MetaMoJi Share allows groups to co-edit a document together in real time over an interactive whiteboard. MetaMoJi Share is a group collaboration tool for dozens of participants to share notes and to visually express their ideas in live interactive meetings online. Email us at: [email protected] or join our community at

MetaMoJi Share Lite alternatives

Notes+ for iPhone

Notes+ is the ultimate rapid multimedia note taking app, featuring intuitive gesture driven control: Pinch apart to add new items, anywhere in a note Press and hold any item to select and reorder Swipe any item right to share, or left to deleteWith its minimal interface design, your content is king Context sensitive help - Notes+ shows you as you go. Pinch apart to add: Text Bullet & checkbox lists Photos Video recordings Audio recordings Sketches Sketches on photosinline in the note, wherever they fit best in your logical flow. Ideal for: Taking notes on the go Sharing multimedia with friends Making notes about places you visit and things you see and hear Snapping a photo and dictating a few words Creating field worker reports, for example, by a journalist, surveyor, naturalist Recording meetings and other events Storing instructions, recipes, wine details Shopping lists Marking up photos Quick sketchesFEATURESBeautiful Typography + Notes+ fully supports Dynamic Type + Text looks great at every font size + Set text size in iOS Settings > General > Text Size + Create lists with bullets & checkboxes+ Editing features include Cut, Copy and Paste + Check Dictionary definition of selected word + Supports standard keyboard options, including spell checking and auto-correction Photos + Capture from camera or choose from your library + Take photos in portrait or landscape orientation + Choose from four photo resolutions: Full, Large (1920x1440), Medium (1280x960), or Low (640x480) + Tap photo to view full screen - zoom and pan with gestures + Tap pencil icon to enter sketching mode + Add any number of photos to a note Sketches + Sketch on a plain background or on any photo + Pencil and eraser tools + Select pencil line width, and color + Option to reduce line width with increasing speed + Select eraser width + Full Undo/Redo + Tap sketch to view full screen - zoom and pan with gestures + Add any number of sketches to a note Voice & Audio Recordings + Choice of three recording qualities: 44kHz, 22kHz, or 11kHz + Record for up to 1 hour continuously (11kHz) + Pause and continue the same recording + Record in the background, even whilst using a different app + Recording stops automatically for an incoming phone call + Fast forward and reverse at 2x, 3x, and 4x normal speed + Scrub control for quick navigation during playback + Level meter for recording and playback + Add any number of audio recordings to a note Video Recordings + Record in portrait or landscape orientation + Choose from three recording resolutions: VGA (640x480), Medium (480x360), or Low (192x144) + Record for up to 5 minutes continuously (192x144) + Scrub control for quick navigation during playback + Add up to 10 video recordings to a note Browse & Search + Navigate and find existing notes with ease + Existing notes are all listed on the Browse Screen + Search notes for matching character strings + Filter search within note titles, contents, or all + No note organisation required :-) Share + Swipe any note item right to share + Share text, photos and sketches via Facebook and Twitter + Share an audio recording as MPEG 4 Audio format file + Share a video recording as MOV format file + Use AirPlay to stream video, audio, and photos to AirPlay-enabled devices + Print note item to any AirPrint compatible printer + Share whole notes (free update, coming soon) + iCloud sync (free update, coming soon) Other Features + Comprehensive yet simple settings + Add optional note title + Portrait and landscape orientations supported + Split text at any line by pinching apart + Add a separator to organize and space note content

  • rating 4.8
  • size 10.7 MB


Welcome to SynotesSynotes is a beautiful note taking and management application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Synotes allows you to share your notes with others, effortlessly syncs across your devices and stores them securely to the Cloud. Full Synotes support and help.

  • size 18.4 MB

Book Writer One

Take Note, Organize Thoughts, Make a Book. Share with the World. Please visit our homepage -

  • size 78.4 MB

List! Lite

An advanced list management app. As this is the most commonly requested feature, please note that List Lite does not yet have iCloud/synchronization support. Features: Multiple nested lists Landscape support Multiline list item titles Notes, priorities, and due dates/times Help screens and How To tip balloons Icon badge number Delete Checked/Check All/Uncheck All actions Copy/Delete/Move multiple items at a time Dynamic sorting on multiple attributes In-app email of list and list items In-app settings Export/import list and list items via HTML email Import list items via text Badge background updates List item alert notifications SearchFeatures not currently supported: Synchronization Passwords Repeating due dates (available in List )

  • rating 4.95833
  • size 10.4 MB