NM Dose Calculator is a utility for calculation of parameters associated with the use of radioisotopes F18 and Lu177.The app permit to calculate the activity that remains after a defined time (i.e. How much activity is left after time?) or to calculate the activity required at the start to obtain a defined activity after a defined time (i.e. How much activity was it before). In the contacts screen you can also find all the reference of the Advanced Accelerator Applications.


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IMAIOS e-Anatomy

IMAIOS e-Anatomy is an atlas of human anatomy for physicians, radiologists, medical students and radiographers. Try before you buy: visualize more than 8,500 medical and anatomical images for free before subscribing and gaining access to our medical labels.e-Anatomy is based on the award-winning IMAIOS e-Anatomy online atlas. Privacy Policy and Terms of Use -https://www.imaios.com/en/Company/Terms-of-use-Privacy-policy

  • size 607 MB

IV Infusion Calculator

Finally A simple, straightforward, and useful IV infusion calculator for iOS This calculator works great whether you are using a pump or gravity. It will give you the answer in mL/hr, gtts/min, and gtts/15seconds. Email us and we will get to work on it STAT

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Clinical Exam

App ,, . :-80 , :,, ,,,, iPod touch, iPhone iPad. App

Omnio: Clinical Resource

Designed with the healthcare professionals clinical workflow in mind, Omnio gives you quick and easy access to important and relevant medical information. // What users have said about recent Omnio updates Well done people. // Features NEW Favorites: Keep your most important resources one tap away Drug Guide: Comprehensive database of US brands and generics, with formulary from 7,000 health plans Disease Guide: Free access to The Merck Manual, the worlds best-selling medical textbook, fully integrated for seamless use with relevant drug information Newsfeed: Be the first to know the latest through curated news and ideas for your specialty Also included: Interaction analyzer, pill identifier Access essential, free specialty resources from trusted sources: American Diabetes Association National Comprehensive Cancer Network And more

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AAA-MNM is studied to allow the customers of Advanced Accelerator Applications to stay on-line and tuned with the activities of the company for a better service. The app is a good tool for everybody, that allows to calculate the parameters associated with the use of radioisotopes F18 an Lu177.It also contains an open browser for Advanced Accelerator Applications press-room. Use it

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  • version 1.3


Dose Calculator (DoseCalc) is a utility for rapid calculation of parameters associated with the use of radioisotopes. Common users include Nuclear Medicine Physicians and Technologists, researchers in biomedical imaging, workers in radiation and health safety, and industrial users of radioisotopes. For more information on using the application, visit the PawDuction software web site

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  • version 2.0.3

Radiation Toolkit

Radiation Toolkit application is developed so as make every days health physics easier. For a choosed isotope choose a feature among following :- Dose rate calculation from activity- Activity calculation from dose rate- Decay time calculation- Decay correctionLimits of use :- Relevant for punctual source configuration- Calculation based on doserate at 1m for 1 GBq- Does not replace measures performed on the field- Does not replace manual calculation- The build-up factor is not considered

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  • version 2.0.1

Geodetic Calculator

Geodetic Calculator is an application which performs geodetic computations based on an in-built, extensible copy of the EPSG Geodetic Parameter DatasetThe application includes a copy of the EPSG database and allows user defined datums, coordinate operations and coordinate reference systems to be defined. All geodetic parameters can be viewed, printed or emailed. The calculator includes data files for ConUS and Alaska NADCON conversions, and OSTN02 via NTv2The calculator also includes a utility to convert and output the current positionThe application is fully GIGS tested.

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  • version 1.0.4

Calc Table

It is a new sense calculator that can arrange calculators and memos with basic functions as much as you want. Of course you can use all functions free of charge. Basic functions of the calculatorArithmetic operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)Percentage calculationDecimal calculationBack key that can be traced back to the formulaBy pressing equals multiple times at the time of calculation, the previous calculation is performed Useful functionsPlacing notesMove calculator or memoSelect range to select calculator and memo at the same timeCalculate the selected calculator at once (long press the calculator addition button)Calculate calculator and calculator Compact Calculator Size with ButtonEven if you close the application, the calculation result remains intact

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  • version 1.0.2

TDF Calculator

- In practice of radiotherapy, it is very important to check the normal tissue tolerance dose.- TDF factor defined by Orton et al. is one of the tool to estimate the normal tissue tolerance dose for radiotherapy, but one of the problem is too complex and too many parameters to calculate.- We considered that it is wonderful to calculate it with iPhone, iPod and iPad that we carry always.- Thats why we designed new App TDF Calculator.- Considering use in practice, primary concept of design is easy to use and quick to get the results.- Please try TDF Calculator We have released EQD Calculator that is capable to calculate the BED and EQD with LQ-model. Please, try also EQD Calculator. We are not responsible for any damages or injury, including but not limited to special or consequential damages, that result from your use of (or inability to use) this App, including any damages or injury caused by any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation, computer virus, or other computer malfunction.

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This simple calculator makes it easy to demonstrate the utility of diagnostic tests. Calculate sensitivity, specificity, accuracy, prevalence, likelihood ratios and positive and negative predictive values from patient outcomes. The calculator also works in reverse to demonstrate how a defined sensitivity and specificity perform with a chosen prevalence and patient numbers.

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  • version 1.1

Isotope Calc

Isotope Calc is a Calculator / Converter application. It shows a math calculator through which numbers that are entered either individually or a a math function also shows/determines the isotope equivalents in Radio-Isotope Curies, MiliCuries, uCi, becquerel (symbol Bq), Gbq, MBq. Good for math applications that require radiation dose equivalents US / Metric-Secondly display a radiation calculation Half-life formula also.

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  • version 1.0.7


The purpose of this crohns disease activity index (CDAI) calculator is to gauge the progress or lack of progress for people with crohns disease. The reference article says generally speaking, CDAI scores below 150 indicate a better prognosis than higher scores. This calculator is only a gauge of progress i.e. not a prognosis tool

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  • version 1.1

Seedmaster Seed Rate Calculator

The SeedMaster Seed Rate Calculator will allow a grower to rapidly and effectively calculate a seed rate to achieve a desired plant population within a given field. It will also allow a grower to calculate how many pounds of seed that is required and the total cost associated. All Cal Weight submissions are automatically stored for the grower for future reference at any time

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  • version 2.2.289