Miu Ptt is a telnet based BBS (Bulletin Board System) browser for ptt.cc. You must have an account in ptt.cc / ptt2.cc before using this app. Miu Ptt ptt.cc () telnet bbs bbs ,, iPhone / iPod touch Miu Ptt iOS terminal bbs , bbs ptt / ptt2 terminal (telnet://ptt.cc, telnet://ptt2.cc)* Miu Ptt () ptt ,,, ,, Miu Ptt ptt bbs , bbs , Miu Term (iPhone) / Miu Term HD (iPad)

Miu Ptt alternatives


3C?,Mobile01 Mobile01,3C ,,,,Mobile013C,, Mobile01 Mobile01 App iPhone iPad : Mobile01 Mobile01 , App , ,: [email protected]

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