Nature Sounds & Ambient Music - For Relaxation & Meditation!

In need of relaxation, or do you have trouble sleeping? The Nature Sounds app will calm your nerves & help you drift off to sleep in no time. When listening to your nature sounds and music, you have the added ability to mix sounds together & finely tune individual volume - creating a perfect background ambiance personalized for you.

Nature Sounds & Ambient Music - For Relaxation & Meditation alternatives

25 Minute Workout Tracker : 90 day fitness program

Only for tracking T-25 Beachbody WorkoutNote: This app requires the Unlock App Light or Unlock App Pro In App Purchase, to unlock some Views. But feel free to try it for as long as you like 25 Minute 90 Day Workout Tracker is the best and easiest to use fitness app for tracking your T-25 beachbody workout by ShaunT. This product is not endorsed or sponsored by Beachbody, LLC.

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Breathful - Mindfulness Meditation

Breathful tracks the effectiveness of your meditation with data. Watch the numbers change as you develop your ability to focus and quantify your improvement over time. Improve your focus with mindfulness training and let Breathful quantify your progress If youve had your doubts about meditation in the past, heres your chance to gather your own statistics and come to your own conclusion.

  • size 8.6 MB

One-Moment Meditation

No time? No problem. And about how, from a certain perspective fleeting moments are all we ever really have anyway.- The GuardianIts hard to overestimate how helpful this technique could be.- Psychologies

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Focus Fit Timer

Focus Fit Timer is an easy to use workout timer. With a simple one screen interface, users can quickly add a workout and save. Whats cool about this timer is that it allows users to set up workouts in one screen without multiple set up screens for sound, color and times.

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Deep Sleep Hypnosis 2

Celebrating over 4,000,000 Mindifi Listeners A deep quality sleep through the entire night is one of the most beneficial things we can do for our mind, body, and spirit. Theres nothing like waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Take a leisurely cruise through the marina and submerge in an underwater wonderland.

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