The MobileFocusHD by EverFocus allows you to connect to your EverFocus DVRs and IP Cameras from your iPad. You can view video streams and control the PTZ cameras easily. Features:- Devices Management- Real Time Video Streaming- Remote Video Search by Time/Event - Support 1/4 Split Screen Display- Channel Control- PTZ Control- Gesture PTZ Control- Two-way Audio- Gesture Digital Zoom- Snapshot- Full Screen- Mobile/Second Stream- Local Device Search- Favorite- Device Import/Export- Group Management- Alarm PopUp- Smooth Video- Support ONVIF camera- Support Push Notification- Support H265 Codec- Support XMS/XfleetSupported DVRs: - ECOR264-4D1/4F1 - ECOR264-4D2/4F2 - ECOR264-8D1/8F1 (no mobile stream) - ECOR264-8D2/8F2 - ECOR264-4X1/9X1/16X1 - ECOR960-4F2/8F2/16F2 - ECOR960-16X1- ECOR HD-4F/8F/16F - ECOR HD-16X1- EDR-16D1/16F1 - EDR HD-4H4/2H14 - ELR-4D/4F - ELR-8D/8F- ELUX Series - EMV200S/400S - EMV200/400/800 - EMV401/801/1601- EMV1200/1201 - EMVHD Series- Endeavor264X4/L4 - ENVR8034D/E/X - EPHD04+/08/08+- EPHD16+U - ERS-4 - NVR8004X - Paragon2 - Paragon264 X1/X2/X4 - Paragon 32X4 - Paragon960 16X1/X4 - ParagonFHD- TUTIS+ 4F3/8F3/16F3 - XMS/Commander2/Elite2Supported IP Cameras: - EAN850A/800A/AW - EAN900 - EAN2150/2350 - EAN2218 - EAN3120/3200/3220/3300 - EBN268- EDN800/850H - EDN1220/1320 - EDN2160/2260/2560 - EDN2210/2245 - EDN228- EDN3160/3240/3260/3340 - EFN3321- EHN1220/1320 - EHN3160/3200/3260/3340 - EHN3261/3361 - EMN2220/2320 - EPN2218 - EPN3100/3600 - EPN4122/4220/4122i/4220i - EPN4220d/4320d- ETN2160/2260/2560 - EQN2101/2110/2171 - EQN2200/2201 - EQN100- EVS200A/AW - EVS410 - EZN268- EZN850 - EZN1260/1360 - EZN3160/3240/3260/3340 - EZN3261/3361- Polestar 2M Series- Polestar 3M Series- Value 268 Series- Value 288 Series- Value 368 Series- ONVIF- RTSP

MobileFocusHD by EverFocus alternatives

UltraSync +

Welcome to the Secure Smarthome The UltraSync app enables remote control of Interlogix, UltraSecure products in homes and businesses. The UltraSync app provides real-time management of security and automation control systems from virtually anywhere. Key Features:Security- Arm and disarm system- See if doors and windows are open- Monitor special areas such as a safes, liquor or medicine cabinets- Monitor property and safety of loved ones- Know when children get home from school or leave the home- Look in on pets during the day- Monitor history of users and events- View live video and event-triggered recorded clips from security camerasLighting- Turn on, off and dim lightsGeo Action- Automate actions on users location events when leaving or entering the home or business*Door Locks- Lock and unlockThermostat- Change the temperature and fanVideo- Watch live-video and recorded clipsSchedules and Scenes- Create scenes that are triggered by specified actions (i.e., When system is disarmed, turn on house lights)- Create schedules that limit system access (i.e., Housekeeper user account only active Monday - Friday from 8AM to 12PM)- Combine scenes and schedules for enhanced automation (i.e., Monday - Friday, after 10PM and before 6AM, when system is armed, lock doors, turn off lights and set thermostat to 70 degrees)Alerts- Receive Email notification of system alerts- Emergency alerts- Non-emergency Alerts* Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

  • size 64.2 MB

AXIS Camera Station

App for your AXIS Camera Station 5 surveillance and security system a feature rich solution for efficient surveillance of small- and mid-sized installations, ideal for 4 to 50 cameras. Main features: Live view with selectable streaming profiles Quickly find and view recorded events with timeline visualization One-way audio from camera in live view and playback (Requires AXIS Camera Station 5.13) Snapshots in live view Enables mobile access to multiple systems Mechanical and digital PTZ. Pre-sets for fast navigation (Requires AXIS Camera Station 5.13)Setup:Find detailed information at

  • size 24.7 MB

iNet Viewer

DVR Client Viewer

  • size 34.3 MB

AXIS IP Camera Viewer by OWLR

Wouldnt you like a AXIS IP Camera Viewer app that makes finding and viewing your AXIS cameras quick and easy? The AXIS IP Camera Viewer has been designed to support (almost) the entire AXIS Family with a focus on home (e.g., baby monitoring, pet monitoring, home security) and office use (e.g., store security). We are not about surveillance - we are about Upgrading Your Awareness.

  • size 62.4 MB