WIFI LAN SCANNER Fast and reliable detection of all network devices (wifi & VPN) Vendor name, IP, and MAC addresses of all discovered devices Scan of custom IP ranges Possibility to set custom device name PING Round trip delay including IP address and hostname for every network node

Network Analyzer - Scanner tools for monitor & speed test alternatives

Ping Analyzer - Graphical Network Ping

Ping Analyzer is an easy to use graphical network ping tool that provides real-time round-trip time (RTT) statistics, as well as jitter and Mean Opinion Score (MOS) estimation. Ping Analyzer uses Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) Echo Request and Echo Reply packets to determine the availability and response time of a target machine. If you find a problem or have a concern, please visit the Ping Analyzer Support website and send me a message so we can resolve it.

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QR Code Scanner A+ from Q.tk

The Q.tk Scanner is a skillfully advanced Qr code scanner, its a simple user friendly app designed to do exactly what it sounds like to instantly Scan, Decode and Read QR codes. Some Q.tk SCANNERS UNIQUE FEATURES: The first QR Code scanner in the world with 7 X hypersonic speed. And the best part about Q.tk Scanner is, its completely Free of Charge and has no ads, or pop ups whatsoever.

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Scandit Barcode Scanner

The award-winning Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK transforms smartphones, tablets and wearable devices into very fast and reliable barcode scanning tools for consumers and employees. The Scandit Barcode Scanner app showcases the barcode scanning performance of the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK. Leverage Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK to offer extra functionality and excellent scan experience to your users.

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Quikkly - the world's smartest scanner

Quikkly is the free scanner app that lets you scan Quikkly codes, the smartest codes in the world. - Brand new super-fast scanning technology thats faster than any other scanner we can find. Its awesome and you really should try it - Free to download with no adverts- Full history of your scansThe Quikkly SDK is also available to embed our scanning and code generating technology right in your own app.

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Doc Scanner - OCR and PDF Document Scanner, Convert PDF to Text

Doc Scanner is a little scanner app that turns your device into a portable document scanner and scan everything as images or PDFs. It is super simple to use. - Support export to OneDrive.

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