Connect your iPhone to TV - fast, easy & ad free Cast music, photos & videos to your Smart TV or any other UPnP / DLNA receiver. No in-app purchases, no hardware needed * music streaming: play your favorite songs or playlists on your DLNA receiver* photo streaming: view your best pictures on the big TV screen - single or as a slideshow* video streaming: enjoy your videos in best 4K qualityCast media - but there is a lot more - NEW Zoom into photos with intuitive 2-finger gestures - NEW Rotate pictures with intuitive 2-finger gestures - Play your photos as slideshow with transitions to the big screen - Swipe left or right to get to the next picture - Sort your music by interpretes, songs, albums or genres and stream it to any DLNA receiver - use your iPhone/iPad as remote control while casting videos & music: regulate the volume, pause, stop or skip titles - with just one click - Stream media to Smart TV which is stored on your PC - Works with any HomeKit-enabled accessories. It is highly recommended to use only in private and secured wireless networks.

Nero Streaming Player alternatives

Seagate Media

Seagate Media App gives you access to your photos, videos, music, and documents stored on compatible Seagate storage devices. Quickly and easily browse your digital library with a classic file/folder view, thumbnails, or using a range of filters. Create, edit, and save files directly to/from your Seagate Wireless/Plus and Personal Cloud (local-only) devices using compatible 3rd party apps Synchronize your files on popular cloud services like Dropbox (requires Internet connection and only available on Wireless Plus) Backup pictures and videos automatically from your mobile device Cast content to Chromecast, Roku, LG Smart TVs, Xbox One, Sonos, Amazon Fire TV*, and most DLNA devices*Install our new Seagate Media Receiver app to your Amazon Fire TV to browse content through Seagate Media app before casting to your TV.Seagate Media App works with: Seagate Wireless Seagate Wireless Plus Seagate Personal Cloud Seagate GoFlex Satellite Seagate CentralPlease visit our app support site for articles, videos, and more at the Seagate Media Support (Developer) website.

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  • size 121 MB

8player lite

8player is a multifunctional application for Video, Music & Image playback capable of working as a DLNA / UPnP, SMB, FTP player and controller.8player provides for a wide range of possibilities, including: Media streaming from any compatible DLNA / UPnP, SMB, FTP server; Playback of local files stored in 8player library on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch which you can either add via iTunes on your Mac/PC or download from a DLNA / UPnP, SMB, FTP server; Remote control of your DLNA / UPnP compatible renderers; Chromecast support; Creating and managing custom music playlists inside 8player; Remote access to your DLNA / UPnP server over 3G/4G or access from any other external network.With 8player you can play all the most popular media formats: Video (including subtitles support): avi, mkv, mp4, mov, mpg, vob, wmv, m4v, asf, flv, ogg, 3gp, etc; Music: mp3, aac, flac, alac, wav, aif, wma, etc; Images: jpeg, png, gif, bmp, ico, tiff. You dont need any additional software or configuration. To get remote access to your DLNA / UPnP server from an external network or to access it via 3G/4G you can use VPN access or ports forwarding: if you have set up a VPN access to your home network please follow this manual: if you prefer using ports forwarding please follow this manual:

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Photo Video Cast to Chromecast

Castio: Web Video Cast

UPNP/DLNA Streamer for TV

Stream to your HD TV using next generation UPnP/DLNA streamer. Supports streaming Movies, TV Series, Music, Photos and your videos from iTunes store. Tested with- Plex server- Kodi- Serviio- Twonky- PlayerXtreme- VLCand 23 other serversCan play with TV including- Samsung HD TVs- Sony TVs- LG TVs- Apple TV (using PlayerXtreme)- Panasonic- Toshibaand 5 more TV brands

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  • size 114 MB