET MORE WITH THE ADVANCED MUSIC SEARCHUse your music library, SoundCloud or Spotify account to search and listen to the most popular musicENJOY SMART PLAYLIST EDITORTry automatically generated Playlists:- Hot music- My favorite- Best hitsDISCOVER NEW GREAT FEATURES OF EQUALIZER APPDownload NOW and GET MORE from your players features Important NOTE: Equalizer App doesnt let you to play Apple Music content for the reason that developers dont have any access to the Apple Music We would love to implement this feature in Equalizer App as soon as Apple makes a developers API with access to music content - Please use the feedback form in the Settings menu to send all your questions and suggestions. Thank you very much for your support

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Equalizer+ Bass booster

Equalizer+ is an all-in-one music player - equalizer - bass booster that offers brilliant sound quality, automatically optimized depending on the headphones used. Access your entire music library: iTunes, Google Drive, and Dropbox with offline mode - no wifi needed Quality-focused, Equalizer+ makes it possible for you to mix, edit and customize the sound of your tracks to ensure an optimal music listening experience. Contact our team : [email protected]

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Instant mix magic Pick your tracks or playlist from Spotify or iTunes and let our AI DJ help you create a masterpiece. When done, share it with friends You can create amazing mixtapes with iTunes tracks, however you cannot share these. Find us on Facebook, Twitter or e-mail us at [email protected], share your feedback we want to hear from you

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