This is Rightels e-care mobile application. There are lots of features provided which you can use to manage your simcard. Some of them is listed here : - View your remain credit-Remained balances in detail-Coverage map-Payment history-Activate/Deactivate services-Add/Remove friends and family numbers-Rightels stores location on map-USSD codes guide-News-FAQ-Packages status-Request CDR-Trouble ticketingand some other feature that makes this software really handy to use.

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. :- - - - - - Theres now an easier way to manage your internet consumption, view its status and extending your services Using your mobile phone. Some of our features:- Observing internet usage within specific period of time and its remaining time- Announcing Latest services, festivals, promotion plans and etc.- Extend Your Current Service or easily change it - Test your internet speed - Review wireless rate plan details- Find nearest Asiatech public wifi provider to your location.

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ShatelTalk is a SIP/VoIP softphone application for VoIP calls over Shatel network with HD audio quality using common audio codecs for an exceptional calling experience. ShatelTalk service is a phone solution for end users or businesses willing to benefit from low cost callings. transfer Call forwarding Voicemail HD audio quality Supports iOS10 CallKit In-app balance and rates checking Now available in 20 languages

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