The collection of pictures application that digitized a mechanic design (idea sketching, draft, decision article) which Naoyuki Katoh drew it for (1987) for animated cartoon Legend of the Galactic Heroes theater, the first video (1988) and took down in full color from all original material (on paper a pencil) faithfully.198711988Contents:Book jacket art and illustration for Tokuma Novells (1982-1987)decision article : 150 pieces (1987-1988)idea sketching, draft : 150 pieces (1987-1988)Game package illustration : 150 pieces (1992-2004)Comical illustration for screensavers: four pieces(1996)Mechanic design for games : seven pieces (1997)3DCG illustration for games : 18 pieces (1998)Making of game package illustration (2003)Title logo design for games : ten pieces (2003)Application icon (2011)Autograph function by the author: You can get an autograph, on any page of the screen of iPhone, iPod touch, iPad that installed this application. The autograph can be switched on and off. [Search] Seeking your favorite pages from images.



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