Through Monster Vision 360 app, you will be able to enjoy 360 degree video recording and 360 degree photo shooting remotely. After connecting between Shuoying 360 degree camera and smart device, you can live view the camera video stream, start 360 degree video recording, take a 360 degree picture, view the thumbnail and download the video or picture into smart device, share 360 degree video or picture with your friends. Monster Vision 360 app supports three kinds of visual effects: front, segmentation and dome for both live view and local playback.

Monster Vision 360 alternatives

FOV - 360 photos & immersive panorama sharing

Take stunning 360 photos with just your iPhone and discover the world in an immersive way - Best 360 photo app with real-time capture- Featured as New Apps We Love by Apple in 50 countries- Compatible with iMessages, Facebook, WhatsApp, MessengerFOV (formerly Photonomie) lets you take interactive pictures in a few seconds. Move your arm in all directions to discover the image and experience a unique sensation Create your own virtual reality with just an iPhone and share what you live with your friends. For the first time, you can share 360 photos in Messages thanks to our new iOS10 app extension We have also implemented the Wide Color display, a deeper color representation for making your pictures even more beautiful.

  • rating 3.9
  • size 72.7 MB

Digital Immersion

Our 360 video content is now available on your iPhone DI 360 is a online video player that allows you to watch our 360 HD content with our spherical projection technology. Use your touch screen or devicess gyro to dive into content. Our team can create 360 live events, branded applications, guided tours, immersive reality and many more

  • size 86.1 MB

Spincle - 360 Degrees Camera

The BEST 360 VIDEO CAMERA APP ever Create and share amazing 360 photos and videos with Spincle Share your moment in 360: Shoot 360 video to with a simple spin of your phone, stay still for a while during your spin to capture a video in between. You can see it in cardboard VR with natural 3D effect. LANGUAGEEnglish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Russian

  • size 64.7 MB

3DR Solo

Flight made simple: Use the 3DR Solo app with your 3DR Solo drone to get live HD video and fingertip access to Solos smart flight and camera features. The 3DR Solo app is designed specifically for use with Solo and includes:1. Control your GoPro camera (requires Gimbal)Learn more at

  • rating 3.4
  • size 118 MB


Go for a ride on Karma. The GoPro Passenger App lets you use your phone to tap into the live view from a nearby Karma drone and see what it sees. Range will vary based on your phone.