With My Records your are able to play songs directly from your music library without any complex dialogs or table structures. It is also easy to create playlists. Managing this playlist is very easy, convenient and comfortable.- INTERNET RECORDS: play music stream as easily as playing song form your music library- Export/Import of playlists: share playlists with your friends (AirDrop) or apps- GOLDLIST: direct access to your favorite songs, sort them easy & fast- EASY ADDING SONG: add current playing song easily to an existing playlist- NOT WANTED SONG: mark easily songs that you dont want to hear- FOLLOW THE SONG: screen scrolls to current playing song in your one screen GUI- AIRDROP & AIRPLAY: technologies are fully supportedEasy to use: - touch cover, touch song and the player starts playing your chosen song (3D Touch supported)- best overview of your music by using covers- cover rules as you know from your records or CDs - add songs to your playlist during playing songs- not wanted songs: touch long on a song item that you dont want to hear (remove the mark in the same way)Manage your playlists easily - keep it simple: a clear overview of your songs in the playlist - export to iTunes (iPod) in few and easy steps via e-mail - GOLDLIST: mark songs for hotlist for very easy access - ALWAYS ON: screen will still be shown and device never sleeps (if you want) and with optional screensaver Album overview (essential information about an album on one page):- name of the album - artist / composers - year / genre - titles of the record, CD Please try the free basic version and then decide whether you need the special features of the gold edition and will support the new features or not (via InApp purchase)For further information please visit: http://www.aurarum.com; find videos, examples & tips

My Records Basic alternatives

Album Flow

Album Flow is one of the best music player available in the AppStore. The super fast user interface with high resolution images will take care of the best user experience on your device. If you have any question about the application, please feel free to send a mail to [email protected]

  • size 7.9 MB

Stop&Go Music Player - Control your music

Get the music player you need, combining ease-of-use with professional grade features :- Crossfade songs- Cue songs with the Stop&Go mode (auto pause) - Use VERY large buttons to control playback- Disable automatic locking of the screen- Quickly edit playlist during playbackYou also get a bunch of cool features like smoother music pausing (using crossfade mode), play next or prepare song options, and straightforward playlist reordering. The Stop & Go playback mode pauses playback between each track of the playlist, because sometimes you dont want your device to automatically play the next song. Please report issues to :[email protected] I cant get back in touch with you through the comment section of the App Store.

  • size 3.1 MB

Music Stats

Music Stats is an app that lets you view stats and details about your iOS music collection and your music listening habits, a must have for any music fan Features: Sort your songs, albums, or playlists by play count, length, genre, and more Detailed stats about each of your songs General stats, Fun stats, Averages, and more Your listening habits such as most listened to song, genre, or artist, and time spent listening Facebook and Email sharing Graphs of your Genres and Artists Customize the app with Theme Colors Play songs from directly within the app Auto-play, a feature that automatically picks and plays songs based on a chosen certain criteria (e.g. play songs that you have listened to most or play songs that you have never listened to) Favorites, allows you to keep a list of favorite songsMusic Stats has been featured on the app store in the past Note: This app will only work with music in your main iOS music library (the music that is synced from iTunes), and NOT from other services such as Rhapsody or Spotify.

  • rating 4.66667
  • size 7.2 MB


Playmysong - The Mobile Social Jukebox AppWelcome to the world of social music Our app works as your personal remote control for music in Playmysong powered parties, bars, coffee shops and events. Just open the app, pick the jukebox you are listening to and start requesting songs. Join the over 60.000 locations already using Playmysong to make their music more fun and social Playmysong is a mobile application that allows you to remotely control the songs being played on a venues stereo system - TechcrunchFollow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/playmysongappLike us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/playmysongapp

  • size 5.8 MB