The audio player that can speed control, pitch control, and equalizing. You can play tunes with effects in iPhone, iPod touch, iPad. Regular version is limited below) Changing the playback speed* It is possible ON / OFF function* 0.25 times to 2.0 times Changing the pitch* It is possible ON / OFF function* -6 To +6 semitones* The switch can be adjusted in increments of one cent or semitone A / B loop* You can play any repeat intervalsHelps you to practice a specific phrase or copy Equalizer* 8-band* To-24.0dB ~ +12.0 dB for each band* Adjust total gain (-20dB ~ +20 dB)* (To prevent cracking sound) auto gain adjustment limited free edition* There is a display advertising(Genuine Version button will be added)* 4-band equalizer* Playback speed will be limited to 0.75 to 1.5* Pitch is limited to -3.00 to +3.00


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DJ Player Professional
Tuner Lite by Plusadd
DJ Player EM :: Essentials for Mixing Music
Stroke Machine
Tune It
AmpliFlac Free - HD Flac Player
saz Ney / Flute musical instrument simulator

MolaPlayer alternatives

Radsone Hi-Res Player

Radsone is a high-resolution music player app with analog-like sound quality that every music lovers have been waiting for. Distinctive Clear Technology (DCT) implemented in this player eliminates digital artifacts, which is totally different from artificial effects such as EQ or Surround. Enjoy music the way artists intended - its like being in the recording studio with them 1.4 million downloads in Google Play/App Store, #1 in 47 countries TESTIMONIALCompared to a standard player - heaven and earth by Rolling StoneNo matter of using earbuds, good headphones or in car - this app can deliver much more pleasure listening to my tunes by PrezioFEATURES- Hi-Resolution audio playback up to 24bit/192KHz- Radsone proprietary digital noise elimination algorithm (In-app purchase available)- Radsone proprietary 10-band Graphical EQualizer (In-app purchase available)- Wireless support (Bluetooth/Airplay), scrubbing (1/2, 1/4, 1/8)- Sound-optimization for different listening environments (headphone/vehicle/speaker)- Easy & user-friendly UI- Playlist editing- Low battery consumption- Detailed volume control (0.01dB scale)REQUIREMENTS- iOS 8.0 or overLATEST NEWS- Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

  • size 26.0 MB

iPlayer-MusicPlayer For Exceptional Sound Clarity(Lite Edition)

iPlayer is a Music Player. If The sound clarity is the first preference, then this app is for you. Email: [email protected]

  • size 4.7 MB

Audio Xciter - DSP Enhanced Music Player

The Better Music Player In-app Basic upgrade reduced to $.99 from $2.99 until 12/31/12 Audio Xciter makes all your music, podcasts and audio books sound dramatically better, with richness, clarity and spaciousness thats typically lost in digital files. This free iPhone app provides 5 minutes of Xciter-enhanced audio playback per day and offers two in-app upgrade options to remove this limit and access custom settings.The Audio Xciter app brings musical detail to life, no matter what style of music youre listening to. This is a limitation imposed by the publishing company - not by Apple or Aphex.

  • size 12.3 MB

ConcertPlay - Music player with Surround Sound

ConcertPlay is a music player with Virtual Surround and Parametric Equalizer audio effects. It enhances listening experience and reduces fatigue caused due to long hours of headphone usage. The following presets are provided* Acoustic* Classical* Jazz* Pop* Reggae* Rock* SpeechFeatures: * Experience virtual surround with presets for different depth perceptions and room acoustics * Control frequency envelope with equalizer presets* Multitasking is supported to allow background playback while using other apps * Access to iPod music library to generate playlist * Shuffle mode to play songs randomly from the playlist * Repeat modes to either repeat the whole playlist or repeat a single song * Scrubbing feature to move to any point in the current song * Displays album art along with the details of the song, artist and album Note * ConcertPlay does not support playback of DRM-protected music content in the iPod library.

  • rating 3.57143
  • size 1.2 MB

More Information About alternatives


GoodTuner is as simple and intuitive as a clockUnique Features:1.Clear clock style user interface2.Support 9 instruments and chromaticOther Features:3.Precise to 1 cent(1 cent = 1/100 semitone)4.Selectable Notations(CDE,DoReMi,)5.Adjustable Reference Pitch(A4) frequency in 0.1 Hz increments from 340.0 to 540.0 Hz6.Support Custom-Tuning(in 0.1 cent increments)7.Selectable sensitivitySupport more than 50 tunings for instruments:1.Guitar2.Guitar(7 String)3.Bass4.Mandolin5.Banjo 6.Ukulele7.Violin 8.Viola 9.Cello10.Chromatic General 12 Equal Temperament Instrumentps: You can use Chromatic mode to tune any tuning.

  • size 1.0 MB
  • version 3.0


DENON Professional Pitch Control enables you to play music from youriPhone / iPod touch music library whilst changing the playback speed (tempo) of the music. While adjusting the tempo of the music via the Pitch control (all in real time), the original musical key of the tune can be maintained using the M.Key function. Pitch control function: +/- 16% range, 0.1% resolutionMaster Key function which enables you to maintain the original musical key whilst changing tempoControllable by the DENON Professional supported products You can check the supported products on our website.

  • rating 3.35
  • size 1.3 MB
  • version 1.1.7

DJ Player Professional

Get creative with the state of the art professional DJ technology. DJ Player Pro goes beyond the laptop DJ with superior audio quality, innovative control and style. - 2 or 4 decks, internal or external mixer modes- 3 fx slots per deck, choose from: roll, whoosh, jet, lofi, gate, low/high/band/peak filters, echo, reverb- 3-band equalizer (-100 db to +6 db), channel fader, gain, lp/hp filter, crossfader with adjustable curves- manual and auto looping- key lock/time stretching and pitch shifting- automatic beatgrid and bpm detection- tempo sync, beat sync, manual beatmatching, tempo control with multiple ranges, fine adjust, fader bend, pitch bend, quantize- slip mode, slip scratching, slip reverse- 8 cue/loop points- split-cable support with stereo recording- direct music library access- Deezer and Dropbox integration- WebDAV for network drivesPLUG-AND-PLAY CONTROLLER SUPPORT:Allen&Heath: XONE:K2Hercules: DJ Control Air(+), DJControl Instinct, DJControl Compact, RMX2, P32DJiCon: iDJiON: iDJ 2 GONumark: iDJ Pro, iDJ Live, N4, Mixtrack Pro, Mixtrack Pro II, Mixtrack Pro 3, Party Mix, Party Mix ProPioneer: DDJ-SBReloop: Terminal Mix 2Stanton: DJC.4Vestax: Spin2, VCI-400See for more information and detailed manual.

  • size 8.3 MB
  • version 9.6

Tuner Lite by Plusadd

More than 6,000,000 musicians are now using the Tuner by Plusadd Tuner Lite by Plusadd is a chromatic instrument tuner and pitch pipe that allows you to quickly and accurately tune your instrument using the built-in mic in your iPhone or iPad.Tuner Lite by Plusadd can tune acoustic or electric guitar, bass, bowed strings, woodwinds, brass, piano, tympani, and any other instrument that can sustain a tone. Full version (paid) is offered. Features - Needle meter display- Ultra responsive 50 cents range fine tuning display- LED display easy-to-understand high and low sound- Accuracy 0.01 semitone (1 cent)- Pitch Pipe/Tone generator- Automatic reference note calibration- Changing the wallpaper Contact : [email protected]

  • rating 4.66667
  • size 21.9 MB
  • version 2.6.1

DJ Player EM :: Essentials for Mixing Music

DJ Player Professional is the most responsive, feature-packed and stable DJ software for pro DJs designed for the stage. DJ Player EM is a streamlined version and affordable alternative of DJ Player Professional with a powerful touchscreen DJ experience. Features:- 2 decks + internal mixer - 3 fx slots per deck, choose from: roll, whoosh, jet, lofi, gate, low/high/band/peak filters, echo, reverb- 3-band equalizer (-100 db to +6 db), channel fader, gain, lp/hp filter, crossfader with adjustable curves- manual and auto looping- key lock/time stretching and pitch shifting- automatic beatgrid and bpm detection- tempo sync, beat sync, manual beatmatching, tempo control with multiple ranges, fine adjust, fader bend, pitch bend- slip mode, slip scratching or slip reverse- 8 cue/loop points- recording (up to 60 minutes per file)- split-cable support with stereo recording- direct music library accessFeatures available in DJ Player Professional only:- Modern Interface option (DJ Player EM supports the Classic Interface only)- 4 decks- external mixer mode (DJ Player EM supports 2 decks + internal mixer only)- MIDI- DVS (Digital Vinyl System)- DJ Player Cloud- recordings with unlimited length- Deezer and Dropbox integration

Stroke Machine

Stroke Machine is a professional Groove Synthesizer for the iPad. New: Play your percussion sounds in the new Pad view. Overview: 12 drum and percussion sound parts 12 melodic sound parts number of voices only limited by CPU 4 multi-effect busses pattern with up to 16 bars and 256th resolution, bar nominator and denominator freely adjustable swing modulation sequencer for smooth or quantized automation of each continuous sound and bus parameter 128 quick access patterns track mix, pan, solo and mute sample import audio export of a pattern or the whole performance MIDI MIDI Channel selection per melodic sound and all percussion sounds MIDI Clock synchronization MIDI Control Change message learn Inter-App Audio Audiobus 2 AudioCopy WISTPer voice: 2 oscillators with analog waveforms and sample playback sine wave adjustable in slope, symmetry and saturation frequency modulation ring modulation white and pink noise generator with variable density and multimode filter transient generator with crack, rattle, spike, click and thump generators multimode filter with 6 dB low or high pass, 12 dB and 24 dB low, band or high pass and band stop drive stage with light, medium, hard, clip, tube and fuzz overdrive and tone control redux stage (decimator) with sample rate and bit reduction fully parametric two-band equalizer with shelf and band types glide generator with portamento and glissando for melodic sounds voice allocation poly, mono and 3 alternate groups 1 LFO with waveforms sine, triangle, pulse, positive pulse, sawtooth, 4 step ramp, 8 step ramp, sample & hold, random, rate synchronizable to clock 2 ADSR- or ADBD-envelopes with variable slope for each stage modulation sources LFO, envelope 1 and 2, velocity, note number, 4 random generators, pitch bend and modulation wheel any continuous parameter can be modulated voice mixed into one of four effect bussesPer effect bus: sum drive stage with various types and tone filter compressor modulation effect with 2 to 6 stage chorus, 4 to 12 stage phaser or multimode filter space effect with stereo modulation delay, synchronizable to clock, natural, plate, or non-linear reverbMinimum requirement: iOS 6.0

  • size 77.0 MB
  • version 2.0.6

Tune It

Every musician knows an accurate chromatic tuner is an absolutely essential piece of gear. And tuning accoustic and electric instruments has never been easier. A Full Array of Advanced Features: Chromatic instrument tuner and pitch pipe Wide range of ultra responsive real time pitch detection, covering C1-C8 ranges LCD needle-type meter with accuracy of 1/100 semitone (1 cent) for ultra-precise tuning Animated note scale to quickly identify the note played or select any target note Integrated tone generator produces a reference tone to tune by ear Metronome with beat indicator: to set speed and time signature settings Adjustable A4 calibration Frequency Display or Clear Tune Indicator Eight selectable notations built in, including English, Solfge, French, Spanish and European User defined notations Support for transposing instruments Ten different wood finishes to customize the look of the interface Five selectable tone wave forms: Sinus, Reverse Sinus, Sawtooth, Square, Triangle Needle Damping Integrated Help * Even if the pitch is within the detection range, detection may not be possible for instrumental sounds that contain a large number of overtones or have a rapid decay.

  • size 26.1 MB
  • version 4.0

AmpliFlac Free - HD Flac Player

AmpliFlac is the most advanced flac player for iOS devices. High Definition Audio Playback:* 192KHz/24Bit Flac format decoding* 192KHz/24Bit output thru Apple Camera Connection Kit and USB DAC* Optimized FLAC decoder (less CPU cycle and long battery life)* Gapless playback* Shuffle / Repeat Control* 10-Band Graphic Equalizer (0.25dB step, -6 to 6dB)* Configurable software gain(i.e. preamp gain) (0.25dB step, -12 to 12dB)* Highly optimized professional audio processor* 3 configurable user EQ preset* Supporting AirPlay, Bluetooth, USB Docking and other MFi Audio Systems* Remote Control / Background Audio* Real-time audio waveform display* FLAC metadata displaySmart File Management:* iPod like file browser gruping by Album, Artist and Song* FLAC and image file(album art) can be downloaded to iOS device through iTunes Documents* Automatic folder management based on album name tag in FLAC file* Album art customization using downloaded image file (through iTunes or from Cloud Storage)Cloud Storage (Google Drive)* Downloading FLAC and image file(album art) from cloud storage drive (Google Drive)* Multiple accounts management and easy account switching* Simultaneous downloading and playback* Downloading Image file(JPEG, PNG and others) for custom album artOthers:* Sleep timer (1 to 120 min. )* User selectable color theme (red, green, orange and yellow)

  • rating 4.91667
  • size 36.2 MB
  • version 1.2.5


Nave - next generation Wavetable SynthesisNave is Waldorfs first synthesizer App development created by chief engineer and director Stefan Stenzel, NLog mastermind Rolf Whrmann and Design Guru Axel Hartmann. The Nave sound engine includes two novel Wavetable oscillators, leaving every previous attempt in wavetable synthesis far behind. Audio Demos: Specifications per Voice: Two independent advanced Wavetable Oscillators Osc module with up to 8 oscillator berosc with sawtooth, triangle, PWM, white or pink noise Two Ring Modulators Multimode Filter with LP,BP and HP, each either 12 dB or 24 dB 3 Envelopes 2 LFO 10 Modulation Matrix Entries Drive with adjustable curve, depth and positionEffects: Modulation Effect with either Chorus, Flanger or Phaser Modulation Delay High Quality Reverb Three band parametric Equalizer CompressorAdditional Features: Keyboard with adjustable size, scrolling and glissando modes Blades with musical scales and optional chord mode Polyphonic X/Y finger modulation on keyboard and blades Modulation Wheel and Pitch Bender Up to 3 X/Y Control Pads Four Track Recorder with clip based editing Core MIDI in / out support MIDI device manager for external hardware and virtual connections Sync to MIDI Clock or WIST MIDI Learn Audiobus compatible Background Audio Arpeggiator Polyphonic Unisono Speech Synthesizer for Wavetables 3D Wavetable Editing Generation of Wavetables from external audio files BeatMaker & Sonoma Audio Copy / Paste Support Patch Management with unlimited user banks and categories Import / Export audio and sound patches from iTunes Requires iOS 6 or later

  • size 207 MB
  • version 1.7

saz Ney / Flute musical instrument simulator

40% off only for limited time - real price is 25$ - hurry upthis is the only simulator for Oriental NEY / Flute music app in whole world that simulates up to 10 oriental music style tunesbefore download you can see this video to be amazed if you dont believe it : app specifics are :- has up to 28 oriental middle east rhythm styles- has accords that are used in this type of music- has quarter flat tunes that is used in oriental musics- has 10 different tunes for 10 types of musics- has ability to change the rhythm speed - transpose ability from -20 to +20 percents- real sound that is made in professional studio- 6 voice pads that has sound such as KEL , Applause , Laugh , - pitch ability to pitch the notes during the playing

  • size 73.6 MB
  • version 1.0