INTRODUCTION TO MANZILManzil is a collection of Ayaat and short Surahs from the Quran that were recited by the Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alihi Wasallam) to cure a person afflicted with Jinn. Manzil is recommended by Islamic scholars as a means of cure, protection and antidote from Jinn, Black Magic, Witchcraft, Sihr, Sorcery, Evil Eye and other harmful things. The entire Manzil should be read once in the morning or once in the evening for general protection.

Manzil - Authentic alternatives

Quran Pak Urdu Translations Read & Listen Audio

Quran Pak With 30 Urdu Translations and 3 Urdu Tafsir. Make your own daily recitation plan. Tafsir-al-Jalalayn - ( )Tafseer e Usmani ( )Tafseer Makki

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Manzil is a collection of Quranic verses that are to be recited as a means of protection and antidote - Ruqya from Black Magic, Jinn,Witchcraft, Sihr, Sorcery and the Evil Eye. In the tradition of Prophet Muhammad SAW, he was himself once targeted by sorcerers, but he annulled their effect through the recitation of the verses of the Quran. This may be performed once or twice a day, in the latter case once in the morning and once in the eveningEnjoy and please leave a feedback and let us know if you like to see any new features in the app.

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iTajweed Quran for iPhone

Alhumdulillah with the grace of Almighty Allah (God) the much awaited 13 line COLOUR CODED iTajweed Quran application is available FREE [Fisabillillah) to download for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. This application is very easy to use with simple easy to use arrows and cursors to browse and navigate throughout the whole Quran app. Please remember all those involved in your Duaas (Prayers)

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5 Surahs - Mostly read five Surah of Al-Quran with proper Tajweed, 15+ Translations & Recitation

5 Surah (Five Surah) is an iOS App containing 5 most read Surahs of Holy Quran including Surah Yasin, Surah Mulk, Surah Al Waqiah, Surah Ar Rahman, Surah Al Kahf. The purpose behind designing this App is to provide a platform to the users to recite these all at once pertaining to the importance of their frequent recitation. Other features include: Translation of each Suarh for better understandings in English in almost all languages including (Bahasa Melayu, Hindi, English, Bengali (Bangla), Japanese, Urdu, Espaol, Simplified Chinese, Persian, Italiano, Netherlands and Bahasa Indonesia) Verse by verse transliteration to pronounce the Surahs with proper Tajweed of these Surahs Recitation in the voice of two prominent reciters Mishary Rashid Al Afsay Customize Settings for Text, Font and Language Settings Share these divine Surahs on social platform with friends and othersRate and download 5 Surahs to revive your faith and improve understandings towards Islam and Al Quran.

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Qur'an for All

Quran for All is the perfect app to help you explore a vast treasure of audio & visual resources on Islam, Quran, Hadith and associated subjects. Easy navigation through categorised options will help you enrich from various qaris, learn tajweed, understand the Holy Quran through comprehensive lectures of Dr. Farhat Hashmi, listen to Sahih Bukhari, watch videos and much more.Quran for All app is ideal for users of Al-Hudas websites to now listen to their favourite lectures on their mobiles more conveniently than ever before. Happy Exploring :-)

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