With the MyWMx Manager app, you can receive alerts to handle on-the-ground emergencies and respond to real-time requests. View your schedule deployment for today, tomorrow or next week or month. Before purchasing this module, please confirm with your employer they have licensed the MyWMx Mobile solution.


Similar Apps

MyWMx Employee
Orbital Shift
MightyCall Mobile
WriterAccess App
Horoscopes by Astrology.com - Daily Horoscopes, Compatibility Readings and More!
This Week - Weekly To-Do List

MyWMx Manager alternatives

7shifts Employee Scheduling

This restaurant scheduling software app makes it easy to manage employee schedules on the go. Use 7shifts to manage work schedules, communicate with staff, and reduce labour costs and overtime. You will quickly see how scheduling your staff is simpler when everything is managed in one spot.

  • rating 3.4
  • size 46.3 MB

Snap Schedule

Snap Schedule mobile application is an employee remote access solution that will help you stay connected to your companys scheduling information. NOTE: To use this application, your employer must have Snap Schedule Premium software installed and configured for employee remote access. This application lets you review your work schedule and timecard information, submit time off requests, punch in and out, view and take available open shifts, set your availability, and view employee contact information while on the go.

  • size 27.0 MB

Workbase. Team Schedule Group Calendar Shared Task

Workbase keeps your business organized. Share tasks, schedules, notes & more to keep everyone in sync and working at their best. GET ORGANIZED TODAY

  • rating 3.35714
  • size 54.7 MB

Employee Tracker Lite

Employee Tracker Lite allows employers to keep track of employee infractions as well as accolades. Complete with quick-start tutorial and overview videos (Employee Tracker) has prevented lawsuits as well reduced my unemployment rates by good data tracking Features: Document employee issues, actions and behaviors Add employees from your contacts list Email Actions to supervisors or employee Call employee directly from the app Add one action to multiple employees Customize terms/words/language to fit your business Enhanced employee details (unlimited phone numbers, email addresses, image) Add images/pictures to actions Fully customizable Point system which uses color coding on actions Apply default actions to reduce input time Customize any field name Change/hide fields Powerful filter to find specific actions in a specific time Print to an AirPrint compatible printer NO ADS

  • size 12.6 MB

ezClocker Business - Employee Time Tracking w/ GPS

Simple employee time tracking and shift scheduling with GPS verification. Please note: this app is for employers and their employees who need a simple way to keep track of hours and shift schedules. Please visit https://ezclocker.com/public/privacy.html to learn more how we protect your privacy and https://ezclocker.com/public/ezclocker_terms_of_service.html for our terms of service.

  • rating 3.84615
  • size 20.9 MB

More Information About alternatives

MyWMx Employee

With the MyWMx Employee app, you can manage your schedule, review your availability, request time off or on and see shifts available for pickup. You can request to drop shifts, allowing their manager to re-assign or let others bid for the shifts. Before purchasing this module, please confirm with your employer they have licensed the MyWMx Mobile solution.

  • size 6.0 MB
  • version 1.5.0

Orbital Shift

The Orbital Shift employee scheduling and time clock app puts the power of the work schedule in your employees hands. No more lost sticky notes. Features for employees: - View work schedule by week or month from anywhere- Request shift covers - Request vacation days and time off - Pick up open shifts - Start and end breaks - View pending cover requests from coworkers - Clock in and out from GPS-restricted locations - See when your next shift starts *Note: Your business/employer must be an Orbital Shift client with the app enabled in order for employees to login.

  • size 5.5 MB
  • version 0.6.0


Schedule application for Professional Development Day - Sacramento Valley Chapter. Professional Development Day will discuss the evolving role of the successful project manager including: leadership, strategic, and technical skills necessary to prepare for the changing diverse work landscape. The results is when a project manager invests today in their own professional development is surely on the path to becoming the next successful CEO of tomorrow.

  • size 12.7 MB
  • version 3.0

MightyCall Mobile

Receive, Review and Respond to Customer Requests from Anywhere with MightyCall Mobile Designed with the small business owner and their team in mind MightyCall Mobile helps you monitor and manage inbound requests from customers regardless of where they originate. Get alerted to new requests, instantly respond from your phone or re-assign the request to another member of your team. With the MightyCall Mobile App you can * Get alerted - when a new customer requests arrives * View customer requests - from several sources in a single activity queue * Quickly assign requests - to yourself or another member of your team with just a swipe * View request details with just a touch * Track next steps - by adding comments to a request * Immediately respond - using native applications like email or phone calls * Update your address book - with customer contact information * Complete requests - with the push of a button * Monitor progress ensuring that opportunities dont fall through the cracks Download and install this free iOS application to get access to MightyCall features while on-the-go.

  • size 63.0 MB
  • version 5.12.3

WriterAccess App

The WriterAccess App application is designed to help clients and talent handle the day to day alerts and actions that can come up on-the-fly. Clients can:* Add Funds, Find Talent, and Place Content Orders in their Account* Exchange messages with Talent* Look over Action Required Items: Look at Casting Call applicants, add them to your Love List, and launch those orders Read, Approve, and Reject Idea Pitches Respond to extension requests Respond to client assistance requests* Manage Orders in their Workflow* Read, Approve, Rate and Request Revisions on Pending Approval Content, Editing & Translation Orders* Submit and respond to Account Support tickets with Admin StaffWriters can:* Apply to Casting Calls* Check their upcoming payment amounts* Claim Available Orders & Cancel in Progress Orders* Exchange messages with Clients* Receive notifications about their account* Request extensions from clients or use their 1 hour extension option* Submit and respond to Help Desk tickets with Admin Staff* Update the profile picture* Update their availability* Work on In Progress and Revision Requested ordersEditors, Translators & Strategists can:* Check their upcoming payment amounts* Exchange messages with Clients* Update the profile picture* Receive notifications about their account* Submit and respond to Help Desk tickets with Admin Staff

  • size 59.4 MB
  • version 2.1

Horoscopes by Astrology.com - Daily Horoscopes, Compatibility Readings and More!

Horoscopes by Astrology.com, the premier horoscopes app with over 30 categories of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes, has been re-imagined from the ground up. Weve made it even easier to get to your favorite content. Features:- Peer into tomorrow (or next week, or next month ) or review yesterday with a flick of your finger.- Add the Daily Horoscope widget to your pull-down Today screen.- Includes Love, Teen and Beauty, Work and Finance, Home & Garden, Gay and Lesbian, Mom and Baby, Cat and Dog, and even an AstroSlam to help keep your ego in check Tap the wisdom of the stars, as brought to you by Astrology.com, the #1 online destination for divination and astrology.

  • size 55.3 MB
  • version 4.1.0


The Jungal app is an adjunct to the highly successful MCBI resourcing solution whereby candidates and companies connect and find each other. The app itself has two profiles settings both of which can be registered using the app. The employer profile takes the user into a module whereby they can Post a Job, search for skilled job seekers and then invite appropriate people to apply for their role and/or job.

  • size 31.3 MB
  • version 1.1


Shifts Scheduling and Workforce Management application for managers and employees all over the world. The leading cloud system that integrates advanced business intelligence and insights on interactions. Use case - Manager - Register the website www.otipo.com and adds staff in several minutes - FreeEmployee - Logs inside the app or website, selects the availability for next week, message to othersManager - All requests managed automatically - creates and publish schedule for next week/month based on employees requests, and labor law rules in minutesEmployee can then notify for replacing shifts via Text/SMS + mobile app + Emails, and be sure that the scheduling of the published shifts are the ideal for themManagers can communicate and send all type of messages to employees using OtipoThe Otipo.com is fully enabled mobile browsing that supports and completes the appFor a limited time - 60 days Free of charge Download it now to get to a new world of easy working :)

  • size 6.2 MB
  • version 1.0.21

This Week - Weekly To-Do List

Plan your week ahead with This WeekThis Week is a weekly planner that helps you organize your schedule for the week so that you know what you should be doing for today, tomorrow and the entire upcoming week. This Week keeps everything simple and minimal. [Key Features]- a scheduler for the week- reflects day changes - as the day passes by, all incompleted schedules for that day get pushed to the next day- add or store schedules in the repository that are not scheduled for the current week- drag and drop or simply use the move to day button to move schedules around- mark important schedules

  • size 17.6 MB
  • version 1.52


OP-Bestsupply :- - - swipe - - - - Dropbox, Evernote, , Air Print Air Drop- 02 689 4333 [email protected]: Being Thailands premier total procurement solution provider, Pantavanij offers our newly developed OP-Bestsupply application designed to take our Online Purchasing solution to the next level. By using OP-Bestsupply, you can gain an instant access to Pantavanij Online Purchasing system to manage and respond to your new P/O anytime or even track and trace your transaction anytime, anywhere. Key Features: - Support both Thai and English- Gain an instant access to Online Purchasing system- Manage and respond to all P/O and G/R by swiping the screen or check the box- Track and trace your transaction status anytime, anywhere- Easy access to P/O details, attachment, P/O and G/R status and order history- New P/O and G/R Alert shown on app icon- Synchronize and transfer file via Dropbox, Evernote,Email, Air Print or even Air DropNote :- For more information, please contact Pantavanij at 02 689 4333 or [email protected]

  • size 9.4 MB
  • version 2.1