This app can play live video feed and recored files from Wi-Fi enabled Car DVR.The main functions of the app are as follows:- View live video feed from MyDean DVR- Download and play recorded video files from MyDean DVR- Configure MyDean DVR settingsTo use:- Install app on your smartphone.- Connect to MyDean DVR via Wi-Fi- Run app* This software uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1

MyDean DVR alternatives

Smart Dash Cam

Smart Dash Cam app is designed to essentially turn your phone into a dash cam, saving you the cost of purchasing a real dash cam but provides all of the same functionalities. Smart Dash Cam app automatically captures every driving moment using the auto-loop technology and collision detection. Older videos are overridden by newer ones to preserve space on the device.- Allow to delete one/multiple or all files at once.- Set time range for loop recording (up to 60 minutes)- 2 options for how much storage space you want to store your videos: set Max capacity or allow use all of available space of your device.- Store recorded videos within the app or upload to the clouds (Google Drive/Drop Box/Box Drive)- Share video via email- Upload video on Youtube- Languages: English, French, German, Spanish

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  • size 22.6 MB

Smartvue S12

The S12 mobile app is part of Smartvues comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) video and cloud surveillance solution. It provides mobile access into any Smartvue S12 cloud server, HD network cameras, as well as DIY camera-to-cloud cameras for live and recorded cloud video surveillance. *Requires Smartvue S12 server and Cloudvue account.

  • size 49.9 MB

Heden VisionCam - IP Security Camera

This application is specially designed for IP camera Heden brand. Other brands like FOSCAM, Tenvis, Wanscam and many others use the same commands and are likely to work very well. This, like the ads, helps to finance development, thank you for your understanding.

  • size 54.1 MB

IP CAM Controller

The famous IP CAM Controller is now available on Apple App Store The iOS version of IP CAM Controller continues the philosophy of straightforward and much simplified control for your IP camera by providing Tap to Center (or Tap to Move, depends on camera model) - just tapping on the image and camera moves. We are actively adding more features, please stay tuned. for support and more information.

  • size 38.3 MB


TRASSIR Client app is unique and Its a kind of one-stop solution, allows you to enter the world of the TRASSIR Cloud professional ecosystem. It coherently reconciles a video server and the surveillance cameras, and allows you effectively manage the multiple process of cyber-infrastructurenot only of modern business, but also a smart home. With TRASSIR Client app watch the videos in the Cloud wherever you need - all records are available by 2 clicks directly on your phone More reasons to download TRASSIR Client app right now:* Displays real-time video of any resolution* Archive playback from any device and from Cloud* Ability to display simultaneously up to 16 cameras* Supports dual stream video playback, independent selection of the stream for each channel* Displays system health indicators for servers and cameras * Digital zoom* Screenshots* PTZ management, including presets usage* Alarm inputs management for IP cameras* Connects camera to the loud Via the QR code or WiFi* Duplex audio communication with IP camera* Cloud sign-in using Google account* Application PIN code/fingerprint protection

  • size 76.2 MB