You can remove the vocal of a song, make a song faster or slower, and change the key of a song with this app The app is good for performers who cannot find the right music for their key, want a faster or slower version of the music, or cannot find the music of a song with no vocals. And for others, it is just HILARIOUS to hear your favorite song in a different tempo or key Two simple steps in the app:1. ZTX LE Time Stretch/Pitch Shift technology licensed from Zynaptiq GmbH, Zynaptiq GmbH

Music Factory - alternatives

Music Practice - Slow Down Music Trainer, Change Music Tempo & Pitch, Loop Songs

Music Practice allows you to seamlessly loop audio sections and practice the songs over and over. You can change the speed & pitch of the files. Following are the key features of this app;- Import Songs as well as Record your own music- Pitch Shifting- Time Shifting- Looping Sections- Nice Fluid UI with an elegant Music Player

  • rating 3.26471
  • size 13.4 MB

SpeedPitch - Audio Player For Changing Song's Speed & Pitch

For all musicians who want to learn and play a song by ear SpeedPitch is a music player to change speed and pitch of a song. Just load a song from your iPod library, then lets start practicing All you need to learn a song by ear is to practice over again, hope SpeedPitch can help you Main Features- To change song speed (0% - 200%) without any change in pitch- To change song pitch (-1 octave to +1 octave) without any change in speed.- To load a song from iPod library in your iPhone and iPad. Bug fixed.

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  • size 11.7 MB

Slow Player Lite

iPod Library * - - (75%-150%) 50%-200%- ()(-66)- (OK)- - - () 50%200% * - * - AAC(m4a)- - iTunes- DRM Twitter

  • rating 3.16667

TimePitch - Song Pitch and Speed Changer

TimePitch- Pitch and Speed changer is a cool Music player app that lets you play with the Pitch and Tempo of the songs in your Music Library. How does it work?Its very simple, Just select songs from your Music Library. Make use of the Pitch and Tempo sliders and listen to the song with the pitch and tempo of your liking.

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  • size 11.3 MB

Audio Speed Changer Free

Change your musics tempo and pitch in realtime quick and easy. Just select an audio file, mark the region you want to play (and loop/repeat) and change speed and pitch on the fly. It works best with little compressed music and assumes that voice was recorded in mono and later mixed into the stereo channels (which is the case for a lot of music recordings)

  • size 23.7 MB