Neowing eBook Reader is an app thats compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It enables you to enjoy the manga comics and latest works by popular mangaka, anime gashu and illustration books, as well as artbooks and latest Jpop photo books and more eBooks published in Japan that are available at CDJapan, the online shop specialized in Japanese entertainment. Launch the app and log in using your email address and password you register with your CDJapan account.


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Neowing eBook-Reader alternatives

Gerty - eBook reader for epub, journal, notes, photos and maps

Gerty is a simple and meticulously crafted app to read your books and record great memories as you read them. eBook reader, journal, notes, photos, maps - youve never seen anything like this before READING FEATURES- Open books in the EPUB format- Separate library for paper and eInk books, magazines, and other publications- Scan barcodes to look up info and covers of your paper books- Organise your books in shelves- Bulk manage, sort and filter books- Advanced EPUB formatting including margins and spacing- Vastly improved EPUB rendering based on Marvins fantastic display engine- Specialty OpenDyslexic font- Vertical scroll reading design- Auto scroll with variable speed and estimated reading time (*)- Screen edge detection for paging- Apply screen warmth for comfortable nighttime reading- EPUB 3 popup footnotes- Automatically add definitions youve learnt to your timeline (*)- Link to custom dictionary apps and web services (*)- Create custom commands to integrate with many apps and services (*)- One-tap Dropbox access to your EPUB books- Drag and drop books using iTunesJOURNALLING & NOTE TAKING FEATURES- Keep a personal journal, notes, a private blog, marginalia, or write a photo essay while youre reading- Relive memories by browsing your entries and notes on maps- Save passages and notes as journal entries- Take photos and process them with stunning effects- Unified timeline- Photo and tag browser- Share journal entries and photos- Geo-tag entries- Full screen photo and entry browsing- All your entries are private- Export your timeline to an EPUB journal (*)OTHER NOTABLE FEATURES- Works beautifully on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus- Passcode lock (*)- Native maps support- Efficient cloud syncing and backups using Dropbox (*)- Sound effects- In-book reading timers (*)- Daily reading and journalling reminders- Modern iOS features including parallax and motion effects- Detects GPS and date information from photo EXIF data- Light and dark UI themes (*)- In-book UI automatically switches to night mode when the screen is dimmed (*)- AirDrop, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and iMessage sharing- Powerful URL schemes to integrate with other appsNOTES- Gerty opens DRM-free EPUB books with basic support for EPUB 3- Barcode lookups might not work for all books- OpenDyslexic currently supports the basic Latin character set- Dropbox access and syncing requires a Dropbox account(*) Some premium features require a single, one-time, unlock everything in-app purchase. Thanks and happy reading

  • size 28.4 MB

Comic Book Viewer

Comic Book Viewer is a lightweight, fast and easy to use reader for your favorite comic books in cbz, cbr, cb7 or cbt format. If you happen to have comics as pdf, well show them as well. Comics not included.

  • size 2.6 MB

Manga Storm CBR - Comic Reader for PDF/CBR/CBZ

Manga Storm CBR is an app for reading DRM-Free comics in CBR/CBZ/PDF files on your iPhone/iPad. You can read your comics on your cloud storages directly or import them to your iPhone/iPad to read offline and gain more benefits from advance features. For more information, please visit

  • size 26.0 MB

Manga Library, The FREE Manga and Comics Reader: Import your CBZ, ZIP, PDF, RAR, CBR files.

Manage your manga library the right way with Manga Library on your iPhone / iPad. Manga Library was designed with one goal in mind: providing the best experience for manga addicts with large collections. Features:- Polished interface- Can handle very large comic collections without crashing or becoming unusable- Imports new mangas in the background- Doesnt need to pre-process manga files before you can read them- Supports .cbr, .cbz and pdf filesImporting Manga - iTunes with USB cable:- Connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer and launch iTunes- In the Applications section, select Manga Library in the list at the bottom- Drag and drop manga files into the Documents area- If Manga Library is already running, display the settings window (Plus Button) and tap on UpdateImporting Comics - Web Server over WiFi (In-App purchase required for unlimited use):- Make sure your iPhone/iPad and computer are on the same WiFi network- Launch Manga Library- Display the settings window (Plus Button) and set the Web Server setting to Website mode- Open the provided URL in a web browser on your computer- To upload mangas as part of collections, first create a folder then upload the manga files into itInstead of a web browser, if you prefer to use a WebDAV client (e.g. Transmit or ForkLift for Mac or CyberDuck for Mac / Windows), set the Web Server setting to WebDAV mode and connect the client to the provided URL.Deleting or changing a manga or series status:- Tap and hold on a manga thumbnail or a series thumbnail- Choose the appropriate option in the pop-up menu that appears

  • rating 3.04762
  • size 6.5 MB

Yomu EBook Reader

Yomu is an independent reader for book lovers. Yomus design is carefully crafted for ebooks and offers enhanced styles for better readability and distraction-free reading. Its totally free.

  • size 28.9 MB

More Information About alternatives

Manga Book - Manga Reader

Manga Book-The Best Manga&Comics Reader.1Read manga for FREE 21080P HD manga reading3Editors from America, France and Japan daily recommend great manga 4Manga chapters update everyday5Professional manga categories and ranking list6Multi-devices synchronization: you can read the comics you collected and synchronous reading progress in multi-devicesafter you Log In.7Data saved in cloud: all the comics you collected will saved data servers foreverPlease tell us if you have any suggestion for App. [email protected]

  • rating 3.95652
  • size 18.8 MB
  • version 1.7.6

READERwill - eBooks Online Shop

Georgian eBook Reader from READERwill offers an incredible reading experience. eBooks Online-Shop READERwill offering hundreds of Georgian Books and giving users the ability to buy Georgian eBooks, Newspapers, Magazines, Textbooks on a beautiful, easy-to-use interface.eBooks Reader has the following features: Turn pages with the flick of a finger Read Free Georgian eBooks Auto synchronize your device with personal library on READERwill Make the text as big as you want for more comfortable reading Multiple font types Brightness control for easy reading in any light Night reading mode Add BookmarksYou can log in your personal Library with your READERwill Email and Password. Buy modern and classic Literature, create your own Electronic Library and read your books anytime, anywhere, without an internet connection.

BookPal Reader

Reading eBooks has never been easier with the BookPal Reader, a free app by the industry-leading bulk eBook distributor. Download eBooks purchased from as well as e-books from other websites. Features include:Highlighter, bookmark, and note taking capabilitiesDictionary and search functionAbility to share excerpts via email, Facebook, and TwitterDifferent font sizes and typesBrightness controlBook cover and list view

  • size 25.9 MB
  • version 1.3


Not only an eBooks, Comics reader but also a tons-of-free-ebook-downloader, with dictionary inside for you to studies languages. Review from: Appadvice.comBest Comic File Readers:eBookMobi is another great option for reading comic books, as well as a large variety of other formats. * SEARCH BOOKS:To easily search for your book among books list, just input your book name on the top Search Bar* ADJUST FONT SIZE, BACKGROUND COLOR:You can increase or decrease font size, or change background color when reading books* ADJUST BRIGHTNESS:This feature is very useful when you read websites at night.: * non-DRM Palm OS ebook (*.prc, *.mobi, *.pdb - ) * non-DRM ePub * PDF ( - or ) * CHM * RTF () * FB2 () * (*.cbr, *.cbz, *.zip, *.rar) * Word(doc, docx), Excel(xls, xlsx), PowerPoint(ppt, pptx), Html,

  • rating 3.75
  • size 12.1 MB
  • version 3.5

Free Books - eBooks and Fictions by Joyread

Joyread is one of the best ebook reader apps which provides the most amazing reading experience. It contains the most popular classic books ,fictions and fanfictions from various sources. Key Features: 55,000+ Free Books of various genres Download unlimited number of books and read also offline Beautiful, clean and user-friendly interface Support EPUB, MOBI,TXT,PDF formats and other major ebook formats Supports paper-rolling, page-turning, landscape and portrait mode Multiple fonts, sizes and styles for best and cool reading Search your favorite through the biggest ebook library easily Manage books on the shelf to your preferenceJoin us and free thousands of ebooks at your fingertips immediately If you have any questions or suggestions, dont hesitate to send us an email at [email protected] - thats what were here for

  • size 16.8 MB
  • version 2.0


Students, you can now explore your schools eBooks on the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone with the MackinVIA Reader, an easy-to-use app thats fully integrated with your MackinVIA Backpack. The MackinVIA Reader gives you instant access to your eBook checkouts and downloads. Features include: Swipe and tap paging Page dragbar Single or dual page view Table of Contents Search within the book Bookmarks Note taking Highlighting Citations from EasyBib Integrated Merriam-Webster dictionary Read Aloud (text-to-speech) listen to the words spoken as you follow along A list of your eBook checkouts Early return Fast online reading Download option for offline reading All the digital resources licensed to your school are displayed within the MackinVIA appTo get started simply enter your school name along with your MackinVIA Backpack username and password.

  • size 15.6 MB
  • version 3.7.5


We believe that a good reading app will enhance users reading experience to the next level. Good reading app will make users read more and read faster. We support Mobi, CBZ/CBZ, TXT, Doc, FB2, Epub, PDF as well as Adobe DRM.Some of the features are on the way:- Built-in dictionary- More ebook formats- More variety of fonts- Advance books synchronisation- Language localisationDownload the most advanced eBooks reader now

  • size 15.5 MB
  • version 2.5.4

French Reader (Livres & Dictionnaires)

Dedicated for French and French study persons. French Reader (Livres & Dictionaries) is the combination of an eBooks Reader and French dictionaries, that allow you to read foreign books as well as study foreign languages (French, English, German, Japanese, Chinese) easilyThis Application has following functions:* INTERNAL DICTIONARIES:Each time you want to know the meaning of new word when reading book, you can immediately find it inside dictionaries data without switching to another application. * ADJUST FONT SIZE, BACKGROUND COLOR, BRIGHTNESS:You can increase or decrease font size, change background color or brightness when reading books

  • size 305 MB
  • version 1.7

Mangago-The best comic reader

Mangago is a new manga / comic reading APP Mangago offers the best of all the best comic free Including comic books in Japan, Korea comics and other parts of Asia All comics are free to read No ads Super comfortable comic reading experience New comic reading style - Professional user interface design, lovely interface to make comic reading more comfortable- Can be switched to multiple languages- Home page recommended different topics of comics, there is always a best of your favourite- Massive comic resources, horror, love, campus, etc., to meet the needs of different tastes- Every day the most popular chapters are recommended independently, so that you can find fresh content every day- Can register your account, sync your favourite comics anywhere- Check you comic reading history, easy to keep your favourite comics- Submit comic reviews, you will have the opportunity to appear in the comic homepage With Mangago you can experience best free comic reading fun, come and meet companions to enjoy Mangago Have any questions can contact us through the following ways, we will solve as soon as possible Facebook[email protected]://

  • size 21.6 MB
  • version 2.1.3

Watkins Ebooks and Magazines

The Watkins Ebooks and Magazines app is the premiere ebook and magazine reader for the Mind Body and Spirit field that offers a beautiful easy-to-use interface for reading spiritual books on your iPhone and iPad. Youll have access to the latest best sellers from the Watkins bookshop in London. All places are submitted by other Spiritual Map users and you can share your own sightings simply by filling out quick details under submit report.Whether youre looking to improve your knowledge of yoga, searching for perennial wisdom or contemporary spirituality, the Mind Body Spirit Books app is sure to be a source of inspiration.

  • size 42.4 MB
  • version 6.2