This app is a sleek metronome and Tap for BPM (beats per minute) with Apple Watch support. The sound on the iPhone is based on recorded mechanical metronome sampling. Yo can store metronome values with a name and the date.- Simple, intuitive interface- Original sound from a mechanical metronome- Same numeric values as in a mechanical metronome- Apple Watch support- Haptic vibrations on the iPhone and on the Watch- Tap for BMP on the iPhone and on the Watch- Tempo and BMP synchronization from iPhone to Watch and also from the Watch to the iPhone- Store your metronome values with name and date


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Pulse - Haptic Metronome Watch
Pad - Create music
Smart Metronome+ : no Ads
Tempo Toolkit
Drum Beats Metronome - drum loop adjustable BPM
Beat Detect
tacet - Haptic Silent Metronome for Apple Watch
clickTrack - BPM Counter

Metronome, BPM - Haptic, Watch, Storage alternatives

Pro Metronome - Tempo,Beat,Subdivision,Polyrhythm

Pro Metronome - The best metronome app. Period. Write us: [email protected] Watch our videos:

  • rating 4.80392
  • size 89.5 MB

Anytune Pro+

New Checkout ReFrame Audio Isolation - down music, choose the perfect pitch, and learn to play by ear ANYTUNE is the ultimate music practice app for singers, dancers and musicians of all kinds. Use Anytune to learn to play, transcribe, practice and perform songs by slowing down the tempo, adjusting the pitch, repeating loops, setting marks, and sharing comments using your favorite tracks If youre a music teacher, dancer or budding musician, Anytune for iOS or Mac is a invaluable addition to the rehearsal environment, making practicing more dynamic and productive. :(^ LiveMix using an iRig/HD, Apogee JAM, Microphone or most other adaptors.

  • size 49.2 MB

Metronome - Beats & Tap Tempo

Hurry up The only metronome app on the store to give you PRO features for FREE Meet Real Metronome - a quartz-accurate digital mobile metronome app precisely crafted by professional musicians that lets you experience a real metronome as close as it gets Keep tempo with the help of metronome beats A word from Real Metronome developers:We created Metronome to give musicians all over the world the possibility to use a real metronome on their mobile device for free Guys, should you enjoy Real Metronome app - please leave your rating or review - this really helps a lot in further development The features to enjoy in Real Metronome app:- Maximum precision metronome- Intuitive easy to use interface- Universal metronome app for phone and tablet Visual metronome arrangement- Digital metronome click tracker- Classic analog metronome click trackerTempo Animations:- Moving pendulum metronome animation- Visual flash - see the beats - Vibration - feel the beats Tempo rates- All popular tempos included- Manually adjust to any desired tempo- Tempo ranges from 10 to 250 bpm (beats per minute)Time signatures- All popular time signature presets- Manually set any time signatureSound Sets- Over 10 handpicked sounds for every band and style - Digital metronome- Analog metronome- Drum metronome- Piano metronome- Cymbals metronome- and many moreOur Real Metronome is used by music schools students and teachers all over the world. If you an educational organization that are using or willing to use our apps, drop us a line at [email protected] About Gismart Gismart is a team of devoted musicians and developers with real passion for music and everything about it Find out more about us: Follow us on Twitter/Facebook: @GismartmusicFeel free to drop us a line about anything: [email protected]

  • rating 4.62162
  • size 98.1 MB

The Metronome by Soundbrenner

An intuitive interface, jam-packed with features, powerful customisation and flawless accuracy. The Metronome is a must-have for every musician. Learn more on www.soundbrenner.comFollow us:Facebook:

  • size 89.0 MB

Super Metronome Groove Box Lite - Free Drum Machine

The best metronome for iPhone, is also an intuitive and powerful groove box / drum machine with high definition sounds. Free version. - Lets Rock* Long press on Play button to deactivate flashing light.

  • rating 4.84211
  • size 30.2 MB

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Pulse - Haptic Metronome Watch

Pulse is a sleek minimalist metronome with haptics and Bluetooth syncing for iPhone and Watch.- Simple, intuitive interface- Tap for BPM- Playlists- Custom colors and click sounds- Tempo syncing across devices with Bluetooth- Haptic vibrations (iPhone 6s/6s Plus)- Subdivisions- Time signatures- Background mode enabled- Watch support

  • size 39.0 MB
  • version 2.19


An accurate BPM Counter, that let you skip the tapping. Just tap on start on beat 1 and then just tap on stop on beat 16 and it will give you the correct BPM for that song. Support for Apple watch includes haptic clicks.

  • size 27.3 MB
  • version 1.6


Run a metronome on your Apple Watch and receive haptic feedback for each note. No longer do you have to listen for the metronome sound to tell you when the beat has hit. For best results, place the watch on the inner portion of your wrist so that the watch doesnt automatically shut down because of lowering your wrist.

Pad - Create music

Easy to use; play around with the built in sounds or show off with the feet kick of the Apple Watch app. You can experiment with the built in launchpad sounds that are included in the app, each launch pad has a different size for more simple or complex rhythms. Features:- 4 launchpads with custom curated sounds.- Haptic/sound metronome.- Apple Watch app that you can use to trigger a kick sound with your feet.- iPad and iPhone support.- Play along with other apps music

Smart Metronome+ : no Ads

Smart Metronome turns your iPhone into a simple, stylish and very accurate metronome It contains three modes; Normal, Repeat and Program. Normal Mode Start practicing instantly, just like with any basic metronome. Features Creates perfect beats by working completely on hardware, without using CPU time Sampling rate 44.1kHz sampling rate, resulting in high accuracy (20s) Easily set the BPM by tapping Programmable Tempo and measures Loop multiple measures Full voiceover compatibility Log can be taken Tone generator from A=440 to 444 Save and load tempo program Dropbox connection Eight background color variations Realistic pendulum animation Four sounds sets to choose from(icon Design :

  • size 19.7 MB
  • version 4.7

Tempo Toolkit

A collection of utilities for musicians and engineers that includes tap-tempo BPM, two-mode metronome, and note-value conversion table in ms/Hz. Tap-tempo BPM:Need to know the tempo of a song? A 3-position switch below the table allows you to modify calculations for dotted values, straight/normal values and triplet values.

  • size 7.2 MB
  • version 1.0.1

Drum Beats Metronome - drum loop adjustable BPM

Drum Beats Metronome is a powerful tool that helps you master both daily practice and stage performance. The app will add drumming to your play as it is a metronome that plays drum loops instead of a click The tempo of all loops can be changed smooth even when they are playing from 60 BPM to 200 BPM.Includes Tap button so you can tap your tempo. The drum beats metronome is comes with real drum kit recorded samples in stereo 44100HZ Features:* fine tempo tuning from 60 BPM to 200 BPM* tap tempo* control for easily BPM selection* 2 drum kit modes rock and metal* 6 - fast selectable drum beats for each mode* keeps screen on* play in loop* real time BPM change

  • size 31.8 MB
  • version 1.1

Beat Detect

Beat detect is a simple way to get the tempo of any beat, just by listening through your device mic. It also includes a metronome and options to adjust BPM manually.////WHEN DO I USE IT- For DJs: find the BPM of unlabelled tracks. ////MAIN FEATURES- Auto-detect the tempo of any beat- Keep the beat with built-in metronome- Adjust tempo manually with tap and + / - buttons- Restart the clock at anytime for phase synchronization- Ableton Link: sync compatible apps on several devices by connecting to the same WiFi network.

  • size 5.2 MB
  • version 1.0

tacet - Haptic Silent Metronome for Apple Watch

[Tacets haptic metronome is its] killer feature - Cult Of MacMust have and a gem - MacworldThe silent metronome where you feel, not hear, the beats. The simple BPM calculator always on your wrist. As such, our users may find it better to use it for starting out with the right beat, checking if they are on tempo, and more, rather than while they are playing.

  • size 22.9 MB
  • version 1.2.1

clickTrack - BPM Counter

clickTrack is a simple and elegant BPM counter and metronome for djs and musicians alike. The minimal and ease to use interface lets you focus on whats important finding that right tempo. FEATURES BPM counter Visual + Acoustic metronome Changeable click sound Option for automatically rounded numbers

  • rating 3.6
  • size 17.7 MB
  • version 2.0.2