Train your brain to be better at math calculationsIts a simple and fun game good for kids,students and adultsSee how your math calculation speed rank against the rest of the world

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Math Claw Machine

Do you believe that mathematics can take you to the unknown world full of sweets and candies? Math Claw Machine is an extremely sweet & delicious game full of math fun. Who said math couldnt be fun?

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  • size 147 MB

Monster Numbers: Times Tables Math learning Games

Looking for a cool math game app to help your kids getting back into the school routine? Monster Numbers is a fun, engaging and addictive math game app designed to improve your kids math skills Perfect for kids aged 4 to 16 Monster Numbers is a cool math game app that combines fun and education. Monster Numbers is the perfect combination of math learning and pure fun Overall A fun math game app perfect to get your kids back into learning and school homework

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King of Math Junior (Free)

We were amazed by the large variety of exercises - Top Kids AppsA great help to children who are trying to sharpen their math skills - The iPhone MomI like the variety of ways that problems are presented. . The free version includes: - Counting- Addition - Subtraction The full game can be bought as a one-time in-app purchase and includes:- Multiplication - Division - Geometry - Comparing - Measuring - Puzzles - Fractions

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