Make an amazing talking 3D face from a photo of anyone, then record and send videos to all your friends Use Morfo 3D Face Booth with a photo of a friend, celebrity, pet or just about any object you can imagine - and quickly create a talking, dancing, life-like 3D character Once captured, make your character say anything you want, wear wigs and makeup, speak in a silly voice, rock out, disco dance, suddenly gain 300lbs, and more. Morfo fans asked and we listened: weve now included every feature from our super popular in-app purchase version of Morfo - including all 7 theme packs with more than 80 costumes - and packed em all into one mega product One easy download, and one cool discounted price. * Apply wigs and makeup to your faces - 7 theme packs with over 80 different costumes * Use Morfs to make characters instantly Super Fat, Mega Heroic or Crazy Cute * Make faces rock out to crazy speed metal, disco or cartoon music * Use Simple Edit features to quickly create characters in seconds.


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Beardify - Beard Photo BoothA beard isnt just facial hair its awesomeness escaping through your face. Fun for both the bearded and the beardless alike From a five-o-clock shadow to a full-on face forest, find the perfect level of whiskers for your face. Enjoy

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PhotoSpeak can transform any portrait photo into a moving 3D avatar that repeats your every word. You can make anyone come alive, just like the talking wall portraits in Harry Potters Hogwarts castle. See more at

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The most advanced simulation of real paint on iOS Get creative on a digital canvas with smearing, blending oils, delicate watercolor, and much more Ever wanted to try painting your masterpiece but were put off by the mess and expense? Now you can ArtRage isnt just about color: It knows how much paint youve used so you can smear it around to spread it over the canvas. Includes support for Wacom, Adonit, Adobe, and Pogo styluses.

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Epic Citadel

Enter Epic Citadel, the dynamic fantasy setting of the award-winning Infinity Blade. From the circus bazaar to the sweeping cathedral in the center of town, Epic Citadel dazzles with a visual parade of special effects, as only imagined by Epic Games and powered by the critically acclaimed Unreal Engine 3.Are you ready to explore the realm of the Epic Citadel and all the beautiful secrets it holds?Epic Citadel was created using the same tools and technology used to develop high-end console games, now delivered for iOS devices

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HP Aurasma is changing the way we interact with the world. Discover augmented reality experiences, create your own Auras, and share with friends. We cant wait to see what you create

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Use Morfo to quickly turn a photo of your friends face into a talking, dancing, crazy 3D character Once captured, you can make your friend say anything you want in a silly voice, rock out, wear makeup, sport a pair of huge green cat eyes, suddenly gain 300lbs, and more. Try in-app purchases to get advanced features like:* Custom Costumes: Superhero, Gothic Rock, Fantasy Hero, 60s, Animals and more * Unlimited access to Super Fat, Mega Heroic or Crazy Cute Morfs. Done Unleash your diabolical imagination on those photos.

  • size 34.6 MB
  • version 2.2.4


Old Face Talking is a fantastic funny 3D face turning older and talking. Use the faces of anyone you want just for fun. We hope youll have a great time with old face talking and your friends faces

  • size 210 MB
  • version 1.0

Live Music Face

Live Music Face is a fantastic funny 3D face talking, singing and dancing. Use the faces of anyone you want just for fun. We hope youll have a great time with your face, your friends faces or any celebrities face

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Makeup Camera InstaBeauty - Beauty Camera and Photo Editor and ProCamera SimplyHDR

With Makeup Camera effect you can get best advanced tools to make up your face in photos and turn them into awesome faces like super star or famous character. Now you can add makeup to your selfie in one click like lipstick, Blusher, Eye liner, Eye shadow,Eyelash, Lenses, Hair changer, Eyes changer, Glasses and more. Enjoy with Beauty Makeup camera and Shine like a stars.

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Halloween Makeup - Scary Faces, Stickers

Scary Makeup Ideas and Photo Booth Unique app for Halloween. Make your photos look great, with new halloween themes, stickers, makeup and more. Features:- Scary makeup faces- Halloween stickers- Professional photo effects- Frames, meme creator and more photo utility options- Share on Facebook or Twitter- iOS 7 OptimizedHappy Halloween.

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Face Replace! Pro

Face Replace combines your faces with other photos to make unique and hilarious creations. Take new photos or mix and match your own from Facebook. Share your best faces with your friends Features: Blend 2 faces together with the swipe of a finger Replace a face with a simple drag-and-drop Choose from your Facebook photos or take a new photo with your camera Adjust the skin tone of your face Multiple face detection - Add a photo with more than one person in it and the app will automatically detect each face Creations Gallery - view all of the funny faces youve created in one place Share your creations with friends on Facebook, Twitter, text messaging, email, and more Buy additional face packs, including Animal, Beauty, Ripped, and RobotsFace Replace works best with faces looking directly at the camera.

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Dont wait 9 months? Make an instababy Just take a photo of the parents to be and instababy does the rest.instababy is from the creators of Face Juggler, the number one face swapping app with over 2.5 Million downloads.- Super quick: Make instababies at a party or at the pub - Automatic face detection - no need to select faces.- Share the good news with your friends on Facebook and TwitterLets make an instababy

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Trollface-Funny photo editor

What if you can make your face or your friends face more funny than ever and share it to your favourite social media sites, this app can fulfil your desire by making funny images with lots of troll faces and emoji texts. Features:- Built in Photo editor- Arranged in Categories- Make Fun Man faces- Make Fun Girl faces- Most Popular EMO TEXT- Use Multiple troll face at once- Easy User Interface- In-App AlbumSHARE your photo via:+ Message - SMS+ Mail+ WhatsApp+ Instagram+ Facebook+ TwitterFound a Bug:If you have any questions or suggestions please write to us. Enjoy.

  • size 28.0 MB
  • version 1.14

Fun Faces

Speak into the microphone to make the characters animate and have a ton of fun When you speak into the microphone your voice will make the Fun Face animate. Each character has a fun and unique expression. Talking into your iPhone has never been this much fun

  • rating 2.58209
  • size 4.9 MB
  • version 1.0.0

Masquerade Camera - Pro Selfie Cam for MSQRD Instagram Face Changer

With Masquerade Camera effect you can changes faces look like super star or famous character, make awesome face fusion photos. A lot different Masks to use, including: Skeletons, famous masks, attractive women, and Animal Faces and more. Enjoy with masquerade camera effect

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