What is white noise and how does it help you?Your brain registers sound even when you are in sleep. Sudden change in frequency of background noise disturbs your sleeping brain. APPLICATION FEATURES*4 colors of noise (white, pink, grey, and brown noise)*10+ high quality soothing static noises for sleep aid*10+ high quality calm static noises for increasing focus*8+ high quality white noises for meditation*15+ static noises for masking distracting noises*25+ LP crackle sounds and tape hiss noises*Frequency control with built-in sound filter (good for masking tinnitus)*Built-in timer with soft fade out

Sleepy White Noise: Sleepy Noise alternatives

White Sleep - White Noise & Natural Ambience for Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation

Have trouble going to sleep? Have trouble staying focused? White Sleep helps you relax, meditate and supercharge your sleep Customize the oscillations to match your breathing patterns and sleep better Install now and find out why White Sleep helps you Color noise contain sounds across a variety of frequencies which have been found to:- Keep out noisy neighbors - Block distractions- Increase focus- Reduce stress and enhances your meditationFEATURES HI-QUALITY White noise / Pink noise / Brownian noise generator- Natural ambience for better sleep and relaxation- Noise oscillator gently fades the tone in & out simulating the relaxing wave sounds- Customize oscillation settings to match your breathing pattern- Timer & Fader that gently fades you out to sleep- Works in backgroundSTAY RELAXED STAY ASLEEP

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Headspace: Meditation

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Sound Sleeper: White Noise

Sound SleeperSound Sleeper 2011Sound Sleeper

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