Media Mix Pro automatically crossfades all your iPod library items Features : Crossfade all your iPod library songs Find and select songs in your media library Manage the upcoming songs with the queue : add, reorder and delete items Tap on a queue item to play it immediately Played queue items can be removed from the queue or replaced at the end Control the player with the play, pause, back and forward buttons Swipe along the artwork to select the next or previous song Continuous music : when the queue is empty the selected fallback playlist is used Support background modeFeatures specific to Media Mix Pro : Adjust crossfade parameters No adTips : Queue items are played in straight order The fallback playlist is used when the queue is empty When the fallback playlist is used, songs are picked randomly To play a playlist in straight order, add the whole playlist to the queue To search for a song or an artist when adding items to the queue, pull the list down to show the search toolMedia Mix Pro combines simplicity with the latests technologies. Enjoy

Media Mix Pro alternatives

edjing Pro LE - dj mixer

Discover edjing Pro, the track-mixing app that turns you into a professional DJ, now on its FREE version: edjing pro Light Edition You dont need bulky controllers anymore: edjing Pro has been designed to propose the same features as the ones offered by a DJ controller, while improving their usage Focus on your mix: edjing pro does the rest Thanks to a brand new audio system, developed by DJITs engineers, result of five years of R&D, edjing pro redefines the boundaries of the mix experience. Get the full version and retrieve: - A Pre-Cueing feature that enables to prepare the next track on your headphones- An unlimited access to your Soundcloud music library- A Deezer access with more than 30 million tracks available (for Deezer Premium Plus members)- An access to your whole iTunes library - A smart search feature to find any track in one click on multiple music libraries at once- An Automix function that automatically plays the tracks listed in the queue- Incredilble color effects to add more texture to your mixes like the Super Filter, the Reverb, the Delay, or the Echo Out- A Record function in .aiff format to save your mixes in HD- Apple Watch compatibility YOUR CREATIVITY IS NOW LIMITLESS.Let your imagination run free edjing Pro enables you to explore your creativity without worrying about technical constraints by proposing the best sound rendering ever developed on iPhone and iPad. Website: : [email protected]

  • size 118 MB

My DJ - Crossfade for iPhone

My DJ is the BEST way to listen to music on the iPhone If youre looking for a way to play your own music with crossfade, this is it Download My DJ now. Its free - give it a try App Description:My DJ creates a continuous stream of your own music. Download My DJ today and find out what all the craze is about Youll never go back to listening to music the OLD way

  • size 40.3 MB

Song Remix Maker - Mix & Edit DJ Lobo Music Mixer

Song Remix Maker (Songs Joiner) - Compose/Concat/Join multiple songs to one song on a powerful audio engine Features : Songs Joiner is very simple and easy to use Find and select songs in your camera roll and media library Control the 2 or more players with the play, pause, back and forward buttons Adjust each player/song volume with the volume knob Crossfade your songs Visualize waveform output Visualize line output power with the VU meters Export the composed song in mp3 format Supports share the mixed song with other apps Smart multitouch interface for simultaneous controls Simple & Cool user interface Support background modeEnjoy

  • size 46.3 MB

My DJ Classic

My DJ is the BEST way to listen to music App DescriptionAre you ready to redefine how you listen to music on a daily basis?Introducing My DJ, the app that creates a continuous stream of your own music on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Just set how long you want each song to play (in the settings) and click the play button. My DJ can be used in this manner to scan through a devices songs audibly, much like one would scan through the stations of a radio then stop to listen to a song Features Include: * Play / Pause Buttons * Next Song / Previous Song Buttons * Fade In / Out Settings * Finish Current Song Button * Album Artwork, Artist, and Song Title Displayed * Volume Bar * Integration with iPhone Physical Volume Buttons * Automatic Pause upon Removal of Headphones * Song Play Time Progress BarAll for the low price of FREE Download My DJ Free now, and see what all the craze is about

  • rating 3.26667
  • size 2.0 MB

Micro DJ Free - Party music audio effects and mp3 songs editing

The #1 DJ app 2 years straight An Amazing Audio Editing App that you can play with for hours - MFAMicro DJ is a HIT Reaching the Music Top 10 in Australia, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Norway, Canada, and many more places Thanks Turn all your music into NEW creations. Micro DJ is a tiny audio editing device for your pocket. Micro DJ is super easy to use, is free, and is a great little mixer to mix things together, change up songs, and play them for your friends.

  • rating 4.54545
  • size 20.6 MB