Lead your squad through the theater of war in Medal Of Valor 3, equip yourself and 4 squad mates with multiple weapons of the era Earn dog tags by tackling the levels at various difficulties and arm your squad to the teeth

Medal Of Valor 3 - WW2 alternatives

Boxy Strike Battle Simulator

From the creators of Ultimate Battle Simulator and Medieval Battle Simulator, comes Boxy Strike Battle Simulator, a totally accurate battle simulation game. Based on the physics of Ultimate Battle Simulator the game provides you with the boxy characters battlefields and warzones. Jump into battlefield with 19 unique units, realistics battles, multiple enemies and often updates Play for free

  • rating 3.66667
  • size 449 MB

GI Rush

US GIs Fierce Attack From Normandy to Unknown Area in Germany

  • rating 3.0
  • size 382 MB

Epic Crowenfield Battle Simulator 3D

Welcome to the biggest battlefield ever Become one of the brutal soldiers, use all your strategic and tactical skills and join this epic battle of Epic Crowenfield Battle Simulator 3D game Learn how it is to be an ordinary army unit and become the best recruit ever Train your shooting skills and have fun Remember that every weapon has its own characteristic features, so choose wisely, think ahead and think over your strategy the moment is precious Mind your army indicators not to lose anyone, try to capture your opponents base as soon as possible and become the best shot ever Charge your gun and rush into the battlefield Master your soldier skills using different weapon Mind that your army is not so large, so appreciate its every unit When the time would be over, the army with more alive soldiers would win the battle Your mission is to stop your rivals army with the minimum of your own losses Dont forget to buy the shell to your weapon; otherwise youll be dead in a second Have fun playing Epic Crowenfield Battle Simulator 3D Check three difficulty levels: recruit level, sergeant and major Complete missions with rising difficulty levels and defeat every army of your rivals Earn coins for each successfully passed battle and buy new interesting weapons, skins for your brutal soldier or the ammunition for your super army Epic Crowenfield Battle Simulator 3D features: Interesting army battlefield simulator Wide range of different weapons with their own characteristics Chance to improve your tactics and strategy Outstanding 3D graphicsBecome the best army soldier ever Prove that youre worth the fame of a mighty military leader playing Epic Crowenfield Battle Simulator 3D and have fun

  • rating 3.28571
  • size 106 MB

Game of Warriors - Warrior Competition

The Game of Warriors is an e-Sport Military Simulation game based on the Annual combat oriented Military competition The Warrior Competition which takes place yearly at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center KASOTC. To know more about the event visit: www.warriorcompetition.comGame of Warriors will challenge your abilities to move and shoot with speed and accuracy of a soldier. KEY FEATURES -Single Player and Challenge mode -Cool graphics and fantastic game effects -6 Challenging Game Levels -Upgrade and Powerup Options: Energy, Thirst, Speed and more -Stunning 3D graphics with quality options - Easy & comfortable control options - Online Leaderboards and AchievementsJoin Game of Warriors Page : https://www.facebook.com/gameofwarriorsTweet with us : https://www.twitter.com/gameofwarriorsIf you have any inquiry please email us : [email protected] out the Latest games and updates : www.maysalward.comCOMING SOON IN THE NEXT UPDATES Online Multiplayer ModeBrand New Stages and Challenges Virtual Reality (VR) Levels Tons of new Weapons and upgrades

  • rating 4.8
  • size 413 MB

Modern battle in the dead city

STORY - THE SIEGE OF SADR CITYUrban environments pose significant challenges for ground forces and have traditionally been avoided when at all possible, but increasing urbanization of the worlds population seems to ensure that urban combat is in the Armys future. This game provides a historical view of the ways in which militaries have deployed light and mechanized infantry with armored forces during close urban combat, looking specifically at the US Army in the Sadr City suburb of Baghdad in 2008. Sure, you can turn off it.

  • rating 4.16667
  • size 337 MB