Mobile Asset Management app allows Asset Information Solutions Ltd to provide your business with a comprehensive mobile capability. We increase your productivity and reduce operating costs by designing and implementing: Forms, Docs, Lists and Tasks that can be deployed to your employees and supply chains our service can be deployed to existing mobile devices in use within your organisation. By embracing digital data capture and mobile working using our Mobile Asset Management app and service we can increase the maturity of your organisations Asset Management processes and reduce your operating costs.

Mobile Asset Management alternatives

Drawing Desk: Draw,Paint,Color & Sketch board

Drawing Desk is enjoyed by over 11 Million users all over the World. Drawing Desk has proved in entertaining each and every age group of people with its four type unique Modes interestingly named as Kids Desk,Doodle Desk,Sketch Desk and Photo Desk. Product Export OptionsYou can export your artwork created via Drawing Desk to many physical products such as Customised Phone cases, Posters, Apple watch bands, cushions, Frames any many more.

  • rating 4.5
  • size 118 MB