Introducing MagikPad - the nostalgia of the Etch A Sketch comes to the iPad MagikPad is a new drawing tool for the iPad - it allows you to create beautiful, line-based drawings without the need to shake them away at the end. From Gilthonwe Apps, MagikPad combines classic elements of the art with new social elements, too. - Optional grid for easy drawing.

MagikPad - Etch-A-Sketch 2.0 for iPad alternatives

Retro Art Studio

Retro Art Studio is a collection of Retro themed art games / toys from the 60s forward. Current version includes: Dial A Doodle- An Etch a Sketch (tm) inspired line drawing game. Settings->Privacy->Photos->Art Studio set to On.

  • size 75.8 MB

Heat Pad - Relaxing Heat Sensitive Surface!

This app simulates various heat-sensitive surfaces reacting to the heat of your fingertips. Simple, yet surprisingly relaxing and entertaining Play alone or let your fingertips meet other fingertips from all around the world and doodle on the same surface Several kinds of surface available :- Heat : Regular heat-sensitive surface- Flame : Fire at your fingertips- Fantasy : Let the moving patterns hypnotize you- Sky : Relaxing clouds at your fingertips- Metal : Shiny chrome reflections- Spirit : Bending the Laws of Physics, really hypnotic- Rainbow: Psychedelic colors- Glow: Radioactive glowing surface- Islands: Create your own archipelago and much more Some of them available as in-app purchase. For best results move your fingers very slowly as the touchscreen needs time to heat Featuring:- Relaxing background music- Pause mode for easy doodling- Save your creations to your camera roll- Different inertia settings

Scribblify - Draw Paint Sketch Doodle - Magic Art!

Grand Prize Winner of Intels App Innovation Contest * Celebrating 6 years and millions of imaginative doodles * Drawing app meets Tickle Trunk with this unique doodle app -MOMeo MagazineOVERVIEW Unleash your wildest creativity with Scribblify, a one-of-a-kind universal painting app for children and adults of all ages and skill levels. From natural to abstract and everything in between, Scribblify allows anyone to create spectacular artwork in secondslimited only by ones imagination. Please contact support for any assistance.

  • size 52.4 MB

Zoodle Pad - Free Sketching, Drawing, Coloring

This app is amazing Use it to paint, draw, or just doodle crazy designs, and then play them back as a movie. You can even control the color, width, and direction of your line while you are painting without lifting up your brush. Let your creativity flow like a glowing neon rainbow waterfall, with Zoodle Pad FEATURES: Playback drawing as a movie Use special effects like rainbow, neon glow, and gravity draw Dont worry, all the standard drawing tools are here (e.g. color palettes, background fill, zoom, eraser, undo, redo) Paint over existing pics Plenty of original artwork available in free and premium stamps and stickers Text feature and word balloons for creating comics and stories Save and share your images

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  • size 152 MB