An adaptive practice programme to learn the multiplication tables 1 to 10.Designed for iPad and iPhone (NOT compatible with iPod).Mathblobs is a practice programme which automatically adjusts itself to your math level. The programme chooses the multiplication tables you have come to and, within a multiplication table, repeats the very sums you have problems with. Developed by: RT Amersfoort (Stephan Vermeire, The Netherlands)Year of publication: 2014

Math Blobs Times tables alternatives

Set the clock - telling time (learn to tell time)

* Listed in the top 3 of educational apps in the Dutch App Store Set the clock can help your child to learn to tell time and revives old times by reintroducing the wooden clock on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch You can practice together with your child, or let him/her perform assignments on his/her own using the nine game types in the App: Set the clock, Tell the time, Adjust the clock and more. The assignments are clearly pronounced in English. Learn telling time is just as fun as ever

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With KruisTafels you can play with numbers and practise the multiplication (times) tables from 1 to 12. Try to solve the puzzle soon as possible by dragging the numbers to their right positions (questionmark). You can extend KruisTafels so you can practise the times tables from 1 to 12 separately or play with friends or others in multiplayer mode.

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